Host Response Guarantee

We’re here to help you find your perfect host!

Our Workaway team are constantly working away (pun intended) to increase host reply rates. 99.7% of Workawayers who send 5 or more messages to hosts in the first 30 days of membership receive responses.

Every day hundreds of exchanges are arranged by our active community of Workawayers and hosts. We are confident that if Workawayers create a good profile and write messages that show genuine interest, they will receive positive responses from hosts. With our Host Response Guarantee, we hope to personally support Workawayers in contacting hosts, thus ensuring that you are able to have lots of positive interactions with other members and secure a great exchange with hosts.

What is the Workaway Host Response Guarantee?

We're committed to ensuring you hear back from the hosts you contact. We're so confident that if you message at least 10 hosts in your first 30 days and fail to get a reply we'll refund your membership.

Simply get in touch with our support team within 60 days of joining if you've had no replies. Remember, if you've messaged hosts towards the end of your first 30 days, please give them 30 days to respond before reaching out.

Workaway Host Response Guarantee Explained:

  • You've messaged over 10 hosts in your first 30 days without a reply
  • You have sent personalised messages showing that you've engaged with the host's profile
  • You have NOT sent generic, copy/pasted, or AI-generated messages - these are considered to be spam

Meet these criteria? We'll refund you via your original payment method.

Please remember
If you're in a hurry to find a host, try reaching out to those on the “last minute” list.

Useful advice that helps get a positive response from hosts

Refund Eligibility for the Host Response Guarantee:

Our commitment to the Workaway community

What makes our community thrives:

Manual host reviews

Every month, our dedicated team manually reviews over 8,000 host applications and updates. On average only about one third of all applications are approved! We're also unique in our sector for providing ID verification to ensure overall site safety.

Personal advice

We personally review and provide tailored feedback on every Workawayer profile, helping you to refine it before you start reaching out to hosts. We believe it's essential that your profile truly reflects your best self in order to make the most out of your experience.

Did you know...

Over 99%

of Workwayers who send more than 5 requests in the first 30 days of membership receive responses from hosts.

50.000 + opportunities

means you get a great chance of finding and connecting with your ideal host successfully in more than 170 countries.

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