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Hi from the Workaway headquarters!!

We have an exciting new feature to share with you lovely Workawayers who want to explore new hobbies and meet like-minded people while travelling! Drum roll please…..


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With this cool new feature on the Workaway site and app, you can now easily discover events and activities happening nearby while you're out and about exploring. It's the ultimate tool for (solo) travellers looking to make new friends with people who share common interests and explore new hobbies while abroad… without having to use a dating app, or join a run club! ;) 

Got tons of questions bubbling up about our exciting new feature? No worries! We're here to spill all the details and tackle any queries you've got. Let's jump right in and explore what's in store!

workawayers touristing in lisbon, belem

Who Is It For?

Workaway Events isn't just for seasoned travellers or social butterflies - it's for anyone and everyone looking for a travel buddy or day-to-day connections with like-minded people! Whether you're a globetrotter on a solo journey or a local looking to spice up your social scene and expand your social circle, Workaway Events welcomes you with open arms. We know it can be quite difficult to make new friends as an adult, so why not meet people who already share your love for travelling?

workawayers mopeding through bagan temples in myanmar

Why Should I Use Workaway Events to Travel?

This new feature will allow Workawayers and Hosts to create events for travellers in and around the area! It’s the perfect way for seasoned travellers or newbie adventurers to discover local communities and bond over shared hobbies.

Picture this: you're passionate about hiking, but you're exploring a new town and don't know where to find other fellow hikers to hit the trails with. That's where Workaway Events swoops in to save the day! Simply hop on the platform, browse through hiking meetups happening nearby, and voilà - you're mingling with like-minded individuals, swapping tips, trails, travel stories and exploring nature together in no time.

workawayers hiking in the mountains

What Events Should I Create?

The possibilities are endless with our new events feature! From art workshops to language exchanges, hiking excursions, beach cleanups to attending to music classes and salsa parties together, whatever your interests may be - Workaway Events is your go-to hub for discovering fun-filled activities that align with your interests and hobbies.

workawayers playing instruments and jamming together

I'm Ready - How Does It Work and How Do I Start?

If you're looking for events to join, just click onto the "Meet up & Events" navigation bar at the top of your page and click on "Events nearby". From there, you can search by location, keyword, and narrow down the dates to look for your ideal event and start trying out new hobbies while meeting new people and other travellers near you!

If you are on your mobile, you can also find the "Events Nearby" option on the main feed within the app once you are logged in as a workawayer, this will then take you onto the events page where you will be able to check out worldwide events happening nearby or at the destination of your choice, and even set up your own event!

workaway events nearby screenshot

How Do I Create My Own Event?

To host your own event, go to the “Meet up & Events” tab and click on “Events nearby”. Similarly, you can go to your profile and find the "Events" tab (which can be found underneath your profile photo). Click on it to discover or create events. When creating your event, provide as much detail as possible so that Workawayers and Hosts nearby can understand what it's about and what to expect. Once your event is submitted and put online, you could start inviting nearby members to join, or simply wait for other interested members to join.

workaway create your own event screenshot

Whether you're passionate about hiking, cooking, surfing, language exchange, or any other hobbies, Workaway Events provides the perfect avenue to unite and explore together.

workawayers having a bonfire on the beach
If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team. We hope you meet many amazing people and create unforgettable experiences through Workaway Events!
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