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  • Country: Spain
  • Feedback: 2
My name is Veronica and I have a daughter called Sofia, she is 10 months old. We are vegans and we live in Fuengirola city center. My partner is most of the time away from home, and I need some help with Sofi and house duties.

  • Country: Italy
We are an italian family, living in Bolzano, South-Tyrol. We had a significant experience with an aupair and would like to welcome a Workwayer now.

  • Country: Spain
  • Feedback: 8
We are an artist/musician couple with an 9 year old daughter called Alma and a 2 year old daughter, Elara. Carmen is Spanish from the coast of Granada and Tom is Scottish from Edinburgh. 16 years ago we bought a ruined village house with some land ......

  • Country: Italy
I am a single mother with 4 chidren (17-15-12-8). My ex-husband lives nearby and we all get along very well, so he will be often over for dinner and activities. He is chinese, so my children speak or understand both mandarin and cantonese at ......

  • Country: Portugal
  • Feedback: 2
Hello dear readers, We are a young family in Castelo Branco, central Portugal. We have 2 daughters whom are 7 and 2 and our younger son is 4 months old at the moment. We came to Portugal because our dream is to live off grid, self sufficient, with ......

  • Country: Spain
  • Feedback: 65
We are a self managed COMMUNITY, founded 25 years ago, situated 10km from the centre of Granada, that hosts and helps people coming from a situation of social exclusion, mainly mothers with children in emergency situations or young immigrants, ......

  • Country: Italy
We live in Bolzano, a city of about 100,000 inhabitants in South Tyrol, in the north of Italy. We live in a quiet neighborhood, but are very well connected to the city center (1.2 km). Bolzano is easy to explore by bike, and we also use it every day ......

  • Country: Germany
NEED HELP NOW: AS OF JUNE 22, 2020...for about a week to 10 day (or less). Tommy (35) : Architect from Berlin/ Adventurer/ bicycle lover/ global traveller/ poet and philosopher/ culturally interested/ highly experienced couchsurfer Looking for ......

  • Country: Iceland
  • Feedback: 39
We are a couple (Anna & Árni) in our late 20s that are taking over a small farm in north-east Iceland from her parents. We had a baby girl in January 2018. And another in April 2020. The family is quite big, and most of Anna's siblings have ......

  • Country: Senegal
My little quiet paradise is located not far from Cap Skirring, in the forest of Diembéring, 15 minutes walk from the sea. I am 27 years old, former great sportsman native of Diembéring, and I transform this family hectare with permaculture since a ......

  • Country: Ireland
  • Feedback: 27
Hi I'm George, I live alone in a old Georgian house and farm that I have been restoring in Co Longford ( midlands) It is a peaceful place with mature woods a grounds. I am about 10 minute walk from our village, 15 minute drive from Longford town and ......

  • Country: Malaysia
  • Feedback: 23
We are a fairly new outdoor adventure company offering watersports and activities from the beautiful Desaru Coast beach in East Johor. We work on the beach all year round offering the public and holidaymakers great experiences from surfing, sailing, ......

  • Country: Australia
We are looking for people who enjoy being outdoors and want to learn or share building techniques. We're building a house near Daylesford, Victoria. We are 10 minutes drive from Daylesford (natural spa and tourism region of Victoria). It is a ......

  • Country: France
  • Feedback: 2
Hi. My name is Amy, I'm 37 years old, and I love life. I like the exchanges and to receive, I like to learn new cultures and the rather natural, simple and spiritual exchanges. I live near the beach, exactly 1km at meschers sur Gironde, in the city ......

  • Country: Italy
  • Feedback: 4
Hi, we are Linda (43 y.o.), Francesco (42 y.o.) and 2 children: Gabriele (7.5 y.o.) and Agnese (4.5 y.o.). We live in Milano near the center. We are looking for a patient, smiling, nice, talkative and polite girl who would love to stay with our ......

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Feedback: 2
I have two children who stay during the weekends, they are both lovely kids, the youngest who is 7 has special needs, but he has a lovely personality and I don't need help with him, but the oldest is a girl of 10 who is fun and deserves a bit more ......

  • Country: Italy
  • Feedback: 24
Last minute
The structure is an old rural farmhouse recently renovated by our hand (Alessandra and Massimo). Situated in Sassello (SV), in the GeoPark area of Monte Beigua, isolated between fields and woods. It is connected to the main paved road with a 800 ......

  • Country: Spain
  • Feedback: 24
  • Host offers payment
Granada is a magic city in the south of Spain. When you come, you fall in love :) It is very important for us that your application will be in Spanish, we don't read requests in English. We are a Hostal in the city center, with a friendly ......

  • Country: France
  • Feedback: 75

We are a family of 5: 
Christine(63), Flo(57), Mona(34), Chris(38) & Ayla(6). 
Christine lived in Bretagne, Haute-Savoie and then Marseille before starting the farm project. 
She is Chris's mother, is a nurse and cooking is her passion. In the ......

  • Country: New Zealand
  • Feedback: 3
We are a small 5 acre farm just 10 km out of the Mountain town of Methven, Focusing on organics and sustainable farming practices we are developing our farm to become as great of a resource for our family as possible, for this we try and produce as ......