Help with daily life and animal care near Kaiserslautern, Germany

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    Hey everyone!
    My name is Pia, but I prefer to go by Juniper, or June (31 yrs old - she/her), and I am a German and American citizen living in a small village in Rheinland Pfalz, Germany, with my 5 pets, and my mother.

    In December of 2022 we moved into a lovely 6-bedroom house here in Trippstadt, Germany (close to the city of Kaiserslautern) and we have since been hosting folks here through work away and have really enjoyed it. Before I get into more details I would like to say that although we are just a 4-minute drive to the university area of Kaiserslautern and only 10 minute's drive away from the main train station (Kaiserslautern Hbf), this is still a very rural area. There is a bus stop in walking distance from the house (about 5 minutes walk) which can take you to town in about 10-20 minutes but the "village" we live in is really just a collection of a few houses, with sheep and horses for neighbors and lots of forest paths to walk through. The closest store is near the Uni area (a 4-minute drive away).

    Ok so as I said, we mostly need help with daily housekeeping/cleaning, cooking/meal prep, animal care, maybe a few errands, and gardening/garden maintenance - we have a few specialty DIY projects we'd like to work on, and I love arts and crafts. I have a more detailed list of daily chores listed below and we would appreciate people who pay attention to detail and really care about what they are doing - the work doesn't take up much of your time at all, way less than 20 hours a week, but we would like it to be done right and with care :)

    Next, let me introduce you to your would-be housemates / my mini "zoo":

    Milo is a three-year-old Australian Shepherd and my service dog, though he really just acts like a normal dog most of the time (one who has been trained to help me when needed). He's a high-energy, crazy, smart, stubborn, loving doggo - in a bit of a rebellious "teenage" phase at the moment but very sweet all in all. You definitely shouldn't be expecting a calm or timid dog though and should be comfortable with a very playful, talkative (barkative? lol), and happy dog. Recently we have had some reactivity issues on walks where he might bark and pull and we are working on it as it seems to be protection-based reactivity (he's a pandemic puppy so socialization has been hard) but its also very random. I hope this won't scare you away because as anyone who knows him will tell you he is such a sweetie pie - if his reactivity issues don't get better he won't be able to work as a service dog though, but he will continue to be our loved, mischievous, handsome boy anyway but for now we are still hopeful he'll grow out of it! Still, if you are afraid of dogs I don't think this is the right house for you as we also often have friends visit with big dogs here too.

    Benny, the beautiful beige pug that you can see in my photos, was my 13-year-old boy, who sadly passed away at the end of July 2023… ❤️I don't have the heart to take his photos down yet... The little black puggo you see in the photos is Mojito... who we unexpectedly (in late September 2023), ended up seeing and then adopting from a pug rescue here in Germany (Mops In Not) - his full name is Mojito B. Franz, but we just call him Mojito or Moji for short. Mojito is turning two in November 2023 and is a healthy, rambunctious little guy - shy at first but really sweet once he warms up to you, he's got his own little quirks and is only now starting to show us his full personality but it has been wonderful having him around - him and Milo play a lot! It has been great getting to know him and having him become a part of our little family.

    Then there are the spice cats - Cinnamon, Pumpkin, and Nutmeg, rescued together about two years ago, these orange Persians came from a hoarding situation. They are still quite shy having been through such a terrible situation so it takes a while for them to warm up to people - well, at least it takes the girls Nutmeg and Pumpkin a while - Mr. Cinnamon can be a bit more adventurous/feisty. I may occasionally need some help grooming them as they can be a bit tough to catch/hold on to. They love their morning and evening treats, their window box (which sadly has to be closed a lot of the winter), and Cinnamon loves drinking water from the faucet.

    One of the main reasons for the move into this house with my mom is my health. I am disabled and have been struggling a bit to live on my own as my illness gets worse. I have limited energy on a daily basis and I'd like to be able to spend that energy on things that bring me joy rather than burning out trying to keep the house clean, so that is a big reason why we'd love some help. I do not need any help with personal care or anything like that, just around the house, in the yard, and with the animals. My mom works full time and is gone 12 hours a day Mon - Fri - so you can understand why she doesn't have the time to be responsible for all the rest either.

