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Wishing you a Happy Spring from the Workaway headquarters! 🌸

As you already know, Workaway is a website made by travellers for travellers, so we understand how real the struggle is when there’re so many hosts from 180 countries on the site, and you only have a gap year’s worth of free time (or even less)! With this in mind, we’ve introduced a new ‘My destinations‘ feature to show and access all the countries you want to visit on a world map – perfect for mapping your new adventures. Time to drop some pins of all the wonderful places you will soon be visiting!

Explore your dream destinations

Speaking of all those places you could be travelling to – there’s just something so exciting about opening up a map to visualise and plan for all the wonderful destinations you will soon find yourself in! With the new ‘My destinations‘ feature, all the countries you want to visit will be shown and can be accessed on a world map. Whether you’re wanderlusting over a whole bunch of countries at the same time, or already decided where you’ll be going and ready to hop on the next flight, this is a great way to set your plans in motion! As you start to make those travel dreams a reality, you will be able to pick the exact locations you’re most interested in visiting, as well as checking your route and planning your workaway adventures directly on your account page.


Head over to ‘My Account‘ to see an overview of your travel network:

Then click on the airplane icon to add, amend or refine your destinations – and you’re good to go!

This is not just a great way to pin point the exact cities or areas you plan to visit, but also to look for fellow workawayers who are interested in heading the same way. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding a travel buddy to volunteer and explore together<3

Let your tastebuds travel!

What’s our favourite way to learn about a local lifestyle? Food! Have you noticed a Workaway Foodie section under our blog categories? There’s nothing like a good meal that brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together and learn from each other. Whether it is sitting under a mango tree, having a picnic or a home cooked meal under your host’s roof – it all helps us to connect with each other through the language of food.

workaway cook book

Our hosts and volunteers have been cooking for each other, sharing family recipes and writing cook books to record delicious meals introduced by travellers! Learning about local lifestyles is what Workaway’s philosophy is all about. Head on over to our Workaway Foodie section to get mouthwatering recipes and learn how to make the most of your trip while traveling with dietary restrictions.

Around the world: Korea takeover!

Guess where did we put the pin on our map? Greetings from Korea…where the cherry blossom petals are snowing everywhere!

For this newsletter, we would like to give a shout-out to the Workaway couple Julie and Martino from Italy, who showed us that age is never a barrier, and that they have discovered talents in them which they never knew! Earlier this year, they visited hosts Choi and Lee in Gochang, Korea to renovate an old house:

“While all reviews from volunteers were outstanding, our future hosts warned us: “Our house is very old, so uncomfortable. We are old too, so little fun. But if you are OK, we are OK”. Assuming this comment was a reflection of extreme politeness, we replied we were ok and will never regret it.”

“Old? It depends whether we are talking Korean age or state of mind. Boring? Anything but that. Our time together was a giggle therapy, not to mention the numerous fun activities Mr. Choi and Mrs. Lee constantly surprised us with. Uncomfortable? Not at all. We were indulged with every attention, comfort and kindness throughout.

“Mr. Choi and Mrs. Lee, you are amongst the most inspiring and generous people we have ever met. Thanks for stimulating our creativity in every direction possible. Your trust turned us into the artists we never thought we could be.

You can check out their blog to read more about their travel and Workaway experiences. And don’t forget to spread the wanderlust by sharing yours too, nomads!

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