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We stayed at Karen's for 2 weeks and had a great time! No jobs too hard, we had a list to get on with and she trusted us to get things done. Great food and great conversation! We would love to come back next time we're in Australia! Thank you Karen :-)
Feedback left for Handy Person/s needed. Come ... by Sam

When we arrived at Jon's place, there was a heavy rain. For about ten days we stayed there and every day we enjoyed the beautiful weather, landscape and property. We helped picking the last olives of this season, built some bamboo-rafts for the pond and took much pleasure in petting Rosa, Atju and Ziza. And for sure (with some more time) we could even domesticate Adolf, the big white chief-goose. And when it started raining again, we left this wonderful place (with some of "our" oliveoil, chicken- and goose-eggs and olive-pickles). Dear Jon, thank you very much (especially for that great evening at the Taverna) and best of luck to you!!

Dear Sally, sorry for my late answer! It was always my dream to work with dogs. So I arrived Sallys house in November 2017. She made me feel very welcome. I could use everything in here house, my room was comfortable and cozy and I had a private bathroom. The work with the dogs was amazing. If you are in a bad mood they always want to cuddle you and make you feel better. We were even allowed to go on the sleds, unfortunately just three times by myself. There is always something to do, so you don't have a lot of freetime, but the experience of working on Sallys farm enriched my life. Thank you so much Sally!!!
Feedback left for Sled Dog Husky Ranch in ... by Maria

This was a very lovely workaway experience. We stayed at a foster home and were responsible for the daily care of the dogs. They all have their own character and we got attached to them. It didn't really feel like work, but more like they were our own dogs. It was hard to leave them, but we are sure they are in good hands. Tina is a very caring person with a big heart for dogs. Koh Chang is lucky with Happy dogs! We would definitely like to come back and maybe volunteer here again in the future! Thank you Tina for this opportunity!

It was very nice to have Olga here as a guest. A very kind and respecful young lady with an open mind I had the chance to meet. I wish more people would be like that in this age ;-). Olga helped me with many things and was eager to help. Thanks a lot for being such a great experience :). I hope our little village does not bore you :-D It is not really entertaining in winter here.
Feedback left for Olga by Help with little jobs in our ...

Seriously i cant express enough how much of a perfect volunteer and human being Paul is , he is the type of person any business would love to have , hard worker , friendly , honest , just great all around human being , he got to spend almost a month with us and i could not be any happier with him,got along with guests and volunteers alike , i just wanna say its been a pleasure and honestly wish i can have a volunteer like Paul once every year , i will be a happy man , if you are thinking about hiring him then please do you will not be disappointed . Thanks for everything Paul and hope to see you in the future Adam
Feedback left for Paul by Hostel in the old city of ...

I had an awesome experience volunteering here. I spent a little bit more than two weeks here but i easily couldve stayed for a month or more. This was one of my favorite hostals I have ever stayed or worked at, not only for the people I met and the memories I made, but also because of the way it is run and the vibe in general. The amount of work expected from you is very reasonable and fair and I had plenty of time to do any of the activities I wanted to do and organizing everything was extremely easy. 10/10!
Feedback left for Social Hostel with great ... by benson

Staying at Kim and Lucy's farm a few months ago was my first Workaway experience and it was a really memorable one. I felt welcome at the farm and learned a lot. I was unfamiliar with farmwork before, but I was given good instructions on what to do and could always ask for help. The jobs I got were never too difficult. It was interesting to work around these different kinds of animals; Kim and Lucy have a lot of them! I also enjoyed helping Lucy in the kitchen every now and then. She really does prepare almost everything herself from start to finish. I'm glad that I chose to do my first Workaway here. I got an unforgettable experience, learned about farmwork and farming and could get away from the busy, touristy East Coast and hostel life for a while. My time here passed really fast and I wish I could've stayed a bit longer.
Feedback left for Free range animals on a farm ... by Emmi

We had a lot of fun hosting Ignazio and Victor. As well as working hard on our projects, they were very entertaining and always had us laughing. They were also very thoughtful and polite, and positive about everything. We miss you!
Feedback left for Ignacio by Let us give you our ...

I worked here for around 8 months, as I actually live here in Genoa. What to say, between all the small jobs I did before this one, this has felt like the best I could ever experience. I found not only a great working place and atmosphere (easy and flexible shifts, always someone ready to help if I was having some difficulties, always something fun to do, be it dinners, game nights or movie nights), but more than anything I found a family. Everyone of the team have their special space in my heart and memory, every working day felt like I was just going to spend some time with friends, and I ended up spending more time between the two hostels than in my real house, this also thanks to the volunteers. When I had some free time I ALWAYS dropped by to see what was going on or just to chill out, and never felt disappointed or bored once. What I was expecting to be my first boring working summer actually turned out the best summer in my whole life. My time in this hostel has been the best ever until now, and I'm really looking forward to come back. Love you all
Feedback left for Friendly hostel in the ... by Federico

My first experience as workawayer has been absolutely awesome! I couldn't expect more!! My 5 weeks with this family passed in a blink of an eye. Food was very good and fresh and the happyness and cheerfulness of the family was the special ingredient that made everything unique and tasty! My room was comfortable with a toilet for me just next door. The little jobs I was asked to do were outside in the garden as well as inside depending on the weather. It was never boring as there were plenty of little things to do, but never too tough for me. I had total independence organizing my scheduale and deciding how to do things. Communicating with the family was very easy as all of them speak very good English. Thank you Marie, Bassel, Milan and Silas for caring for me as a part of your family in your beautiful house and with your nice visitors and friends! I feel like I have a nice place to come back!
Feedback left for Spend time with our family! ... by MARA