    I want to say straight away that my house is LGBTQ+ friendly and I believe in BLM. I am fully vaccinated, as is my mother. I am also immune-compromised so we expect you to be fully vaccinated and safe (regardless of what regulations are in place). We are tolerant of all religions and expect those that visit to be the same. I care about equality and want this to be a safe space. Open and honest communication is important to me - I'd rather try and over-communicate something (if you can't tell by my profile lol) than under-communicate and I don't believe in "beating around the bush" It's better to be direct than be misunderstood (though we always strive to be kind in this house and also believe in the rule of treating others how you wish to be treated). There are a few house rules, always be kind and respectful to all, including the animals - we do not do negative reinforcement in this house (but we do set boundaries), and the cats are not allowed outside so be mindful of closing doors behind you. My animals are my world, if you mistreat them in any way you will be asked to leave though I'm sure this won't be an issue :D Parties are also not allowed in the house (small gatherings are fine if discussed beforehand), and neither is excessive drinking. I feel I shouldn't have to say it but illegal drugs are not allowed either and will not be tolerated... In general, we do expect you to be mostly sober, on most days (I mean you can go out and party on your days off just be respectful of the house / your housemates / the animals, etc). Smoking is only allowed outside, away from the animals, and with any cigarette butts properly disposed of. Littering is not ok :)

    I am home a lot and prefer to have a quiet/peaceful home. I like to chill in the yard, on the couch, in the kitchen. I don't mind if you chill with me :) There is no set daily schedule here and that includes no set work schedule - we don't usually rush in this house (unless we are late to appointments - which does happen a bit because ADHD), and I think in general we are pretty laid back about things - there is a chores list, usually I mark chores that need to be done, or we just discuss what needs to be done and work things out - basically family life :)

    For entertainment in the house we currently share a TV in the living room which has Netflix, Prime, and Disney, along with a PS4 and some games - I enjoy watching TV/movies pretty regularly, reading, writing, and sometimes playing games (card games, board games, tabletop, PC, and PS4). I enjoy theater, LARP, and fantasy/fiction in general. I like hiking when my body lets me. I love to swim and we have some great pools and lakes nearby. We have a pool in the garden for the summer when its warm enough to use it (as of Aug 2023 its being emptied for the winter). Hmm, what else, I have a BA in Anthropology and a minor in creative writing. Pursuing a Masters in Archaeology starting Feb 2024. I have a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and I am a self-published author of two children's books and a book of poetry and illustration. I have worked as a barista, and in the hospitality industry for a big hotel chain. I've lived in 3 different countries (US, UK, and DE) and I've traveled to over 18 (my favorite so far is Thailand). I'm happy to share (and sometimes overshare) life stories.

    My mother is awesome / very welcoming and kind, my friends all think she's the "cool mom" but for real. She grew up in Germany and married an American (hence my dual citizenship). She enjoys hiking, swimming, and ballooning. She's a pretty good cook (can teach you some German recipes) and can teach you a lot about growing up in Germany / life in Germany and what it's like to be an immigrant in the US. She works as a secretary but has also worked in the automotive, hospitality, and construction business. She speaks German and English like me.

    My dad is currently in the US but sometimes visits with his dog Josie, who is a great dog but she doesn't get along with my dogs so they have to be kept separate when they do visit (easy enough as the downstairs is separate from the upstairs).

    We'd love to learn more about gardening, foraging (the house is right next to the woods), and cooking (especially about veggie / anti-inflammatory diets). Our landlady is awesome, she has so much knowledge, she lives next door and her family is very welcoming (they really only speak German though), she keeps sheep, she bakes, she's really just great all around and her husband is really nice too and he is an expert on Mushrooms - so he could teach you a lot there. We like to bake occasionally. In terms of food we are a sort of semi-veggie household but we do eat poultry and fish (almost no beef or pork). My pups occasionally get meat treats and bones / they do get beef/pork.

    For now, we have one car and two bikes, might get a second car soon. As mentioned above we are in a very, very, small village but there are busses and trains nearby. This area is great for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and swimming (lakes and pools, and saunas), and there are a few castle ruins and historical landmarks. There is a mall about a 15-minute car ride away in downtown Kaiserslautern (along with a bunch of other shops, some bars, restaurants, clubs, etc) and we have a movie theater with English and German movies.

  • Types of help and learning opportunities

    Types of help and learning opportunities

    Art Projects
    DIY and building projects
    Animal Care
    Farmstay help
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Help around the house
    General Maintenance
  • Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    As mentioned above I speak English, and German and have dabbled in a few other languages. I am a TEFL teacher, author, and researcher. I'll be happy to explore/introduce some of the local areas with you or exchange travel stories - I've traveled through a lot of Europe, and a few other places. I've lived in Scotland, Germany, and the US before. We live right next to the woods so great for hiking/walking/foraging. There are pools, castles, and lakes nearby. There is a big American community here too because of the Air Base nearby. You can learn more about (mostly) German family life/language practice. We can also visit my German family near Heidelberg for a more traditional German family experience (rather than mixed German / American lol) and can check out Heidelberg castle/downtown if you wish. In general, we don't mind showing you around the area (though gas prices are very high right now so depending on budget).

