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Workaway for travelling families

Broaden your horizons by travelling around the world as a family! Get involved in Workaway's countless family-friendly experiences, explore the idea of world schooling, and immerse in different learning opportunities through volunteering abroad, sharing, and cultural exchange.

Get inspired with 1,000s of worldwide opportunities for travelling families

Top tips and advice for travelling families

  • about 6 min
Family Travel with Workaway

Planning for a Workaway trip with your children can be challenging, but it's absolutely worth the effort to take your family out of your comfort zone and on a worldwide adventure of a lifetime…

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  • about 9 min
Family travel tips: on the go with kids in tow

The prospect of international travel with kids may seem a bit daunting — especially when they’re still very young — but let us reassure you that you don’t have to give up your nomadic lifestyle as a parent. Travelling with kids in tow just means that you’ve got to plan your trips a little differently! Read these useful advice and hacks on how to make your kids’ travel experience as satisfying and memorable as your own.

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Why join Workaway as a Family

  • Immerse in a new culture

    Travel deeper and experience alternative lifestyles with your local host as a family.

  • Learn beyond the classroom

    Discover unique learning opportunities by immersing in different Workaway projects.

  • Give back as you travel

    Offer your help to communities, projects, and causes (yes, even your kids can help!).

  • Practice a new language

    Learn effectively by immersing into local life and practising the language daily.

  • Explore the world together

    Strengthen your family bond by creating irreplaceable travel memories together.

  • Keep travel costs down

    Save up on accommodation and food by staying with local welcoming Workaway hosts.

How to Workaway

Join the community

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Connect with hosts

Contact your favourite hosts, discuss your stay and what is expected in return

Travel like a local

Discover new cultures, friends, places and skills

Join as a Workawayer
Though it’s been on our mind for a long time before children were even here,

their presence made us even more focussed to do it. At their age, there’s no barrier between people yet. Children’s games are universal. Language is secondary. They will be able to create strong bonds with people of all backgrounds."

-- Workaway family Guillaume & Gaëlle + kids (Yohan, Chloé, Eléonore), France

For us, it is not really about saving money. It’s really about having a unique experience that we normally wouldn’t have.

One of our goals is to really get to know the country and get to know the people instead of just hearing from the news, which are usually sensationalised or negative. With Workaway, we could get to know the local people, and do activities we normally won’t be able to do as tourists. We have travelled to 72 countries, as a family. It’s been wonderful to be able to see the world together with my wife and my children and now because of Workaway, our experience has been so much richer.

-- Su family (Jonathan & Annie + kids), United States

I'm doing Workaways in Brazil at the moment, exploring the country together with my 2.5 year old daughter.

It's all possible. I'm choosing workaways in the garden, with animals or other kids so my daughter can help or just play nearby.

-- workawayer Leonina, Germany

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Travelling families like you

Any questions?

When you sign up as a Workawayer you can access the host list and contact host families, NGOs or projects directly for one year to offer your help. You will also be able to find travel buddies, or contact other Workawayers for meet up or language exchange.

Workaway is a cultural exchange, you offer a few hours of help in exchange of food and accommodation.Take a look at the info on the site here again and if you have any more questions drop us a line.

To register as a Workawayer: https://www.workaway.info/en/signup/workawayer

Generally you will be expected to help around 5 hours per day in exchange for food and accommodation. Some hosts may give a paid allowance to ensure they are offering at least the minimum wage in their country. Conditions and agreements may vary depending on the skills you can offer and the requirements of each host. It is important you communicate as much as possible beforehand with your hosts so that you both know each other's expectations.

Couple accounts are made for either friends, couples or families etc that ALWAYS travel together. It means you can share the cost rather than signing up as two individual members!

When you sign up to Workaway as a couple you should both fill in your details in the profile, but it's important to understand that any enquiry you make means you are applying for two.

If you are planning to travel just for a short while with your friend, we recommend that you sign up as individuals and link your profiles together so hosts know you are travelling together for that period of time.

Yes, of course! When you sign up as a Workawayer you can access the host list and contact host families, NGO's or projects directly for 1 year to Workaway and offer your services. Workaway is a cultural exchange, you offer a few hours of help in exchange of food and accommodation. When signing up as a family kids do not pay if they are under 18. You can create a couple account and add info in your listing saying that you are travelling as a family. If you are a single parent with children under 18 you can use a single type account. There are plenty of hosts that receive families especially the ones that have children too.
Yes, but each member of the group must have their own Workaway profile. You can connect your accounts so hosts know you are travelling together.
There are many different hosts on Workaway, some will be able to accept you with your pet. You should be aware that it's likely to limit your possibilities of finding a host if you are travelling with a pet.

Here at Workaway safety is our top priority. We strive to provide all the resources for our community members to feel as safe as possible during their Workaway trips.

For more details about our safety measures please read our notes on safety: https://www.workaway.info/en/info/safety
You will also find some more advice and recommendation on how to travel safely as a workawayer: https://www.workaway.info/en/info/safety/traveladvice

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The Workaway philosophy

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