7 Workaway adventures (+BONUS) for an unforgettable summer

Summertime is officially here, calling us to give in to our inner free spirit and let the wild side of ourselves shine. And we can't think of a better way to do this than by exploring the world and letting it shine WITH us as we volunteer with incredible projects on the road! ☀️ Just to help you get started, we’ve put together 9 special Workaway adventures to make your next summer unforgettable...

1. Stay in an oasis on the edge of the Sahara and help a nomadic family rebuild their ancestral home in Morocco

travel group with host family in Morocco enjoying meal in traditional mud house

Learn natural building skills and experience Berber culture first-hand in this beautiful oasis right on the edge of the Sahara desert. Have a go at making mud bricks, relax under the shade of the palm trees and listen to local stories by the campfire. This host is near Tagounite, an ancient Jewish village almost untouched by tourism. Explore the abandoned kasbah’s, hire an ATV and roar off into the dunes, or check out crash sites of the curiously high number of meteorites that have struck the area.



  • Cultural exchange Cultural exchange
Recover our ancient house & oasis with natural materials at the edge of the Sahara, Morocco
Hello dear people, We are Said (34) from the Sahara and Linde (31) from the Netherlands. It is our pleasure to meet you! I, Said, come from a big Amazigh-Tuareg family. After growing up in the Sahara desert and living many years a nomadic life, ......

2. Relax by the riverside and enjoy kayaking at the chilled-out youth hostel in Canada

workaway traveller paddle board enjoy sea

Perfect for water lovers, this laid-back youth hostel in Canada is nestled in a quaint town on the banks of the Saint-Laurent river, Quebec. Whether you’re paddle-boarding, kayaking, or fishing in the river, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views and seals nestled on the rocks. You may even be lucky enough to see whales! Lend a hand painting, help with maintenance, or get busy in the garden while staying among travellers like yourself.


  • Paid position Paid position
Youth hostel in Ste-Félicité, Québec, Canada
Auberge de jeunesse à Ste-Félicité, Québec, Canada Hello, if you want to have an Hostel’s convivial experience in a Gaspesien village, you should come to our place! The hostel is located near the St-Laurence river and we are looking for motivated, ......

3. Rescue animals and experience vegan living on a chemical-free farm in Malaysia

animal rescue volunteering in Malaysia group photo

Care for injured or abandoned animals in a sanctuary surrounded by tropical plants, nature, and most importantly over a hundred dogs! Enjoy the ‘fruits’ of your labour and eat delicious, wholesome meals at this 100% organic farm. Explore the nearby landmark Batu caves and waterfalls, and meet the locals of Raub, a historic mining settlement. Or hang out with the host family and enjoy table tennis, cuddling with the dogs and maybe a BBQ in the rooftop garden while soaking in the sun.


  • Cultural exchange Cultural exchange
Help at a chemical-free farm, orchard and dog sanctuary in Raub, Pahang, Malaysia
I have an 8 acre orchard growing durians and bananas. We have full utilities including wifi. This place also serves as a dog sanctuary for 100 + abandoned and abused dogs. i also have chickens and would like to grow lots of organic vegetables. I ......

4. Live in a tiny house by a beautiful beach and practice sustainability in Uruguay

beach community sustainable bamboo building unique workaway stay

Looking to connect to nature? Stay in a tiny home by the beach and gain experience building self-sufficient and ecological structures in this beautiful spot on the coast of Maldano, Uruguay . Try your hand at surfing, explore the nearby villages, or spend time with other members of a welcoming community. The reviews for this host rave about the friendliness and warmth of the host family, the stunning natural setting and the laid-back vibe.


  • Sustainable project Sustainable project
  • Cultural exchange Cultural exchange
Help us build a sustainable house in the woods by the beach in Maldonado, Uruguay
we are felipe and nicolle and Benicio (our toddler), we live in a tiny house by the woods we made ourselves, its made of earth and it has a green roof, we look to live as self sufficient and sustainable as posible, we also love animals and have two ......

5. Camp under the stars in Wadi Rum

Get off the tourist trail and join this small but extremely friendly community, descended from the Zalabieh tribe, to experience true Bedouin hospitality in the Wadi Rum desert . Hike the open landscape, climb nearby peaks, or take a safari tours and watch the sunset from the back of a jeep. Take part in some traditional dancing after dinner by the campfire, and lose yourself stargazing into those wondrous Arabian nights from a luxurious bell tent. Becoming part of this unique community is the ideal Workaway for any social media mavens looking for a real talking point on their CV … you’ll likely pick up some Arabic along the way, too!


