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How I Rediscovered my Life Purpose Through Travelling and Workawaying
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Getting Over The Post-Travel Blues: Readjusting to life back home
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  • about 7 min
Around the World on Two Wheels - Travel Tips for the Cycling Nomad

Ah, there’s no feeling quite as freeing and exhilarating than discovering a new place on your trusty old bicycle. Cycle touring has long been a primary form of exploration for some travellers, but with COVID19 sweeping away our existing travel ...

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  • about 10 min
From the Caribbean to Colombia, meet the Workawayer travelling through her tastebuds

This month we chat with Gisela -- a vibrant, long-term workawayer and raw food chef who has lots of wisdom to share with solo female travellers, ...

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  • about 3 min
Workaway Travel App: Discover and connect with your travel tribe with our improved app

It’s been a while since we first launched the Workaway App for travellers, and we are happy to see our users enjoy the app! Hopefully, these fixes ...

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  • about 11 min
A haven for dogs, cats and nature lovers: Animal Refuge on the Algarve, Portugal

Our latest Workaway host of the month is an animal lover who's realising his dream to provide abandoned animals with a second chance at finding ...

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  • about 4 min
Solo, single and nearly 30: Travellers, isn’t it time you settle down?

Single? Travelling alone? About to hit 30? But don’t you want a relationship? Isn’t it time you settle down? How come you don’t have a partner? Don’t ...

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  • about 4 min
Free volunteering: How to volunteer around the world without paying ridiculous agency fees

So you want to volunteer abroad? Good on you! We love that you are looking to give back. But you’ve gone online and you’ve seen some organisations ...

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  • about 9 min
Meet the workawayer who swapped retirement for a lifetime of travel adventures!

After 52 years of employment and family life Daniel decided to sell his house, his car and all his possessions and fulfill his dream of travelling ...

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Top 5 tried-and-proven budgeting tips to start planning your epic trip
Off-grid dome sweet dome in the idyllic hills of Thailand
Too old for travelling? Never!

Editor's Picks

  • about 7 min
  • 1 Comment
12 Amazing bucket list travel experiences to have around the world

We only live once, so lets choose to do the most meaningful things in the most phenomenal places in the world! We’ve highlighted a few items on our ...

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  • about 7 min
  • 1 Comment
Five solo female travellers to inspire your next adventure!

Imagine giving up your normal routine and taking a chance at something new? What about travelling around the world for two years straight? Here are ...

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  • about 3 min
Stop counting countries: Travel slow and travel further

Why do we travel? To meet people, to see amazing sights, to learn new languages, or purely just to get out there to see the world? Whatever the ...

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  • about 6 min
Why taking a gap year is the best investment you’ll make in your life

Not sure about taking the risk of going on a gap year? Think gap years are only for college students, or teenagers with no goal in life? Here are 7 ...

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  • about 5 min
Journey with less: Woman who never travels with more than 5kg

She is taking the term travelling light to a whole new level – how Susan manages to travel with a bag weighing just 5 kilos…

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  • about 5 min
Things I wish somebody told me before my first solo trip

Throughout my travel adventures, I learned a lot. But I always credit my first solo trip for giving me the courage to follow my dreams. I want to ...

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