Ranch Life, Rocky Mountains McBride, BC, Canada. Cattle, ponies and dogs.




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 Min stay requested: 1 month or more

  • Description


    When you become part of our family we want you to get an experience! NO EXPERIENCE needed, just enthusiasm!!

    Write something original, don't send me the same thing you send to everyone!

    We are looking for AUGUST! if tractors and puppies are your thing, apply! Month min stay over 18 under 100! people traveling as singles given preference :) unless same gender as our accommodation for people in a relationship is not available summer months.

    You need to be a flexible person who doesn't require a routine. We have a few daily must do items. Otherwise we rarely have plans. If we happen to make one it will be confusing also, an extremely good chance it will change 14 times before breakfast. There is very little routine, this can be a great experience learning to adapt. What you learn and what you get to do continuous changes, the longer the stay the more you will learn.

    Reasons to come to the ranch!

    1. Late night drives into McBride's convenience store to buy candy.
    2. I will take you on an unbelievable road trip featuring an exclusive car concert starring MYSELF co-staring YOU!
    3. I will let sleep with a minimum of 2 dogs, more if you want. If you don't want a dog roommate DO NOT apply.
    4. If you bug my son Wyatt enough, basically every time you see him, he knows hiking trails that you will never forget, and the average "tourist" never sees.
    5. We will allow you to cook meals for our family, from your home country!
    6. We will eat your cooking even if its gross :) with smiling faces! or the happiest we can look
    7. You will learn about our crazy mountain valley weather system and be shocked by how many seasons can happen in one day!
    8. Picking up dog poop can be a fun game; life is what you make it!
    9. We will give you an excavator bucket ride, this is a great Canadian experience that no one should miss out on.
    10. I have lots of videos and photos to show you how fun a pony, dog and cow Ranch can be in the winter!
    11. You get to walk the largest dog breed, Irish Wolfhounds!
    12. You can take a shower with at least one dog watching.
    13. You will always have a dog that will follow you to the bathroom, so you don't have to read your boring phone on the toilet. If you close the door before a dog gets in the bathroom don’t worry, it will sit outside the door and scratch it until you return!
    14. We have Puppies!
    15. We have tractors, and everyone loves tractors, if you seem responsible, we might let you try to drive one! (Must be staying longer then one month for this one)
    16. You will get to meet:
    a. Carnage ( Jack Russel) older one
    b. Mayhem ( Jack Russel) less old one
    c. Downtown Brownie Brown ( French Bulldog) Very damaged dog previously abused, not the most stable animal.
    d. Naked Ned ( Chinese Crested) Nedwin is the ugly until you look at him long enough then he turns cute!
    e. Mugzy ( a very nice and misunderstood breed ) You to come to find our what breed he is. His background story was on local news when he was seized by previous people.who had him in an animal cruelty case ( he shows the amazing love a dog can have and how forgiving they are to humans)
    f. Molly ( Boston Terrier x French Bulldog) she is living her dream and becoming a farm dog.
    g. Blue-Bert ( who is a girl) (Boston Terrier)
    h. Kramer or Kray Kray ( don’t worry hes not a rapper) (Boston Terrier)
    I. Olive (Boston Terrier) will never stop bothering you because she loves to fetch so much.
    m. Wolfie (Irish Wolfhound)
    n. Luna (Irish Wolf hound)
    0. Bella ( Irish Wolfhound)
    p. Missy, well you see she was cute and I
    clearly have a problem and a way to
    loving husband as he didn’t even flinch
    when I mentioned another dog!
    sharpei x
    17. You will enjoy all dogs except Downtown Brownie Brown, as she is possibly an alien, she takes items from around the house and hides it under the table (we assume to repair a crashed space ship somewhere ) , she also is known to try and sample leg meat. Don't worry we put bells on her collar so she can hear where she is, the sound of bells might make you scared for a while after you leave the ranch. She is our longest rehab project and when we got her it took me 6 weeks to pet her, she still rarely lets others touch her.
    18. We will make you feel like family, real family no faking here!
    19. You could get a chance to drive a Shetland pony!
    21. We have some cows you can pet, and some you should never pet, I will let you know who they are!
    23. I just lost part of my finger in a weird accident sorting cattle ( fingertip ground off in a gate and a dog ate it) and you should want to come here and help me out It will be very much appreciated.
    24. I have ponies needing love and brushing, I need some help as the partial amputation accident has slowed me down.
    25. Finally, I will let you help me judge other workaway profiles. Just like our current workaways get to judge you!

