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  • about 5 min
7 Workaway adventures (+BONUS) for an unforgettable summer

Summertime is officially here, calling us to give in to our inner free spirit and let the wild side of ourselves shine! And we can't think of a better way to do this than by exploring the world and getting involved with these special Workaway adventures to make it extra unforgettable...

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  • about 6 min
Free volunteering: How to volunteer around the world without paying ridiculous agency fees

So you want to volunteer abroad? Good on you! We love that you are looking to give back. But you’ve gone online and you’ve seen some organisations CHARGE ridiculous agency fees for your kindness. How crazy is that? In fact what we are here to do is show you how you can volunteer around the world without paying a cent…

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  • about 4 min
8 ways travelling on a budget can improve your trip

Let’s face it- there’s something romantic and almost nostalgic about being poor. Think about all of the crazy adventures that begin by trying to save a little cash. Penny pinching may not sound glamorous, but the memories made while travelling on a shoestring budget will definitely be worth retelling. If you’re not convinced, here are 8 ways travelling on a budget can improve your trip and definitely earn you some backpacker badges of honour.

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