NEW! Verify by ID to confirm your identity

Enjoy a safer community - ID verification now available for all members!

The benefits of verifying your identity via official ID:

More trustworthy

It inspires trust, adding extra value to your account as well as increasing the safety of the community

Encouraging authenticity

Being open about your identity enhances your possibilities of meeting other members and being invited to a host

Profile Badge

Your account will stand out more with a prominent “Verified by ID” badge displayed on your Workawayer or host profile.


Our system allows you to keep your sensitive data secure meaning you don't have to send your ID via email

How does the Workaway "Verify by ID" system work?

  • The ID verification system we use keeps all your sensitive data secure
  • Easy to follow on screen instructions enable you to scan your ID
  • The system verifies that it's your ID and that you are a real person
  • We make sure the name on your ID is reflected on your Workaway account
  • Once done an ID verified badge shows on your profile increasing peace of mind in the community :)

Any questions?

Yes, the ID verification system is safe.

To maintain data protection and ensure appropriate security of all personal data, the system scans your ID accurately and keeps your sensitive data in a safe and secure environment. More details on data protection compliance can be found on our privacy page.

No, we always respect your privacy.

Once the ID verification process is completed, a ‘verified by ID’ badge will be displayed on your public profile to indicate that you have confirmed your ID information with Workaway.

It is free to verify your ID via Workaway! To keep the community as safe as possible, the ID verification is included in the cost of your current membership fee.


Upon request, we will delete your ID verification information for you. Please email us via our Contact page if you wish to do so.

Introducing the Workaway Emergency Help Plan

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