    We are not vegetarian but we love having them here, it doesn't scare us, due to where we live its pretty remote, we do not have the best selection of food for vegans and they end up on a vegetarian diet. We also try and make everyone try some ethically raised home grown food.

    If you love photography this is an amazing place to be! If you are good at photography, I always love to learn more things! My camera is a cannon t7i :)

    Contact me and I will send you links to our 2016 and 2017 workaways videos! I also have Videos of our amazing dogs!
    We plan, and there is very little routine, what you learn and what you get to do continuous changes, the longer the stay the more you will learn. 2018 photos were sadly lost in a hard drive failure :(


    Puppies and tractors! We need puppy cuddlers and will be spending a lot of hours trying to get hay up for the winter.

    Projects we have EVERY single year, we always have fences ton fix and repair as the elk basically destroy a lot of them trying to get to our hay for the cows. It is such an important job to not only us but the cattle as the Elk can be quite aggressive when they decided to come in and steal the hay, as the first thing they do is beat up my cows 😟

    The dogs are still a huge part of the ranch! dog walks, dog cuddles and dog naps! We take our dogs on daily walks and this is a great way to explore out 460-acre property.

    Don't forget, trips to Jasper, local hiking clubs, seeking bears, moose, deer and other wildlife. Working holiday Visa are recommended as our record holder planned one month and stayed 9 and a half (with plans to return in 2019) She just came for a 2 week visit and is coming back again this summer :)

    In the past few months we have had Australia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Czech, France the USA and Holland, New Zealand We are looking forward to meeting you next!

    To volunteer here you need to be a person who loves dogs! Not normal type of I love dogs, dogs are cool! but really love everything about them! Even when they are bad. Things like 9 dogs staring at you when you eat at the table not bothering you kind of dog love, or you don't mind sharing your bed with a dog that believes you are a guest staying in her room, how about being followed to the bathroom most of the time. you need to be the type who sees dog hair as a fashion accessory. I don't think I can truly put into words the dog person you need to be! We do have some dogs that are a wee bit emotionally damaged and one that is very damaged, they are a bit different then the regular house dog but we love them anyways and I am positive most people would have given up on them long ago, not being first owners of them, I know many have written some of my pack, but I love them for the crazy doggos they are <3

    We have dogs from Irish Wolfhound to Boston Terriers and one tiny but rather obnoxious Boston Terriers. We have puppies a few times a year and will enjoy help with them. Cleaning up, feeding and most important cuddling! Picture a crazy cat ladies love of cats and exchange that love towards dogs <3 (honestly dogs are way better then cats anyway)

    We have ponies and horses, so if you've not done a lot with either, this could be the place for you! We love people getting to live out life long or childhood dreams of working with and learning about the ponies. Working with the horses and ponies is generally for longer term commitments, of one month or more. If you are self directed and can work ponies and horses with little to no supervision, we will have a spot for you! You have to let me know if this is an area of interest as it not part of the workaway experience, it is more of a side thing where I get an opportunity to pass along the things others have passed on to me. We will be training ponies as soon as we have snow! that means once they are good enough we will be skijoring with ponies and using the sleigh! always a fun time in the winter! Driving in the winter has been added to the experience. This is weather dependent as I like to train the ponies in snow.

    We'd love to have people who are interested in taking photos, nature animals and less about hanging out indoors watching their phone of playing video games.

    *️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️We are a No drinking, Smoking or drug environment. *️️️️️️*️️️️️️*️️️️️️This is not up for negotiation , If your life requires you to do any of these, don't apply. ** If your caught doing any of these you will be asked to leave. *️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️
    Our workaways tend to be in their early 20's to their mid 40's Ish, especially if they are nerdy, crazy or possibly have an unhealthy love of dogs, and want to learn about ranching, cattle, ponies and all the work and fun that goes into it! We seek people who want to be a part of a ranch and family and not just a person visiting a ranch. We want people to feel at home when they are here and when they leave feel like they have a ranch family in Canada they can visit anytime!

    Now a bit about us!
    My name is Leah and my husband are John, and we would like to invite you to join our family of 4!

