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  • about 7 min
From Fiesty to Friendly: Meet Pili the Goose, the Unexpected Star of this Couples Workaway Adventure

Meet Edwin and Cécile, an adventurous Dutch couple who decided to break free from the monotony of their 9-5 jobs to embark on an incredible journey across Europe and into Morocco. With Cécile’s trusty mini car as their primary mode of ...

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  • about 11 min
  • 1 Comment
Top 10 Countries to Visit on Your Next Working Holiday

Earning money and traveling to new places are two appealing ideas, but where do you even begin and where should you go first? No worries— this ...

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  • about 4 min
Introducing Workaway Events: Discover & Join Local Events Nearby

**drumroll** Workaway Events is officially out! As part of our community, you can now host, join and discover events happening in your area or any ...

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    • about min
    Travel photography - "Van boogie" (New Zealand)

    Nothing beats a cheeky boogie on top of the van with awesome people - radiating pure happiness and good vibes, all while surrounded by the beauty of ...

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    • about 4 min
    Solo, single and in your 30s: Travellers, isn’t it time you settle down?

    Single? Travelling alone? Hitting your 30s or getting well into it? Isn’t it time you settle down? Don’t you ever get lonely without a partner or ...

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    • about 6 min
    Free volunteering: How to volunteer around the world without paying ridiculous agency fees

    So you want to volunteer abroad? Good on you! We love that you are looking to give back. But you’ve gone online and you’ve seen some organisations ...

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    • about 5 min
    Journey with less: Woman who never travels with more than 5kg

    She is taking the term travelling light to a whole new level – how Susan manages to travel with a bag weighing just 5 kilos…

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    Editor's Picks

    • about 10 min
    Volunteering & Van life: How to Make the Most of This Travel Trend

    Following the pandemic, the soaring popularity of van life shows no signs of slowing down and there are many reasons why we've hopped onboard this ...

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    • about 5 min
    Volunteering & Working Opportunities: Crew / sail around the world for free

    Mention sailing and the chances are most of us will conjure up romantic images of wind in the hair freedom on the waves. If you are eager to discover ...

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    • about 6 min
    6 Ways Sustainable Travel Can Help With The Planet’s Health and Yours

    Instead of counting countries, absorb each city fully. Instead of hostel hopping, dive deep into conversations with locals. Travel in your own ...

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    • about 9 min
    The Beginner’s Guide to Workawaying with Animals

    Looking after animals while travelling is definitely on many workawayers' bucket list. But there's a lot more to those fuzzy cuddly moments with cute ...

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    • about 5 min
    8 reasons why house sitting is the way to see the world

    Want to stay in an idyllic house for free at your dream destination? Grab all these wins with one of the many house sitting projects on Workaway. ...

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    • about 3 min
    The Whole World in Two Tiny Hands: Homeschooling with Workaway

    Kids are the best teachers of life and to teach kids is both a challenge and an adventure. We have homeschooled our children for six years. During ...

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