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  • about 5 min
Volunteering & Working Opportunities: Crew / sail around the world for free

Mention sailing and the chances are most of us will conjure up romantic images of wind in the hair freedom on the waves. If you are eager to discover the sailing / boating way of life– we think a grand adventure is about to begin!

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  • about min
Travel photography - "Crow's nest view" (San Pedro, Spain)

Every adventure becomes extra special when you're with the right people! Get a glimpse into June 2022's Workaway Photo Competition for more unique experiences around the world, shared with our travel tribe...

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  • about 7 min
Marine conservation, sea sculptures and coastal cleanup in Norway!

A free-diving instructor, a sailor, a sculpture and a farmer – Børje is the host of a sculpture Workaway experience that works to save the environment! Whether by raising awareness with creative sculptures or actively removing marine pollution off the coast of Norway, he aims to make a real difference.

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