    I'll start off with a bit about myself: I spend a lot of time with the ponies, we raise and train Shetland Ponies to drive. Shetlands have been in my family my entire life! They are neat little ponies, the ones that are too young to start training, we are going to try and do some leading over obstacles, and other stuff that will make them amazing ponies for people in the future! Most of the pony work is done when it is not tractor season.

    I also have 3 highly dedicated dogs that follow me everywhere and have no interest in anyone but me, flattering and a touch annoying all in one :)

    I have a love for the tractors, its one of my favorite things, nothing like hours of singing in a tractor driving in a circle to perk up a day! I am also a fan of making every drive into a road trip and have amazing car Karaoke skills, even if you don't like to sing in the car, a few trips with me you'll be a BIG fan!

    *️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️It has been mentioned but I need to make sure you can handle the dogs! If you come to the ranch, loving dogs is a must! You can not just like dogs,you must love them ! I'll apologize now, the dogs have a little trouble understanding personal space, but they are very friendly. From Wolfhound to tiny Boston Terriers, these are my ranch dogs and they are all always up for a hike or an adventure!*️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️

    My husband, John, works on the ranch, he also has a lot of amazing projects and will really teach you a lot if you show an interest from welding to equipment operating. He is a very fun guy to work with!

    We have 2 of our 5 kids still at home:

    Wyatt is 18 just graduated high school. He loves computers and has even started a YouTube channel! He has a unique way of explaining what its likes like to grow up on a ranch, its extremely funny. He fixes everything from tractors to dirt bikes here. He also likes snowboarding, long boarding, and riding quads and dirt bikes. He is our current driver on this winter road trips to Jasper skiing! He is a great kid always up for a road trip, but you must agree to a lot of loud singing in the car! Wyatt will be here at the ranch, he is amazing at operating all the haying machinery. He also runs his own business of traffic Control for accident scenes or vehicle recovery (like the stuff you see on the show Highway thru Hell)

    Tyler is 15 and in grade 11 this year, once you meet him you will think is much older. He is a top mechanic here and can fix just about anything! A lover of Snowboarding, Dirt bikes, snow mobiles, making old lawn tractors into racing machines! He has his own shop at the ranch and so you know now, don't take his tools. Outgoing and funny this kid is never a dull moment!

    Wyatt and Tyler live with full time and truly are what you'd picture when you think of hard-working responsible farm kids! These are very funny brothers from dirt bikes everywhere to spending most of the money they earn fixing what never dirt bike, sled, or vehicle they rolled, dropped or land wrong with. If they ask you to video in the summer always ask what I you are videoing. As taking down wasp nests is NOT a good one to do!! Haha even I learned that the hard way!

    Now for our Part time here Kids 100 % Ranch Raised and taking on the world!!

    Cole is 19 and has moved to Alberta, he is on a bit of what next journey, but I am positive it will all work out the way it was meant to. He is a hard-working young man that I am positive will excel in whatever path life takes him. He has just taken his class 1 (Highway Tractor Trailer Drivers license and can now explore north America from the seat of a truck)

    Alyssa 19 who is currently working in a flexible job that allows her to come out and visit once a month for about a week. She is another one that would be happy to take you out for a drive, a hike or horse back riding. She will take some time enjoying not being in school before applying for the RCMP in a year or 2. Please encourage her to travel or maybe look at workaway in other countries, I have seen so much growth in the people who have come to stay with us, I wish all my kids would travel and see the world from this very unique perspective!!

    Jessica 19 (Alyssa's twin sister) who also graduated this year, she has started her first year of nursing and is doing amazing, I can honestly say I am beyond proud of how well she is doing in a very challenging course while holding down a part time job!

    We are a typical ranching family and we want you to experience what ranch life, By that, I mean we do work, we love projects, This isn't a vacation ranch, we work together to complete projects, our animals' welfare and safety comes first. If a cow or calf needs care, or if the animals need to be fed, we take care of them before ourselves. We are people who love what we do and where we live, we have a true love and passion for our lifestyle.

    So, if your up for some fun, being part of a big family and learning ranch life! This is the place for you! Everyone who comes is thought of as family. We are maybe best described as a hard-working family, that has artsy, nerdy and musical tendencies, do not worry about not fitting in as we are very accepting and as long as you are enjoying what you are learning (and trust me you can learn a lot)

    2018 was our third year being a host and so far, we are LOVING the experience! I feel free to encourage my kids to travel and explore the world this way!

