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I was very glad to have Anne staying with me - always helpful, thoughtful and smiling. I will miss her ---- take care, Anne and all the best for your future . Maybe we will meet again somewhere.
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My first experience with Workaway, but what a great time I had at here. When I first started I had absolutely no experience working in a kitchen, or was I familiar with a vegan lifestyle. During my stay I learned a lot about these two things. Everyone is so helpfull and kind. Working with the staff and the other volunteers is an absolute joy. I left this magical place full of great memories. I will miss this place and will do my best to come back to visit my new family. Oh, and thanks to you guys I’m now a newborn plant-powered athlete. One meat-eater less in this world ;)
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My time on the farm was beautiful! And I still can't believe how fast the time was going by and I ended up staying for three months! That happens when you enjoy every single day!! I learnt soo much about organic farming and met amzing people, who became friends and I'll be forever grateful for that!!! Thank you Uri, Renée and Liam, you guys are amazing! All the best, I hope we meet again! Melissa

Staying with Bill and Nic was a great introduction to Cusco and the Sacred Valley thanks to all the advice they gave us and the perfect central location of the house. I found the work really exciting because Bill and Nic had some stunning footage of their incredible mountain biking tours to work with. In ten days we were able to produce two promotional videos and organise a most of their video footage. If anyone's interested in video making this is a great opportunity! There are also loads of other ways to help around the house and Nicole was very clear and helpful in giving us tasks such as cleaning and helping out with the kids. Working hours were very flexible and we had plenty of time to explore the city. The house was pretty hectic with five kids and lots of visitors doing bike tours so at times we felt a little in the way. This is the only small downside to what was overall a very positive first work away experience.
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I would like to seize this medium to say thank you to Katja, a great help around the house, especially in fixing things that had been left aside. Our house and garden had a makeover, because Katya enjoyed fixing things. New food menus were also introduced and this went down well within the family. we all got along well and I would surely welcome you back into our family. once again thanks for all your help rendered xx
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I learned a lot with Patti about raw food and ferments. Also her yoga classes are amazing! Going to the market on Zihua was really fun and I met super nice people over there. Her cats and dogs will make you feel like home :)
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He tenido una experiencia maravillosa en la Finca. Giuseppe y Antonio son personas increíbles, desde el primer momento me sentí en casa. Muy buena energía y alegría en cada cosa que hacíamos. Gracias también al señor Marcos y Padre Juan por la acogida. El trabajo fue muy bien, hicimos un huerto de cero, plantamos tomates, lechuga, brocoli, maiz...Otras tareas fueron recoger cafe, cuidar las vacas y gallinas, mantener limpia la casa. El proyecto tiene un objetivo noble de ayudar a los niños de la fundación, niños que tuve la oportunidad de conocer al visitarlos un domingo, fue otra experiencia inolvidable. En las tardes pude disfrutar de la tranquilidad del lugar, de la maravilla de naturaleza alrededor, bañarme en el rio luego de cada jornada de trabajo. Les exhorto a continuar con el proyecto y que hayan muchos más voluntarios que se unan a esta hermosa causa. Amigos míos nos vemos pronto!
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Woah where to start? I don't know. I've went to a few workaways before and after spending 3 weeks here in this place/community I can tell you that it has been by far the most beautiful human experience I've lived so far. From the first minute you just feel like you have been there forever, you come as you're and no one will ever judge you. This place isn't just about learning eco construction it's way more than that. It's another part of the globe, where everyone is on the same level, the inhabitants, the artisan, the volonteers, we all are parts of the projects and on the same level, no one is better than anyone. Thanks to all of you guys from the kids Solal, Martin, Elyes, Leina, Donia and the adults Mika, JB, Nissaf...Yannick you're an inspiration to all of us, your skills, your patience, the way you teach peoples. Thomas, probably the best professional I've ever met, thanks for the talkings, you're life philosophy (take care of yourself sometimes ;) ) and the few thriks you reached me on the Danmoi and Papa Oualid, what can I say, just thank you for your kindness, taking care of all of us, and transmitting your passion for food. Guys keep doing on what your do you're all are a truly inspiration for the rest of us. Thanks for having me!
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Fue una experiencia maravillosa trabajar y vivir ahí. Me quedé por dos meses como voluntario. Me encantó mi tiempo conviviendo con todo el equipo que trabaja ahí. Liz es super buena onda y hace que todo sea muy agradable. Puerto es un lugar muy bonito con tantísimas cosas que hacer, tal que nunca me aburrí. I had an amazing time living and working there. I hope to return again in the future to work and be in the fun and laid back atmosphere. Liz is great to work with and it's an excellent opportunity to meet new people from around the world. Highly recommend to anyone!
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I spent four weeks at Huntington Castle this summer. Alex and his family welcomed me, providing me with a space in the castle apartment a space shared with other volunteers who I got to share my workaway experience with. The family and other workers were helpful and worked great as a team to keep things going. I spent most of my time working in the tearoom which I loved! I also helped turn B&B rooms over for guest and cared for the gardens. Working there gave me the opportunity to get to know a bit about the Irish culture as well as gave me a chance to meet people traveling from around the world who came to visit the castle gardens. I truly miss working in the tearoom an taking walks past the sheep fields and through the peaceful gardens. I would recommend that anyone who's interested in a unique cultural experience to go volunteer at Huntington. Thank you for all of your kindness and inviting me such a wonderful volunteer experience! Best, Eileen

I had a pleasant stay with Andrew, Olivia and Kaiya. Very comfortable accommodation. I really appreciate the driving experience! I went from being terrified of driving on the right hand side to completely at ease, it has been great to have that opportunity. Thank you for being such kind hosts.

