10 Festivals Around the World That Will Give You Wanderlust and Make You Smile

Sometimes in life we take ourselves too seriously, we work hard, save hard and worry too much.
I know of a secret cure for that, a way to realize what is really important, something that will make you smile, and never let you stop.
I know a way to get rid of those worries, let loose from the routine, and experience what the world is providing for us. And that (not so secret) remedy is to TRAVEL.

Now, don’t just take it from me, there are hundreds of festivals set up all around the world for that exact reason; to make you SMILE! So let’s all smile along together and discover some of the best gatherings around the globe:

1. Holi Festival — India

A festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil and a celebration of the arrival of spring and harvests to come. It’s the festival of colours, emotions, and, of course, happiness. Try throwing tons of coloured powered over each other and not smile.. Go on, dare you!
When? Beginning of March (View host list in India…)

2. Songkran Festival — Thailand

The Songkran Festival celebrates New Year’s Day in Thailand, as well as many other countries in South and Southeast Asia. Songkran AKA the world’s biggest water fight is a day full of laughs and happiness. April is Thailand’s hottest month, so there couldn’t be a better time to get out those water guns and go and spread cheer along those slippery streets.
When? Between the 13th and 15th of April each year (View host list in Thailand…)

3. New Year’s Eve — Sydney Harbour, Australia

Sydney New Year’s Eve is an annual multi-tiered event held every New Year’s Eve over Sydney Harbour, Known as the best place in the world to see the New Year fireworks display, there’s nothing quite like sipping on some champagne and witnessing the new year approaches in style!
When? 31st December (View host list in New South Wales, Australia…)

4. Mardi Gras — New Orleans, USA

Mardi Gras, meaning Fat Tuesday in French is an annual festival celebrated in New Orleans, USA. Masked and costumed riders on floats throw beads, toys, and aluminum coins called doubloons out to the crowds. Nearly 1 million people crowd the streets of New Orleans singing along to live music, drinking and spreading the love.
When? 47 days before Easter Sunday (View host list in Louisiana, USA…)

5. La Tomatina — Buñol, Spain

With no real origins of La Tomatina, it comes down to basically just an awesome 3-hour long tomato fight! Thousands of people flock to this tiny Valencian town each year to throw tons and tons of tomatoes on each other, for really, no reason at all!
When? Last Wednesday of August (View host list in Valencia, Spain…)

6. Carnaval — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dance to the beat of the Rio drums with thousands of other carnival go-ers all wearing colourful clothing and masks. One of the greatest elements of Rio Carnival is that it not only provides entertainment for many people around the world, but it also gives a chance to learn about the true culture of Brazil. Carnival is very important to the Brazilians, it sums up their way of thinking and way of life. And we like their way of thinking. So get involved.
When? Festivities begin on the Friday before Ash Wednesday (View host list in Brazil…)

7. Wanderlust Yoga Festival — Oahu, Hawaii

Wanderlust festival’s mission is to teach you to eat well, be green, practise purpose, create awareness and showcase art. It is the ultimate detox for your mind and body. Head over to Hawaii and enjoy 4 days of relaxation, yoga, surfing and white sand. We can already imagine ourselves there…
When? Between February and March each year (View host list in Hawaii…)

8. Lantern Festival — Pingxi, Taiwan

Thousands of lanterns are let off into the sky of Taiwan each year to (As legend has it) let others know that the town is safe. The Tainan Yanshui Fireworks Display (beehive of fireworks) is also celebrated to ward off evil and disease. No disease, no evil, just light and sparkles. ✨
When? Between February and March each year (View host list in Taiwan…)

9. Golden Retriever Festival — Scotland

Yes, you did read that right. A festival full of golden retriever dogs! Now going into its 14th year, this quite possibly could be the cutest festival around. Picture this; hundreds of golden retrievers (may we just add PUPPIES too) wagging their tails in a glorious Scottish meadow, purely just to make you smile. Where do we sign up (wait, does anyone have a Golden Retriever we could borrow?)
When? July each year (View host list in Scotland…)

10. The International Highline Meeting Festival — Monte Piana, Italy

This last one is for all you extreme wanderlusters out there. From a line secured between 2 mountains lie hammocks, with people in them, dangling from the sky. In fact people don’t just hang out in mid-air, they sleep there too. But it doesn’t end there, other (trained) daredevils take to walking the slack line, completely unaided. All in the name of wanderlust we say!
When? September each year (View host list in Veneto, Italy…)


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