    We do not require horse or pony experience but if you do want to work with them, not being terrified of them is a must! If you are nervous you will find our ponies to be great confidence boosters. Our ponies are driven, (most of our driving training is done in the winter months) we do have a lot of youngsters who just need brushing and more hands on interaction. They need to get used to people and we encourage our new family (you) to spend time learning this new skill. Most go to be children ponies so don't worry about doing something wrong, ponies are very forgiving animals.

    What could be better than sitting in the foal field looking at the mountains waiting for a curious foal to get brave enough to sniff your arm? Once that happens within a few days, you end up with a new best friend!

    Depending on when you come, we could be doing anything from calving (season starts in March) to haying and harvest starting in mid July. Fall 2018 was spent making a fence to keep the elk out of our hay, this winter we have workaways over the winter season, new for us but still fun! We are doing skijoring but using a larger kick-sled and ponies not dogs!
    You MUST have a EXTREMELY competent understanding of the English language. Due to the farming/ranching environment, we need to make sure you understand what we are asking of you with your daily tasks. We welcome people wanting to improve their English, but please understand the English language. On a ranch, sometimes things need to be quickly explained, and knowing English becomes a safety issue.

    If you already know how to ride (had formal lessons or grew up riding) we have a couple young, but trained, horses that need more time on them. If you commit to a longer stay (2 months or more), I'd love to work with you and teach you about driving and riding if you don't have experience. It takes a lot of time to teach a person to ride, and to be safe.

    If you have old injuries that bother you, this is *️️️️️️*️️️️️️NOT *️️️️️️*️️️️️️ the place for you. Everything from working with the ponies to helping with farm work involves a level of physical health. You don't need to be an athlete, you don't have to be overly fit, you just need to be healthy and uninjured.

    Now for our MANDITORY screening question.... This must be answered in your message to me so I know you are not copy and pasting me the same message you are sending everyone.

    One of the dogs has pooped on the floor what do you do?
    A) Announce to everyone that a dog has pooped on the floor, and walk around it.
    B) Announce a dog has pooped on the floor but then pick it up anyways.
    C) Just pick it up and carry on with your day

    C is the preferred answer, however, will also accept B as the poop will be picked up. If you picked A this is not the place for you.
    If you got this question correct please apply for a time you unlike any other and experience things you will never forget.

    If you have allergies to animals or the things in your environment, this is *️️️️️️*️️️️️️NOT*️️️️️️*️️️️️️ the place for you. We are only 5 minutes from the town of McBride, and we can host up to 3 people, but it might be easier to schedule if they come as one from each location because we are finding people's time overlaps. Plus, you will also get the chance to meet people from other countries!

    We have tons of wildlife in our area; elk, deer, moose, and if you're lucky, you might even get to see the coyotes or black bear!

    We have added to our truck insurance so workaway volunteers can drive our vehicles, so there is POTENTIAL that you could use a truck to occasionally explore the area on your own. We can potentially supply a vehicle, but not supplying fuel for trips. THIS IS OFFERED TO LONGER TERM WORKAWAYS ONLY.
    We do not normally accept any couples, we find people traveling together have been in the past hard to separate for tasks. So, if you're travelling together... you'll need to sell me on it... we have decided no couples in relationships. However, some Exceptions have been made.

    Extra note: We tend to take workaways around the age of 20 and older (flexible a couple years younger) I don't have much time to show people how to operate washing machines, and cook you every meal, breakfast and lunch we usually have a dinner together. We are looking for people who are very independent in the life skills department. We have just not had a ton of luck with people in the 18 - 19 age range, but if you independent and can care for yourself feel free to apply.

  • Type of help

    Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Charity work
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    Cultural exchange and learning opportunities


    There is so many attractions in the area, such as hiking, local museum, we are close to Jasper National Park (ok once you are here we are Canada close 1.5 hours from Jasper), white water rafting, the Ancient Forest, and Mount Robson.

    We are willing to help with transport for people who make a long term commitment to go see these nearby attractions. Our local community is also great for taking workaway volunteers if they are travelling. It's a great way to meet more people and get a feel for rural small town Canada!

  • Help



    Fencing!! We always are fixing fences, but if you ever have to help fix or build a fence the most beautiful place in Canada is the place to do it!

