7 Workaway adventures to make your Summer unforgettable

Summertime is officially here, calling us to let the most wild and free versions of ourselves shine. It invites us to take a step back from our normal routines to discover something different. It begs us to follow our curiosity, stretching the daylight beyond the horizon as we reach for the stars. To celebrate this very special time of year, we’ve put together 7 Workaway adventures to make your next summer unforgettable.

1. Stay in authentic Berber village and help build an eco-lodge in Morocco

Learn sustainable skills in this beautifully situated village located on a remote bay of the Atlantic Ocean, near Essaouira. Watch local women make argan oil by hand, try your hand at surfing, and enjoy traditional meals prepared by chefs who are willing to share their secrets! This host  is also looking for artists in residency to create film, music, painting or other projects that engage the local community.

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2. Explore the wilderness of Canada and feel the adrenaline

This adventure focused and international hostel in Canada is nestled in the Rocky Mountains with every opportunity to expand beyond your limits. Whether skiing the slopes, mountain biking, kayaking, wind surfing, or slack lining, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views. Lend a hand painting, helping with maintenance, or sharing your business skills while staying among travellers like yourself. 

3.Learn about social- entrepreneurship with an award winning start-up in Malaysia

Advocate for local artisans in vulnerable positions to help them from being exploited. This socially responsible project is focused on empowering craftsmen and women to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves. Gain valuable marketing and small business skills and contribute your creativity to make a positive impact!

4. Live in a tiny house by a beautiful beach and practice sustainability in Uruguay

Connect to nature while staying in a tiny home by the beach. Gain experience building self-sufficient and ecological structures in a beautiful setting. Try your hand at surfing, explore the nearby villages, or spend time with other members of a welcoming community.

5. Camp under the stars in Wadi Rum

Get off the tourist trail and join the small but unique and extremely friendly community in Little Petra . Share the Bedouin lifestyle of Jordan and enjoy campfires, tea and local music. Get involved and go beyond your comfort zone by exploring the activities offered by the host, from organising hikes to desert trips and tours!

jordan wadi rum outdoor campfire desert night

6. Jam with musicians in a fishing village in Crete, Greece

Relax by the seaside on this Greek island and spend your evenings playing with musicians from all over the world. The owner of this low-key, authentic Irish bar is looking for summer sessions to fill the room with culture and unique harmonies. Share your sound and ease into the sweet tune of the simple life.

7. Rescue animals and experience the vegan lifestyle on a farm in Costa Rica

Care for injured or abandoned animals in a sanctuary surrounded by tropical plants and nature. Eat wholesome meals and enjoy the benefits of this 100% organic farm with waterfalls, a national wildlife preserve, and white water rafting nearby. Or, hang out with the locals and exchange English lessons for a visit to the nearby cacao farm or sugarcane mill.

With so many adventures to be had we just know you’ll be inspired to create your very own! So let your hair loose, shake off any remaining winter blues, and turn your face to the sunshine. (And buy that plane ticket, already)!

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