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Happy New Year from the Workaway headquarters! Hope 2018 has gone off to a good start for all you nomads out there.

Would this be the year of husky training in a Canadian cabin? Or would it be the year you build your first straw bale house with a community of earth-loving volunteers around the world? If you haven’t seen our Workaway TV page, this is the perfect time to check it out and get a glimpse of what your own new year might look like. 💙✨

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Check out our new vlog page featuring fellow Workawayers’ volunteer adventures!

Sometimes all it takes for us to leave our comfort zone is a flash of inspiration, right??! Our brand new page showcases a collection of travel vlogs we love; 100% produced by volunteers or hosts, with helpful tips and tons of motivation for your next Workaway adventure. You can find the page through the ‘MORE’ tab on the top right of the Workaway website:

…which brings you to a page full of different Workaway adventures in different countries, from Saharan treks, creating artwork in India, to helping at a farm in Germany or glamping in Portugal!​​​​

So go ahead and take just one of the countless projects you can get involved in all over the world, and get ready to try something new by going on an unknown adventure this year! 😆

Take your best friend with you on your workaway adventure!

Who else has been putting together a list of new year resolutions🙋🏻? Do you want to stretch your budget further whilst still being able to travel longer, slower and deeper? How about taking your best friend with you on your next adventure? Well here’s some motivation to get it going!

We often have volunteers telling us how a friend had recommended workaway to them which they then went on to have a trip of a lifetime via the site!! In the spirit of sharing, we want to thank everyone for spreading the wanderlust by offering something in returnthe ultimate Workaway referral scheme! Now if you successfully introduce your friends to workaway and start their own adventures via the site, you’ll get your subscription extended for free too!

This is ideal for those who are yearning to continue their journey and looking for a little more time to enjoy those meaningful future exchanges on the road! So what are you waiting for? Tell a friend about the it now, and share your excitement of planning your next travels with them! 🌏👭👬

Let’s spread the travel love..

Have we not told you?! It’s one of the highlights of our job hearing how the site has changed people’s way of travel and lives in such a positive way! And it’s so inspiring to receive emails or messages from some of you out there who are truly bringing the workaway spirit to life! 💘💌 Here are a couple of feedbacks we received recently and we just wanna share them with you:

host Annick from France :

“Bonjour je ne trouve pas sur le site un autre endroit pour vous écrire. Je veux vous dire mille fois merci pour votre travail et pour les belles rencontres que nous faisons grâce à votre site depuis plusieurs années. Le monde est plein de belles personnes et vous êtes le lien pour que ces personnes se rencontrent!

“Hello I can not find another place on the site to write to you. I want to tell you a thousand times thanks for your work and for the beautiful encounters that we make thanks to your site for several years. The world is full of beautiful people and you are the link for these people to meet!”


Workawayer Emanuele from Italy:

“Hi! Just an enthusiast here trying to cheer you up about your amazing work. I am a long-term traveler, and Workaway is my best friend. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am Workaway exists. […]

I think it’s important for you to get feedback. My life would NOT be the same at this point without workaway. Most of the things that are shaping my life now happened during a workaway stay. Couldn’t be more grateful!

Congrats, and never give up, carry on! And never sell out, keep it simple and genuine like now! 🙂

Thanks so much for everyone’s love and support so far. We are so grateful to be part of such a wonderful community of adventurous souls. This is ultimately what workaway is about, so as long as you keep travelling, volunteering and giving back to the world, we will keep going!

Don’t forget you can send us a Youtube or Vimeo link of your workaway adventure to us for a chance to be featured on the page! If you are more of a pen wizard than a video creator, you can also head on over to this page to learn more about being a guest blogger on our blog.


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