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  • about 2 min
What is it like to Workaway as an older traveller?

Mention Workaway and a lot of people would imagine a backpacker in their 20s, running around tropical destinations in flip flops and partying in hostels. Almost every day we get asked, “am I too old for Workaway? Are there other workawayers my age or will I be the odd one out?” Meet Kim, a 55-year old traveller who is on her first Workaway adventure in Costa Rica!

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  • about 5 min
It’s never too late to pursue your dreams of travelling the world

Well, we felt it’s not always the things in life that you do that you sometimes regret, it’s the things that you don’t do. If there’s something that you really want to do, just take a chance! You can always go home if it doesn’t work out. It was a bit scary thinking about it and we talked about travelling for about a year before we realised that the only thing stopping us, was us.

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  • about 6 min
Taking a gap year in your 50’s

Not young enough for workaway? Never! Read about our “Workawayer of the month”, Sue and Adrian’s adventure, who are in their 50’s and finally fulfilling their dream of travelling and volunteering around the world…

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