    A dog lover to spend time walking the dogs, helping with feeding and loving on them, I have a video our dogs if youd like to have a preview of who they are!

    A pony brusher, hoof picker and lover of the small ones, we have a need for someone who'd like to spend time doing groundwork with our youngsters.

    First off; schedules. Those are not always going to happen, we make plans, something happens and the plan never seems to happen, If you are a person who expects certain hours and to volunteer the same hours everyday, you may not enjoy the spontaneousness of ranch life. We have some tasks we can predict, but many more that we can't. If cows escape and you're here, you'd be expected to help even if your hours are done for the day. If you start working a pony and he is being a brat and takes you over the hours, we need to work the pony until we can end on a positive note. That being said we'd never had an issue.


    I apologize for my late replies, I have pretty busy but I promise I will reply to all messages sent!

    If it shows read email and hasn't been replied to, someone probably read it and didn't tell me, please feel free to just send another quick note your still looking.

    Doesn't matter, you will get a chance to cook when you are here! Especially in the summer months when we are super busy we'd sure enjoys someone who'd love to help prepare meals, Dinners mainly the rest of the time is fend for yourself!

    If you are good at meal prep, we'd love to have you here! And and all times of the year, this is always a bonus skill that we welcome.

    HOUSE: you will be expected to help keep the house clean, not spotless, but we are not interested in people who only add to the mess. We get very busy in the non snowy months and you have no idea how much thinks like making sure the counters are cleaned off and dishes are done, everyone is part of this, a real family atmosphere.

    Last 3 years of workaway volunteers had very little, to no horse experience, but they did amazingly! Everything from helping trim hooves, teaching the young ponies to lead, riding and driving training!

    Overall, I was beyond impressed with the enthusiasm of our non-horsey crew this year! A long term commitment is required for help with the ponies (driving and riding). The ponies can always use a brushing or a walk no matter how long you stay!

    Fixing and painting fences, general clean up, brushing ponies, are all usual tasks for this time of year, along with helping with cattle, walking through and checking on the mamas and calves, and help chopping firewood. Although riding is more of a leisure activity for our family, I can't 100% guarantee you'll get to ride the horses or drive the ponies.

    Any help in the house is beyond appreciated. Its guarenteed you'll be a favorite! As part of the family, you'll also get normal family chores, some house stuff will be required because we want to share our family and farming lifestyle with people. We are excited to be in the program!

  • Languages spoken

    Languages spoken


  • Accommodation


    We have 2 motorhomes available for our volunteers with cooking facilities and easy access to laundry and showers. Shared accommodations.
    Three meals a day supplied, plus whatever you can find in the cupboards. We make bigger shopping trips every few weeks and try to pick up some of your favorites.

    For winter, we have 2 room downstairs in our house, so room may be shared, but who doesn't love bunk beds!

    We have internet, but we do not have UNLIMITED internet. We have expensive, crappy satellite internet, so it has to be used responsibly. The library i has great internet and less than 5 minutes away. Internet usage here is very limited, so contacting families or checking emails, or using social media needs to be done at the local library or recreation center.

  • What else ...

    What else ...

    We have added to our insurance so workaway volunteers can drive our vehicles, so there is potential that you could use a truck to occasionally explore the area on your own. We can potentially supply a vehicle, but not fuel for trips. ( short local trip fuel may be supplied )

  • A little more information

    A little more information

    • Internet access

    • Limited internet access

      Limited internet access

    • We have pets

    • We are smokers

  • How many Workawayers can stay?

    How many Workawayers can stay?

    More than two

  • ...

    Hours expected

    flexible 5 hours... some days are half days some days are longer...max 25 hours

We have a few litters a puppies a year and attending a puppy party is one of the best things!
Mugz is the ranch boss and always a favorite
The dogs are a part of everyday life here, you must love dogs!
460 acres of working ranch, I love where I love and would love to share it with you!
You don't need horse experience longer term stays will get some :)
Every few years we do square bales, and this was the year!
Trip to Jasper on days off! Alyssa was the tour guide!
Overnight Hike, Wyatt tour guide on this one, he loves the over night hikes the best!
We know learning to drive tractors is hard, but it bridges to other skills like fixing fences!
Starting in about mid September if you are willing to stay up late you could see northern lights, January is the optimum time tho.

Host ref number: 879157789933