  • Help


    Its mainly house keeping/animal care... here are some examples of the chores:

    Dishes (load /unload the dishwasher)
    Tidy the kitchen / living room
    Clean kitchen surfaces as needed
    Replace / Wash blankets on couch
    Laundry (washing / folding)
    Preparing dinner
    Make Benny's bed & fresh water
    Rinse out / Refresh pet water bowls
    Clean cat litter boxes
    Check cat food bowls are full / clean
    Check plants / Water as needed
    Firewood & Ash (seasonal)
    Vaccum and mop floors
    Dusting / Spot cleaning
    Take out trash
    Spot clean bathrooms
    Wash / Refresh bedding
    Wash pet food bowls
    Check Feliway diffusers (monthly)
    Deep clean litter boxes (3 x a year)
    Deep clean bathrooms (6 x a year)
    Dusting / Spot cleaning windows
    Deep clean oven / Microwave
    Gardening / Lawncare (seasonal)

    - Occasionally / maybe helping unpack and organize as we've just moved into the house two months ago.

    - Dog walkies with Milo & Mojito (if you can handle two dogs at once, otherwise just Milo) and playing with them.

    - cooking/baking occasionally

    - help here and there feeding the pets (though I can usually manage this on my own)

    - help with groceries and other errands

    Other things may pop up now and again tbd but that is the basics.

    Special Projects:

    - if possible I'd love to build a larger catio out back so anyone with carpenter/woodworking skills would be very welcome!

    We don't really measure the "time" it takes to do these things but it probably averages around 20 hours a week

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    French: Beginner

    This host offers a language exchange
    I speak English and German - I have a TEFL certification and have experience teaching English and tutoring spoken German (not German grammar). I am interested in learning French, Chinese, and Japanese.

  • Accommodation


    Our main guest room, which is what we mostly use for people we host, is a nicely sized private room with a single/twin "nook bed" (built into the wall). It also has a small table, some chairs, a bookshelf, and a built-in closet. It is upstairs next to the shared toilet (shared with my mother and any other guests we may have). Alternatively, if needed we can also offer up our sewing room (also upstairs) which has a queen size bed but we generally like to keep this for friends or family that might visit... however, this bed is longer so it is what we have for our taller guests (I'd say anyone above 5'8'' or so as the nook bed is built for smaller folks). There is a desk and chair you can use in this room along with some shelving. There are two bathrooms in the house (two showers, two toilets, and one tub) and they are shared. Food is included (what we eat/have in the house is shared, for special meals or eating out that is TBD, and any specialty food items you like to have around just for yourself you'll have to buy yourself). We would prefer to have people who are traveling/visiting and do not want people "registering" our address as their official residence with the government. Thank you.

  • What else ...

    What else ...

    Things to do:
    - we recently got a garden pool which can be used in the summer months
    - hiking/walking in the woods/fields
    - biking
    - swimming (pools and lakes - if you like to swim, bring your suit as we like to go to the indoor / outdoor pools)
    - a downtown area nearby (6 min by car to the city, maybe 10 to the city center, and about 20 min by bus) with shops, a mall, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, markets, etc.
    - movie theater (English and German movies)
    - historical sites (castles, ruins, etc.)
    - horseback riding
    - sheep near by

  • A little more information

    A little more information

    • Internet access

    • Limited internet access

      Limited internet access

    • We have pets

    • We are smokers

    • Can host families

  • Can host digital nomads

    Can host digital nomads

    We have satellite wifi (Starlink) - it is very fast in the kitchen and relatively fast throughout the rest of the house too. I just did two speed tests about 10 minutes apart: first was 81.2 Mbps download and the second 130.0 Mbps download speed

  • Space for parking camper vans

    Space for parking camper vans

    We've got space for a van outside the house, no special hook ups.

  • Can possibly accept pets

    Can possibly accept pets

    I’m leaning towards no because we have so many ourselves lol but this could potentially be discussed - it’s fine if you’re staying in a camper van - we can maybe accept another dog, but definitely no cats (I think it would be too stressful for mine), other pets TBD.

  • How many Workawayers can stay?

    How many Workawayers can stay?


  • ...

    Hours expected

    Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week

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