8 reasons why house sitting is the way to see the world

What if you could stay at your dream house for free while exploring a new country and helping someone out? Explore the special spots of your travel destination during your free time, and then head back to your home away from home after your daytime adventure?

Sound too good to be true? Let’s get right into it to see how you can grab all these wins by house sitting for people while they’re away!

1. Travel on a budget 

We know how expensive travel can be, but when you’re volunteering to take care of someone’s home you can stay completely free through Workaway. Save up a pretty penny on housing and use that money to explore! You could get further immersed with the culture around you and support the local community and their businesses.

2. Make animal friends as you house sit

Whether you’re working in wildlife country, a bush-retreat or dog-sitting there’s plenty of opportunity to take care of animals just as you take care of property! It does add a personal touch to all the fun. Like how at Queensland, Australia you’ll meet this friendly couple living in wildlife country just north of Toowoomba. They have 30 hectares for cattle and two horses that need tending. And if you’re a horse rider you’d also get plenty of opportunities to hop on a horse! 😊

3. Live in your ultimate dream destination 

How does it sound to live among the mountains of Europe or in the biodiversity of Central America? What about living near this pristine beach in North Mexico where you can help by watching over their home along with animal care and art projects? We think it sounds like a fun little adventure! There are so many hosts willing to open their homes, so you’d most likely get to visit a destination that you’ve been longing to see for a while now. Why not head over to Workaway and start the search for your perfect match?

4. Get out more and explore 

Even though house sitting seems like you’d be indoors a lot more than outdoors, it’s actually more freeing than people think! Especially when you’ll have plenty of time to explore a completely new atmosphere. Maybe you could live on a wooden boat and meet a friendly Workaway host like Fred, who sails at the south of Spain and is moored in Malaga. He needs crew to help with cleaning, maintenance and occasional sailing! He’s often booked though, but we understand why, it must be a wonderful experience to be out sailing, feeling free!

5. Be creative and innovative 

Sometimes you’ll be asked to paint a house, or build a fixture. These are things that might need your personal input. With whatever unique project you are working on, chances are you are also building on your creativity and innovation. When there’s a problem you’re more likely to discover new ways to fix it. And in any case you’ll be able to use creativity to turn all the work you do into a fun experience! Aude, a Workawayer of the month discovered her passion for painting when she travelled with Workaway, now she wants to cover the world with her paintings – and they sure are stunning! 

6. Learn new things and think on your feet

Being in one location for a while means that you’ll be learning about the area around you, and what it’s like to maintain the place you’re staying at. While tending to the needs of the location you’re based in or of your host’s project, you’ll be able to pick up a lot of new unexpectable skills. Be sure to check with your hosts for any advice on tasks you’re not sure about!

7. Have some time for yourself

Life can be confusing. It’s good to get away sometimes and figure things out, settle in a mountain range or a forest, or maybe go sailing! Use that time, that work, that fun, to really think about what’s ahead, or get a spark of inspiration on what to do next. Wherever you are and whatever you do, this is time to grow you. Take as much time as you need when you can really reflect on this big beautiful life we get to live and what you want to do with yours. Discover yourself or find out new things about yourself. See how resilient you can be or how open, how kind-hearted. Find time for you!

8. Experience life as a local 

Ah, life as a local! You work, you play, you visit friends, you go home, you sleep and then repeat! This is how life kind of works in any country or city, there’s community, work, fun and there’s family and home. You’d be able to have these experiences in a completely new place and see life through another lens. Life is to be experienced to the full and when you get to live it from different locations you manage to expand on the idea of what living is like, build long lasting friendships and still enjoy a good work habit.  🙏🏼❤️

Now that you’ve learnt about this affordable, exciting, and fulfilling way to travel the world by house sitting— go explore and remember to keep us posted on your workaway adventure! 🏠

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