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Embarking on an adventure, however exciting it might be, can get daunting sometimes too. As solo travellers especially, we’re pretty much on our own, from planning our trip to wandering around a foreign place, without anyone to rely on or show us the way… it could make a huge difference to know that there are many other fellow travellers out there who are happy to hang out or help when we need! With this in mind, we’ve launched a live TRAVEL FEED where we can catch up with our tribe in real time and stay up to date with all things Workaway. Here are some of the most incredible things that could happen by being a part of this awesome community:

adventure with workaway travel buddies outdoors by the sea sunset

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1. You don’t need to feel lonely about travelling alone anymore

It’s easy to feel isolated when we’re planning our solo adventures or preparing to go on our first solo Workaway journey… so it’s reassuring to see that there’s a whole community of travellers who are also going through the same thing in different corners of the world! When you sign up or rejoin Workaway we’ll take the first step for you, and introduce you to the community via the travel feed. We’ll also show you info based on the country you’re currently at and places you have added to your destinations. You’ll get to have a better idea of how many travellers are diving into new adventures like you are. If you’re feeling extra friendly, say hi and send some support to new members too :) 

travel feed preview new and renewing workawayers and travel buddy meet ups

2. No more missing out on new opportunities

With so many cool places that we don’t even know about, it’s easy to miss out on life-changing adventures simply because we haven’t thought about them! Browse through all the new and updated hosts you might have missed. Discover new destinations and projects you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, and let’s go on a spontaneous adventure!

travel feed new updated workaway host preview coastal tours taiwan

3. Know that we’ve always got your back

To the skeptical new workawayers who have been wondering if we are robots on live chat… we see y’all ;) On our travel feed, we share real time updates on what we’re working on, pop in a bit of Workaway team trivia, and highlight some of our personal favourites on the site. Hopefully by giving our members a peek behind the scenes, we can not only help you guys get more involved, but also foster a closer sense of trust too!

workaway new friends connections friendship with local host family cultural exchange

4. Stay inspired and motivated for your next adventure

Feeling a bit down after being stuck in the same place for too long? It’s hard not to get wrapped up in our own bubbles with all these social distance and travel restrictions. Have a little look into the other workawayers’ latest adventures and get inspired again! Enjoy our community’s travel snapshots, read the latest feedbacks and blog posts to pick up some travel tips from other workawayers’ and hosts’ experiences; from hidden gems they’ve discovered on the road to interesting things they’ve done during their Workaways... Let us stay connected and remind each other that there’s so much more to see and learn about in the world!

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travel feed preview photos blog posts inspiration workaway tips

5. Find a perfect Workaway companion for any occasion

Wanna brush up your language skills, or partner up with another workawayer to travel together? Us too! The best thing about being part of a community is that you’ve got, well, a whole community of like-minded people who you can practise your new language with, or to help you settle into a new home..who knows you might even plan to volunteer at a project together on your next trip!

Pro tip: Check out your local travel feed for new friends and projects in your area too. You might not be travelling right now, but you can still meet up with fellow workawayers, or even invite your friends to join you on a local Workaway experience!

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Our travel feed makes it easier for our community to connect with each other, but the most important thing about being in a community is YOU! So share your adventures with us, reach out to potential friends, help spread good vibes and play a part in making it a welcoming and supportive space for all. ❤️

👣 Find your travel buddy here 🌎

📞  Connect with a language exchange buddy here 💬

🌈 Explore our TRAVEL FEED here ✌️

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