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From gardening, shopping, cooking, DIY, to language practice and homeschooling, the list is endless! An extra pair of hands can make all the difference to help home life run smoothly. Connect with travellers from different parts of the world to offer food and a friendly place to stay, as well as the opportunity to integrate and learn about your local culture in exchange for some extra help. Start hosting workawayers to meet new friends, share or exchange some new skills, gain fresh ideas and memorable experiences. The best part? Registering as a host is completely free on Workaway!

Our Workaway project is a meeting place for people from all around the world.

You get to meet great people from all around the world with who you can share ideas. Since we also like to travel and love the international community, it’s a way of being in one place and at the same time having the feeling of traveling. Often workawayers have simple creative ideas that help improve the place little by little. With the volunteers we found a sustainable way to keep our project going.

-- Workaway host Devi & Ezra, Switzerland

The best thing about being a host is the cultural and story exchanges.

Workawayers come to our house, through them, we learn about their countries, their lifestyles, their experience. Everyone has their own story and after meeting so many people, that way we can also learn about the world in a completely unique way.

-- Workaway host Kitty and family, Vietnam

As a family we are lucky enough to have travelled a lot, both before and after our children were born.

Both my husband and I were journalists in the old days, and would expect our children to keep travelling and gaining new experience of peoples and cultures. We love the scope that Workaway offers, and are adamant that as many people as possible should be given the chance to travel, broadening their horizons and making friendships that will help them grow and foster understanding.

-- Workaway host Safia and Ian, U.K.

Why invite Workawayers to your home

  • Get inspired by fresh ideas and perspectives

    Let Workawayers bring their creativity and enthusiasm into your household projects.

  • Receive extra pairs of helping hands

    Benefit from Workawayers’ skills, knowledge or just a bit of extra support.

  • Create friendships and closer family bond

    Make meaningful connections by integrating and welcoming travellers into your home life.

  • Broaden your horizons

    Meet interesting people from different countries. Exchange stories, recipes, and share experiences with your visitors.

  • Language exchange beyond the classroom

    Learn a language effectively by hosting and practising with a native speaker.

  • Homeschool your children

    Open your home for the world and enrich the life of your children by exposing them to varied cultures and lifestyle.

How we can help

Find and meet likeminded people

Workawayers describe their interests, skills and experience on their profiles, so you can get a good idea of who they are and how they could help.

Make confident decisions

Read reviews from previous hosts to help ensure that each Workawayer will be a good fit for you and your family members.

Connect with a network of verified travellers

Meet members who are all manually checked and verified by our support team.

Invite Workawayers who are already in your area

Search for helpers close to your location on a map. You can also use the search filter to find last minute help.

Communicate your expectations in advance

Chat and make flexible arrangements with Workawayers via your inbox before confirming an exchange.

24 hour support for hosts

Our international and multilingual team is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with email advice and support.

Some of the skills workawayers can offer


DIY and building projects

Language practice


Animal Care

Art Projects

Help with Computers/ Internet



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Read feedback left by other hosts for workawayers

There are 78547 reviews for 10048 volunteers.
10048 volunteers were rated at least 4.9/5 from hosts for Family!

First of all, if I could give Mauro more than 5 stars I would. This is a truly wonderful guy with an amazing spirit of adventure, a genuinely friendly...


We really enjoyed having Dovile stay with us. She is very easy to get along with, friendly, attentive, conversational, kind, gentle. She was also very...


Hannah is a polite, helpful, thoughtful young lady. She takes whatever task you put in front of her willingly and is open to asking how to do the job ...


Romay and Mike have to be one of the most productive couples we have ever had here! Such hard workers, fab attitude, lovely people, such a shame they ...


Really sound young couple who were absolutely part of our family from the moment they arrived. They showed great initiative with our daughter when pla...


What does my project need to offer to volunteers to be listed on Workaway?

Hosts generally are required to offer accommodation, food and a cultural exchange. However there is some flexibility depending on the type of project that is registering as a host.

  • Accommodation offered can vary, from a guest room at a local homestay, a dormitory, through to camping.
  • Lodging can also be possible in the home of a member of staff or someone from the organisation.
  • Option to ask for less hours of help from volunteers and have them be responsible for their own food.
  • Once we have seen that feedback has been left by Workawayers we can review the listing and sometimes, where appropriate, permit a small amount to be requested to help with food expenses.