8 Awesome types of accommodation that you could be staying in on your next Workaway

While living and travelling around the world we’ve been fortunate enough to see some amazing places, amazing people and amazing food. But when it comes to accommodation we are shocked daily by the sheer amount of damn right awesome places there are to stay in the world. And some of them are even right here on Workaway ready and waiting for people like YOU to stay in. Here are 8 that have caught our eye recently:

1. A magical cave in Petra, Jordan

Petra is high on everyone’s bucket list. But is actually living inside a cave right this wonder of the world? It’s on ours now. This family have lived in a cave all their life and practise yoga, meditation and show tourists around their beloved hometown of Petra. In return for a few hours of help a day, you could become a real life bedouin.

workaway destinations jordan cave

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2. A yurt in the highlands of Scotland, UK

This yurt campsite on the Black Isle has it all for those who've wondered what it's like to just wake up, unroll your 'door' and be greeted by the sights of stunning mountains and grazing horses. Special bonus, this location offers a breathtaking view over the Moray Firth, which changes EVERY DAY depending on the weather -- we can't think of a more magical place to experience the wonders of nature (without needing to rough it)!

highland-uk scottish nature camp yurt

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3. A Sailboat in Bahamas

This group of friends started their life with “dessert first” and got themselves a sailboat to dedicate their days to enjoying life and exploring Bahamas meeting interesting people, learning tricks and skills from the locals, snorkelling (lots of it) and watching the sunrise and the sunset every day. Hard life for some hey? But, wait, you can join them too and live on board their sailboat living the good life!

bahamas sailboat workaway accommodation

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4. Among a vineyard and olive orchad

“You only live once but if you live right, once is enough…” is the quote this host tells us. And we think that living right is living among grapes and olives, eating the finest food and the finest wine. Get in touch with nature at this peaceful vineyard in Spain and know that life is exactly the way it should be!

vineyard workaway travel accommodation

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5. On a ranch in Washington State

Cowboy boots at the ready, you could be living and breathing the ranch life here in the U.S.A. This year-round ranch cares and feeds for over 100 cows and horses and they want YOU to come and live with them and help out. Cowboy hats mandatory.

ranch help volunteer accommodation washington

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6. In Finnish Lapland

We are talking Father Christmas, reindeer, snow and a lot of husky-sledging. Childhood dreams are coming true as we write this. And in return for living in Lapland, you will help look after the huskies. Remind us again why we aren’t there now?

lapland findland accommodation

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7. A treehouse in the Brazillian jungle

This one is for all the hardcore adventurers out there, who love nature and aren’t afraid of going unplugged in the deep jungles! If climbing up to your bedroom in a tree every night sounds like your kind of fun, you’ll feel right at home at this charming treehouse retreat. Add your artistic touch to these cabins and help bring their new temple together, and enjoy your free time at the beaches and waterfalls.

jungle eco green retreat

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8. With a safari and ecotourism company in Sri Lanka

The number one safari and ecotourism company in Sri Lanka invites you to live and volunteer among some of the world’s most beautiful animals and explore the islands, beaches, temples, and parks around it. When you hear once-in-a-lifetime, this place springs to mind.

srilanka ecotourism accommodation safari

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From treehouse to boats we all know that it doesn’t matter where the journey takes you, but the places you end up along the way. We can’t help but want to reach out to each and everyone one of these hosts and beg them to take us! Don’t forget you’ve got a few thousands more awesome choices out there too! So, where to next Workawayers?

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