Diana and her work are remarkable. I couldn't stay for long but the little I stayed was enough to see the love and compromise she puts into helping the dogs and helping them find loving homes. I was very well received by Diana and her whole family and we even rescued a puppy at an under-construction house. She helped me with everything I needed and showed me around. I am grateful for the whole experience! Thank you Diana (and family) for everything. Bethlehem is a beautiful city and if I have the chance we'll be meeting again! Good luck and congratulations for all your effort and heart-warming work! Barbara.

Rita and Edmundas are fantastic hosts and great people. Both are helpful, warm, patient, quick to offer hospitality, and fair in the work they expect visitors to complete. Rita cooks delicious food and will never, ever allow her guests to go hungry! Edmundas is a pleasure to work with and is happy to help with the work but will never micromanage. I enjoyed my roughly 5 weeks with them and made a great friend with Karel, another workawayer who stayed in the guest house with me.

An amazing time in a beautiful place! With forest trails, wildlife and lovely sociable spaces this is a wonderful retreat. Set in the forest near the National Park, it comes with challenges, work and fun to match! Amanda and Dana are great -they are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and will find jobs that work for you. They work extremely hard with community groups and workshops which we had the privilege of helping out with too. We did a variety of jobs during our stay - from painting and planting to weeding and watering! The gardens always need tending, trails need upkeep and building maintenance is ongoing, so as long as you are flexible this place is for you! An awesome 2 weeks - we could have stayed longer! Thanks so much for the experience :) xx
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Where shall I just beginn? I stayed at this lovely café for nearly 5 weeks and already felt home there after a few days! The work there variated a lot, e.g I painted in the beginning and then worked in the front of the café. There are a lot of new skills that one can learn there, like some barista skills. Etaoin always made sure that we felt very comfortable and homely (it already started in the morning, when she brought every volunteer their favourite coffee ;) ) Although the work was longer than 5 hours per day, it was pleasant work, especially because of the community spirits! Moreover, there are sometimes gigs at the weekends with really nice music. There are also many interesting places to see, like Kilkenny or Kells Prior. I can definitely recommend this workaway, it is an unbelievable great experience!! I wish you all the best, Etaoin and Aoife! Keep being great hosts :) ~Vera
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Zen has stayed here on and of over the years since his first workaway stay here ,zen has being very helpful to me in workshop and with the horses .he is a great man to have alongside especially if you are taking on a complicated project or job as he has the intellect to problem solve and meticulous planning ,he also has a love of cooking good food and is a good chef .he's a team player and interacts well with other people or workawayers ,I'd highly recommend him .
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We had an amazing time at Ruth's place! She is awesome and we didn't want to leave. We could only stay for a week in Samaipata but we managed to pack a lot of work and fun stuff in, and it was a fantastic way to start our adventure in beautiful Bolivia. The work was hard but satisfying and was rewarded with some great meals. We spent our time helping Ruth lay some foundations for a building in need of repair on her land. None of us are builders so figuring out how to do this was interesting and we learnt loads!! There is always something to do here ... you will not be bored that is for sure! The place is in a stunning location with incredible views. It is around a 1.5hr walk from Samaipata or taxi's are always an option too. Thanks so much Ruth for a great week and send our love to the gang (Wasabi, Bobby and Floyd!) xxxx
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We were Holly and Vince (George) 's first workaway experience and they totally get the program. They really enjoyed all the animals and we even got Vince in to horseback riding! Now they have to go home and buy horses! We had them on a variety of jobs but most of the time was spent with Vince on the chainsaw and Holly on the power wood splitter. They are a great team. We played many board games and they cooked for us a few times as well. We had an absolute blast with them and feel like we made some new best friends! Hopefully our place was no were near as boring as Gatorland! xo
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Rowan was a delightful person to have at the farm. She was excellent with every task she did, very helpful and active. A wonderful sense of humour, great stories to share, I hope to see her again some day. Thanks Rowan!~

I appreciate what I have experienced here. From the beginning, Sylvia always answers me my question quickly and offers clear information on the message. It makes me feel they are reliable. After arriving, the friendly staff show me everything that I will need during my stay, which makes me feel home and introduce me other lovely workawayers right away. Every day, each meal, all workawayers eat together in the restaurant, so that we can make new friends, share the experiences, different culture. Everyone is so nice, even I can not speak English so fluently like others, but I still feel happy to be with them. The food is really good. We have German breakfast everyday, simple but delicious lunch, and there is often the awesome buffet for dinner. We work six days per week, the staff is super nice and the working atmosphere is pleasant. After work you still have time, you can go jogging, explore the city, reading, learn some German. I am really happy spending my time here and would love to recommend this wonderful hotel to other workawayers. Thank you!
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