How to travel long term for free by inviting your friends along!

We gotta admit, there’s something very special about being part of a community like Workaway, where people connect, exchange ideas, and make a difference together. We love how incredible it is to be a host or workawayer… now imagine if more people get to experience the world like us, travelling to share cultures, languages, and to give back, or perhaps even opening their doors to invite others into their lives?! 

One thing we learnt from our travels is our vibe attracts our tribe, and we know so many members come from hearing great things about Workaway from their friends… that’s why we’re officially now introducing your unique Workaway invitation link to you, where you can invite friends into the community as workawayers or hosts!
friends on an abandoned railway inviting one traveller to jump and join their cart

Invite your friends, get a free Workaway gift code

Do you know a welcoming family, great community project or meaningful opportunity that can use an extra pair of helping hands and fresh insight by hosting skilled travellers? Or a friend who wants to experience the world differently, by connecting with local people and immersing in new cultures? 

If the answer is yes, make sure they sign up as a host or Workawayer through your invitation link to get an extra FREE month added to their membership. And in return..?  You'll get to embark on your own adventure or to extend your membership FOR FREE to travel for much longer! 🎁🎁

If you're a host:

workaway host referral graphic showing badge earned for two referrals and gift code for four referrals
  • Earn an ‘Advocate’ badge for the first two friends you refer
  • Earn a Workaway gift code for every four friends you refer 
  • Workawayers who sign up through your link will get an extra month added to their membership!

Get your invitation link here (for host).

If you're a workawayer:

workaway workawayer referral graphic showing three months membership extension for each referral with two years maximum, and gift code with every four referrals thereafter
  • Get three months membership for free for every friend you refer. Membership can be extended for up to 2 years
  • Earn a Workaway gift code for every four friends you refer thereafter. Keep spreading the words and keep earning- there are no limits!
  • Workawayers who sign up through your link will get an extra month added to their membership too!

Get your invitation link here (for workawayer).

Here's a year's worth of Workaway adventures -- on us!

Now that your friends have become part of the community and you’ve gained a free gift code to redeem a one year workawayer membership (or a few🤩) – congrats and pack your bags! Alternatively, your free membership can also be gifted to a friend or loved one who would love to travel and give back as a workawayer too. We’re so excited to see what adventures we’ll create together, and can’t wait to meet you on the road! 
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