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Mention sailing and the chances are most of us will conjure up romantic images of wind in the hair and freedom on the waves ...  💙🌊

But bring up sailing to someone who has owned a boat, the response will likely be more measured!

Although the rewards are great, maintaining a boat requires dedication, commitment and hard work. Finding the time to dedicate to the upkeep of any boat can be challenging, and the addition of an extra pair of hands can help enormously!

So if you are eager to discover the sailing / boating way of life regardless of the challenges— we think you are about to have a grand adventure!

We have been noticing a steady stream of amazing opportunities on Workaway involving boats and sailing from Northern Europe to the Caribbean, to as far away as the Pacific Islands and Brazil! Let’s take a quick look at some the most EXCITING possibilities out there for anyone with a seafaring interest:

If you haven’t sailed before, and you want to start learning while still living on land, this is the perfect starter host! This friendly couple are seasoned sailors offering a comfortable homestay and looking for some light help around their property, right by the pristine waters of Hervey Bay. Relax in this stunning spot, take in the wonderful scenery of the area, and be prepared for spontaneous boat trips to explore the nearby islands and beaches.

2. Help save the environment and explore the coastline of Sandnessjoen, Norway

This host is looking for Workawayers who are interested in sustainability, protecting sea life and of course sailing! The project mostly involves getting involved in beach clean-ups, but you’ll also learn to sail and show off your science skills by testing for micro plastics. In your time off, enjoy activities like hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and free diving with the other volunteers. If you’re passionate about protecting the planet, check out their community now and send them a message in a bottle!

3. Maintain a traditional wooden sailing boat in Langkawi, Malaysia

Experience life on a traditional Malay wooden junk schooner while exploring the stunning island of Langkawi! The island is covered with virgin rainforest, so this is the perfect spot for immersing yourself in nature while enjoying local heritage and culture. Help with general boat maintenance and rope work (don’t worry, the host will teach you!) and gain valuable knowledge on what sailing life is all about.

Spend your summer sailing in the area of Costa Arriba, well known for its world-class beaches. This host is hands-on, so a serious interest in learning how to sail is required. But if the work is hard, so is the play - expect to enjoy a variety of activities in your time off such as snorkelling, fishing and playing with the plethora of water toys onboard. Mingle with local sailors and and enjoy feeling like you’re starring in your very own movie as you man the deck while watching a technicolour sunset...

Help create videos for a boat tour company while exploring the beautiful beaches and coastline of Rio de Janeiro! This host is looking for someone adventurous, friendly and passionate about sailing to make digital marketing content. Enjoy a cold caipirinha on the deck, visit nearby Cabo Frio for some sea turtle spotting, and end your nights cosied up in the cabin listening to the swishing of the waves …

6. Join a floating theatre company on their ship in British Colombia, Canada

This theatre company is based on a thirty meter tall ship! These hosts have been bringing innovative theatrical productions on to the deck and in the rigging of a ship theatre for over four decades. Help ranges from ship maintenance to working on future productions. Sail around with a crew of artists, singers, builders and dreamers, and create meaningful connections on the sea. These warm and welcoming hosts are waiting for you to join their buzzing atmosphere, and if you’re looking for a truly unique experience, this is it - if you time it right, you might even catch one of their performances!

This host is looking for help with some general maintenance and painting to keep their quirky boat afloat! This is a fantastic choice if you love living on the water, but you like a slower pace of life than sailing in the open sea. Starting in Friesland, you’ll get to explore rural France in an unhurried way, with bicycles available for your days off on land. This lovely host has Workawayers singing their praises - you should expect to learn a lot, good conversation, and great food!

8. Join a family in the jungles of Golfito, Costa Rica and help repair their wooden catamaran

Get out of your comfort zone, and probably a bit sweaty, helping this couple
fix up their charming catamaran for future voyages. Learn how to make your own coconut milk, see all kinds of wildlife in the lush jungle, and enjoy the privacy of the boat-only access tropical beach. It’s an exciting time to join this project … they’ve nearly finished renovations, so you might even be there to witness the maiden voyage!

‘Water’ you waiting for? ;) Sign up to the site and find your next adventure right now!


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