Workaway Ambassadors

As a community based on learning, sharing and exploring new ways of life, what makes Workaway work is the sharing spirit and dedication of our members in providing positive cultural exchange experiences.

Among the many workawayers embodying our philosophy every day, our Workaway Ambassadors are the faces of the community. They are determined to take on the world, to visit Workaway hosts, meet fellow volunteers and to help build a sharing global community who genuinely want to travel the world whilst giving back to the places they visit.

Workaway Ambassadors are also the most active members within our community who take extra steps to share their adventures and experiences through different platforms and engage with their own communities by spreading the word!

Fundamentally, Ambassadors are Workawayers like you and me, they are helping to build the community by showing that responsible and ethical travel has the ability to genuinely make a difference to the communities they visit. Now you know what a Workaway Ambassador is, why not get involved too?

If you are a highly active workawayer with at least one positive verified feedback from a host and have a great idea to help Workaway grow, we think you could be a good fit! Find out below how you could become an Ambassador! 


Eliana Carla (38)

  • Destinations: Italy
  • English, Italian (mothertongue), French, Spanish (a little) and a bit of hindi!

Aysegul (28)

  • Destinations: New Zealand, Thailand, Cambodia
  • Turkish,English, Spanish

Julia (36)

  • Destinations: Samoa
  • english (translator) spanish(translator)german(translator)

Logan (27)

  • Destinations: India, United States, South Africa, Guatemala
  • English, some spanish

Renee (27) & Simon (27)

  • Destinations: United States, Mexico
  • English, Dutch, German and Spanish

Renata (35) & Paul (35)

  • Destinations: Australia, New Zealand
  • Romanian and Hungarian - native, English - Advanced, Spanish - beginner

Selim (30)

  • Destinations: Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
  • English,Arabic,French,Deutsch,learning: Italian , Spanish , Russian , Japanese , korean , Chinese , Hebrew and Turkish .

Ethan (36)

  • Destinations: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia
  • English,Hebrew, Spanish, little German,Italian, Chinese, Russian

Bethany (24) & Ben (24)

  • Destinations: Australia, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • English

Georg (24)

  • Destinations: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Tanzania, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, Canada
  • German, English

Daniel (21)

  • Destinations: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama
  • English and a little Italian.

Gerard (60) & Laraine (59)

  • Destinations: New Zealand
  • English, learning Spanish slowly.

Magnus (26) & Hanna (22)

  • Destinations: Croatia, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Spain
  • English, Estonian, little German

Cristiana (26) & João (28)

  • Destinations: Vietnam, Malaysia
  • Both portuguese and english speakers

Giuseppe (42)

  • Destinations: England, United Kingdom
  • Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Kerry (42)

  • Destinations: Portugal, Romania, Iceland, Tenerife, Spain, The Scottish Borders, United Kingdom, Iceland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, England, United Kingdom, Sweden
  • English
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