Staying with Birke was an amazing experience. She showed, me a lot of things, helped me with every question or any need that I had. And even cooked (e.g. made a delicious spaghetti). I couldn't ask for more, everything was so perfect. I am very grateful that my first experience of being a workawayer was with Birke. I understood that's it not that scary as it may seems at the first glance. Birke, thank you very much for being an amazing, helpful and open minded hosts, you inspired me to be more open an travel more!
Feedback left for Help with little jobs in our ... by Olga

We spent 3 weeks at Omars amazing place! The hostel is really cool, the owner - Omar - is crazy (in the good sense ^^) and extremely generous. It was a pleasure to get to know you and the rest of the team! I still feel sad about leaving ... Will miss you guys! Since it was Christmas time and early January when we were there, the work was really laid-back (reception & a bit of cleaning and keeping the place in order, basically). We'll never forget the party at New Year's Eve and all the other parties and talks and last, but not least, the Rió y la playa! :) Thanks for the friendship and the inspiration you gave me! Keep on rocking, Omar :)
Feedback left for Help out around our Hostel , ... by Lisa

I thought 2 months teaching here would be a little bit long. How wrong was I!! Those 8 weeks flew by and it turned out to be the most beautiful experience of my almost 2 years adventure. You'll be surrounded by people who want nothing more than your happiness and well being. They will always go the extra mile to help you with whatever you need, wether it is teaching related or not. In a heartbeat, this place will feel like a home away from home. They will become your family!! And the food...DELICIOUS. Lion is a masterchef. He will accomodate you no matter how picky you are. And you will never be hungry anymore. Ms Hay is like an angel, looking over each and everyone of the volunteers. Mai Anh, Hung, you'll fall in love with them. The students are also lovely, you'll get attached to them so quickly! Thank you so so much for this amazing time. I had never taught English before and they convinced me that it is absolutely something I want to pursue! You'll get so much support from everyone, so just jump right in! Miss you all already!!

I Spent a month with Rita, Einar and their kids Sverre and Arne. This was my first workaway and I enjoyed it very much. Rita and Einar are very busy but they made me feel very welcome and a part of the family. The two boys are adorable and well behaved. The home is lovely in a really beautiful and remote part of Norway. I had my own apartment at the bottom of the house with wifi so had my own space to spend time. I spent time walking dogs, building a fence and cooking whilst everybody was at work and school. I was lucky enough to go mushing with Rita and the dogs. The temperature was low at times but I just added a few layers and I never felt cold. The house is also very warm. There are many great things about this workaway. Anyone who goes will have a great experience. Thanks so much Rita and Einar for letting me stay. All the best x

Agustina, Jon and Kim are a really lovely family! As soon as we arrived they explained us everything about the work, what they expected of the Workaway exchange... so it was really clear from the beggining and we were totally agree with them. That was a good start! The accommodation was really cute and comfortable in some homemade little wood cabins. The work we had to do was mostly helping them with their craft work and garden. They were really carefull with us, meaning what we had to do was really clear and we were pretty free to choose the schedule. As we were vegeterian, they bought us fresh food and special items that they dont even eat themselves, so that was more than appreciated! We loved the time spending with them, we were eating all together for dîner and there we felt really what it is to be part of their family. We shared moments with each one of them separatly and we discovered beautiful beeings that we would love to see again ! Gracias para todo :)

This was a fantastic workaway: It was my 2nd workaway, and i was very fortunate to have the chance. There was always the opportunity to learn new skills, being in the renovation of a restaurant building, or the daily upkeep of farm life. Helen and Phil as hosts are always looking after your welfare, and also providing the best food I have ever had :). So a big thanks to you all (and the dog, cats, goats, sheep and chickens) for the welcoming and hospitable environment - I learnt alot, had great fun, and take happy memories from it over the festive period.
Feedback left for Helping hands needed on a ... by Simeon

This whole family is just wonderful and completely crazy! Everyone makes you feel at home unbelievably quickly and you’re able to learn so many different things! There is no chance to become homesick or even feel slightly bad at all! I stayed 4 amazing months, working in the cabin during the crazy, busy summer and doing thousands of different things during more quiet winter. Even though Steve at first thought 4 months could be a bit too long I don’t regret doing it at all :) I can totally understand why everyone wants to come back and spend some more time here! Thank you very very much for everything! I miss you all so much! See you in summer ;) Love you all, Meret
Feedback left for Help on a farm on the West ... by Meret

I have been in Alex' house for 10 days. I have to say, it was the most relaxing project I have worked in. As the girl said, you have to work in the end about 2 hours a day and can choose, when to do the work. And for that you get 3 meals a day and for example cherries every day! The rest of the day I had enough time to explore the really tranquil city and go swimming. Also I learned some things about hipnosis there, which was an interesting new experience! It's definitely worth a stay!
Feedback left for House help at beautiful ... by Moritz

Joey has stayed in my house for two months, and I can only say great things about her. She is nice, friendly, willing to share and to adapt to different habits and ways of living. She has been a great help for me, with keeping my house clean and taking care of my cat. Thanks to her I could totally dedicate myself to my training and my writing project. Plus she was very good company, expecially because both of us enjoyed a simple, homey life, made of peacefulness and good food. I feel very grateful.
Feedback left for Joey by Helping me in Amsterdam

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