12 great yoga experiences for travellers around the world

If there’re two things that never fail to lift our spirits, it would probably be travelling (duh), and yoga! 💙🌏

Studies have shown that yoga is incredible for your mental health and overall wellbeing. Apart from gaining strength and flexibility, it is also a powerful practice that reduces stress and anxiety, grounding you through breath work. It's like hitting the reset button on your brain, and then letting those feel-good endorphins to boost your mood! 

Whether you’re looking for a much-needed break from the daily grind, or just want to develop a more healthy and active lifestyle, travelling abroad to develop your yoga skills through Workaway is a cost-effective and great way to build self-awareness. Allowing you to be in tune with your body, mind and soul while staying on a budget and meeting like-minded yogi’s!
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Our Favourite Retreats and Projects for Yoga Lovers

Imagine just unwinding your body and resting your mind, while being surrounded by good energy in a spiritual environment… now that sounds like paradise! And luckily with so many options around us, we can enjoy the relaxation of yoga, while travelling and discovering the world!

Whether you’re a newbie looking to stretch and relax, or an expert yogi – one of these fantastic retreats or experiences is bound to be for you! So pack your bag, and get ready to flow through some new yoga movements along your globetrotting journey…

1. A nature lover’s dream in the peaceful mountains of Taiwan

Feel zen at this female yoga/meditation centre situated at the bottom of a mountain in a quiet and peaceful land outside Meinong, Taiwan. If you're interested in learning yoga or meditation and want to have a nice detox in the mountains, then this is the perfect host for you! Guidance and teaching are provided in this retreat if you help just a few hours a week with general maintenance work around the retreat. Feel safe and empowered around other strong and resilient women while practicing yoga at this unique retreat! It is the place to soak up all that natural living around you.

great yoga retreat with a turkish farm

2. Live off-grid at this Dominica wellness retreat 

Live your best island life and engross yourself at this retreat located on three acres of land in the Dominica rainforest! Help assist with small building and gardening projects on the property. In exchange, you learn valuable life skills, like, living-off grid, tropical construction techniques, organic gardening and composting and the many psychoactive and medicinal plants! When you’re not volunteering, you can practice yoga and meditation in this lovely, off-the-beaten-track location. This is what yoga dreams are made of!  😉✨

lady sitting by costa rican beach on a log yoga retreat article

3. Join a lovely yoga community on Koh Yao Noi island 

Explore sunsets, pristine beaches and climbing routes in this  stunning yoga retreatIn exchange for a free stay in paradise, give this host a hand with cooking, social media and various creative projects. Just be respectful of the culture and religion there whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape, and get to learn about the traditional Thai way of life! ☀️

woman yoga pose on beach in thailand

4. Have fun at a vegan yoga and surfing school with passionate people

Wanna go somewhere with the perfect balance between fun and zen? Go learn surfing while practising yoga at this yoga AND surf camp in Morocco ! Apart from teaching yoga, they also need help with SEO, marketing and social media. Come join the fun team, meet fellow travellers at the camp, share some delicious veggie meals, then kick back and go surfing or take part in their rooftop classes! 🌊 

woman practicing yoga and surf school morocco

5. Live in the Carpathian mountains with a free-spirited community 

Ever dreamed of waking up to the beautiful mountain view every morning? ⛰ This free-spirited eco-art space retreat might just be the place for you! The space is open every summer for festivities, gatherings, yoga and friendship! You’d be helping to set up the camp; essentially building the yurt, the ‘chill zone’ and showers. Everyone contributes what they can to the project. The best part of it all? You’d be spending lots of great time with an open-minded group of people and creating your very own travel community!

group of yogis with mountain view in ukraine

6. Spend time with creative yogis who love healthy living

Join these twin sisters in their excitement for life, travelling and of course yoga!  👯‍♂🍃With their enthusiasm for mindful yoga practice, herbal medicine and all things creative, they’re your perfect host if you’re curious & eager to learn lots of new skills! Apart from their spiritual practices, they’re also willing to teach French. They need a helping hand building eco-friendly outdoor furniture, along with gardening and tree planting!