Come and experience real Bedouin culture in our camp in the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan
Hello and welcome! My name is Abdallah and I run a Bedouin camp in the Wadi Rum desert together with my father Madallah. We are members of the Zalabieh tribe, our ancestors lived here for centuries. We love our homeland and like to invite you to ......

6. Let your creativity loose at a German art camp in the village

collage of Germany rundling creative camp, wall art and pottery experiences

If you’re an artist (or aspiring one!) who wants to discover a unique art scene and live with other creatives around the world, you’d definitely not want to miss this creative camp in Lower Saxony, Germany! Help create incredible murals or art on canvas, handcraft designs with natural materials… and if you’re on a creative block, don’t worry — there’s beautiful gardens, forests and meadows for you to enjoy nature in full bloom and get some inspiration too! 


  • Sustainable project Sustainable project
  • Cultural exchange Cultural exchange
Are you an artist or craftsman? If yes, come and be creative at our international creative camp. Lower Saxony, Germany
Our creative camp is located in a round village in the Wendland in the eastern Lüneburg Heath. Our region has always attracted artists from all over the world. Also once a year, the biggest art festival of Germany takes place. In our round village ......

7. Learn about women empowerment and traditional weaving in the Guatemalan Highlands

3-photo collage of women's weaving group smiling, creating art together, and chatting with volunteer

Looking for some vibrant colours to add to your summer wardrobe? This women-owned social enterprise in Xela works with local women to support their families and communities through weaving. Immerse into Guatemala’s Mayan culture while learning about traditional weaving techniques and textile production; and make sure to take a private backstop loom weaving class to make and take home some incredible fabrics you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere! 


  • Sustainable project Sustainable project
  • Cultural exchange Cultural exchange
Volunteer with a womens' owned weaving co-operative in Xela, Guatemala
Welcome! We are a 100% worker-owned association based in Guatemala, created 30 years ago during the civil war to help local women receive a fair salary through textile production. The workimg women use an ancestral technique call back-strap loom to ......

... nothing catch your eye yet? How about these *bonus* hosts?

BONUS 1. Take care of rescue horses minutes from the beach in Spain

two workaway volunteers cuddling horses smiling happy

Spend the summer on the island of Tenerife, Spain in this diverse, digital-nomad-friendly community committed to waste reduction and freeganism . This host is looking for people interested in training or looking after their rescue horses - perfect if you want to spend your summer galloping along the coast and stumbling across unique beauty spots . In your free time build up a sweat hiking across the mountains of volcanic rock, cool off with a spot of scuba diving or snorkelling, and finish off your day with a stroll on the beach at sunset.


  • Cultural exchange Cultural exchange
Help us create a sustainable horse and animal sanctuary in Tenerife, Spain
We are a couple ( and baby on the way end of october so please be patient we may not be able to reply immediately) with a dream to create a sustainable horse and animal sanctuary. We are now a registered charity We want to rehabilitate as many ......

BONUS 2. Lend a hand at this floating resort and soak up the rays in Mexico

workaway travellers kayaking in mexico outdoor excursion jungle resort

Eco-warriors are welcome at this amazing resort suspended above a beautiful freshwater lake in Bacalar, Mexico . Whether you’re helping out with guests, cleaning the cabañas or coming up with ideas to make the place even more sustainable, you’ll be surrounded by incredible flora and fauna and a friendly, fun team of people. Wake up to bird song in the middle of paradise, take a dip in the crystal clear water of the lagoon, and relax for an afternoon snooze in a hammock. Adventure seekers can enjoy kayaking and jungle treks to see the native monkeys, opossums and agoutis. Be careful - you might never want to leave!



Help in our eco-resort on the beautiful freshwater lake Bacalar, Mexico
Come and discover the wonderful flora and fauna. Swim, kayak in the magnificent lagoon, go explore the jungle trails, or just enjoy our scenic beauty, birds and wildlife. We live in a very unique and relaxed way. You'll be treated as part of our ......

With so many adventures to be had we just know you’ll be inspired to create your very own! So let your hair loose, shake off any remaining winter blues, and turn your face to the sunshine. (And sign up to become a Workawayer, already)!

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