What is it like to Workaway as an older traveller?

Mention Workaway and a lot of people would imagine a backpacker in their 20s, running around tropical destinations in flip flops and partying in hostels. Almost every day we get asked, “am I too old for Workaway? Are there other workawayers my age or will I be the odd one out?”

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Meet Kim, a 55-year old traveller who is on her first Workaway adventure in Costa Rica! Before embarking on her trip, she had similar concerns: “First I was worried that it wasn’t for old people. I messaged that to Workaway and someone came back with a wonderful answer and a link to a story about this couple that travelled all throughout England’s winter. And so I thought, OK! It will be OK for me to go.”

Looking to extend her travels without breaking the bank, she is currently staying at a local guesthouse and helping out in exchange for free accommodation. In her spare time, she explores Costa Rica by bike, practises yoga with other travellers, and relaxes on the beach…

three workawayers of different ages practise yoga

“I found out about Workaway through one of my daughter’s friends. I was telling her that I wanted to come for longer but I couldn’t really afford it, and she’s like, “Kim, do this!” And this is where I am, doing a Workaway. It’s my first ever and it’s great! As much as I can’t afford to just be on holiday for two months, I can afford to be on holiday for three weeks, and then do this…”

As mature travellers who’ve more accumulated life experiences and skills, being a workawayer doesn't only mean you would be able to make use of your skills during your travels, it's also an amazing opportunity to give back to local communities and project, as well as learn something new from your host!

You can be a long-term globetrotter who wants to travel in a more immersive and meaningful way, or someone who’s looking for a change of scenery from your career; maybe you want to pick up your travel bucket list again after your children’s left for college, or you’re ready to challenge yourself and explore the world as a retiree… with 50,000+ opportunities on Workaway, there’s definitely something that would be perfect for you, and where your skills and experiences will come in handy!

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There’s a couple of things that don’t just go away with age, including our love to explore and connect with others. The same goes with Workawaying – no matter our age, we want to keep travelling, learning, and giving back! Still on the fence? We’ve got a community of workawayers who are looking for a travel buddy or to meet up. Use our filters to look for travellers around your age and start planning for your adventure :) 

Watch Kim's full interview here:

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