twin sisters sitting cross legged smiling

7. Live off the grid in a peaceful farm 

With dazzling nature all around you, New Zealand is hands down one of our fave countries to find some Shanti! 🧘‍♂️ This Workaway host's goal is to live as sustainably as possible – so you get the chance to unplug and connect with the real world around you. The house is run on solar power and the water is sourced from a fresh stream nearby. You’d be able to practice yoga, meditation and a lot more at the nearby Ashram. This is a time to be fully present, play music, have some real conversations and experience life authentically each day!

new group picture of zealand yoga community

8. Experience life in Hoi An learning and teaching Yoga

What about a slower pace of life in an ancient town in Vietnam? Based in the quaint city of Hoi An, this yoga studio is looking for teachers that are just as passionate about yoga as they are. You’re more than welcome to join their wide range of yoga and meditation classes as well! There’s even a dedicated ‘healing room’ so if you’re a health or wellness expert they could really use your help. Make new friends with the amazing local team you’d be working closely with and learning from. During your free time, hang out by the beach, grab a Vietnamese coffee – or take art or cooking classes!  👩‍🎨 🍲

creative shot of yoga host in vietnam

9. Join this family-owned yoga retreat on the beautiful shores of Finland rich in yoga practices

Join this family owned summer retreat on the beautiful shores of Lake Saimaa in South Karelia, Finland which has been described as ‘a piece of Bali on the beach in Finland’  by previous workawayers! This is great place to relax and meet some like-minded people that you could explore holistic living with. Assist the retreat with cooking, cleaning and general maintenance work. In return, you’ll also have plenty of chances to gather together for some good yoga or meditation sessions too!  💆🏻‍♂️ Enjoy the wellness services such as yin yoga, yoga nidra, nature therapy walks and shiatsu massages that are offered! When you’re not working hard or practicing yoga, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful serenity of Finnish nature and the traditional woodlit sauna at the magical retreat! This opportunity is perfect for those who are more comfortable with having more of a structured lifestyle for a while.  

large group yoga in community in sweden

10. Creative art murals and new yoga practices in the Indian Himalayas

Dreaming of a pilgrimage to the birthplace of yoga? Love creating art and painting wall murals? 🎨 This yoga institute is right in the Indian Himalayas surrounded by great skylines and peaceful sunsets, where you can let your inner creative child out to play! You’d also have a lot of opportunities to learn their progressive way of yoga that combines psychotherapy with ancient practices! They’re keen to host organic farmers and cheesemakers (!) as well. This is an ideal spot if you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice, or even just to recharge and rejuvenate from your travel exhaustion! 

yoga pose in himalayan yoga retreat

11. Experience real Ecuadorian life at this holistic farm and food forest

This amazing host is looking for adventurous yoga lovers and permaculture farmers! Plant fresh produce, learn about wild edible plants and live a true farmer’s life for a while. But remember, it’s not all about what you do – it’s also about how you rest. 👌😌👌 Unwind with yoga amongst the jungle green and relax in a hammock, stroll along the farm, or even start your own workshop!

woman practicing and teaching yoga in the mountains

12. Party it up in Senegal and connect with other yogis

Ready to party? 🎉You might be thinking, what does yoga and partying have to do with each other?! Well, with its many events and festivities, this unique yoga studio in Senegal welcomes workawayers from around the world to take part in the fun and yoga. What could make it better? They’re based near some real beautiful beaches! If you’re a yoga teacher, a videographer or just a curious beginner with creative skills – this community of happy yogis will have you dancing the night away! 

senegal host dancing and yoga

We definitely know where we’d rather be namastaying right now… and hopefully one of these will get your muscles tingling for more travels and an awesome yoga session (or several) abroad too! 🙏

yoga pavilion with sunset

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