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FAQ for: Workawayers | Hosts

By clicking the "PayPal" or "Credit Card" button after filling in your details and creating your profile on the Workawayer sign up page.

No, it is up to the volunteer to find out about any visa requirements depending on the country they are from and the country they are visiting. All volunteers must obtain the relevant visa (Working , Volunteering or otherwise) for the country they are travelling to.
Couple accounts are for friends, families (with children under 18 years old) or partners who ALWAYS travel and volunteer together. If you plan to travel together for only part of your trip it is best to buy two single accounts and then link them together within your profiles.
2 weeks before your subscription ends you will receive an email reminding you to renew, and a message in your profile. Click on this link to pay and extend your membership for another year at a discounted rate.
No they are not. You will be sent two reminders. However if you choose not to renew you will not be charged again.

If you tried to pay with PayPal you will need to contact them directly if your payment is refused.

If you tried to pay directly with a card, most credit and debit cards are accepted, however American Express cards cannot be processed and some debit cards that do not have a CVV code on the back will not be accepted.

We would advise using PayPal if your card cannot be processed.

Yes, of course! When you sign up as a Workawayer you can access the host list for 1 year and contact host families, NGO's or projects directly to volunteer and offer your services. Workaway is a cultural exchange, you offer a few hours of volunteering in exchange of food and accommodation. When signing up as a family kids do not pay if they are under 18. You can create a couple account and add info in your listing saying that you are travelling as a family. If you are a single parent with children under 18 you can use a single type account. There are plenty of hosts that receive families especially the ones that have children too.

If you have a code that you received as a gift, add your details and sign up here: 

When you go to the payment page, you can click the paypal option or input your code.

We don'™t accept payment by Western Union. PayPal is the easiest way to send payment. 

Registration lasts for 1 year. It starts from the date the money is received.
Your profile and all the information in it will still be active and available to you on Workaway. Once you decide that you want to contact hosts again just follow the payment advice in your profile.

Once you are logged-in, all options for privacy can be found here in your profile.

When you click the "Keep my profile private" check box only logged in hosts will be able to see your photos and the information you write in your profile.

You can opt out of any search engine searches by clicking a check box in your privacy options.

For more information about our privacy policy, see our Data protection page.

We never reveal email addresses or your personal information to any third party. We do not sell on your information or use it in any way to target advertising.

We only use your information to enable you to contact hosts and volunteer throughout the world.

For more information, take a look at our Data protection policy.

Check our facebook page (we have over 250,000 likes)

Also go to the feedback link on the front page of the site and click "Show more". Here you can see thousands of feedbacks written by Workawayers and hosts who have used the site.

At Workaway we strive to provide our members with the right tools to make informed decisions regarding who they interact with online and in real life. We don't routinely perform background checks on Workaway accounts - though we do reserve the right to. Workaway is a tool to facilitate contact. We do not act as agents.
Sometimes for whatever reason an exchange may not work out as you were expecting. For minor issues we encourage you to take a step back and think whether it's down to cultural differences, miscommunication or unreasonable expectations from either party. It is always an advantage to stay calm and if things didn't work out try and be philosophical about it. Remember either party can decide to finish the arrangement at any point. We also highly recommend that you have a back up plan (as you should in any travel situation) If however you think the situation is serious and puts either the volunteer or host at risk then we want to hear about it and we will investigate both sides of the story and take action if we deem it appropriate. Please remember that Workaway only provides a platform to allow users to contact each other either to offer their help or to invite a helper to come and stay. Any arrangement and agreement made is your responsibility.
Go to the "Photos + Video" tab ( found on your "My account" page) when logged in and follow the online instructions. It is essential you have uploaded a good photo when contacting hosts. It's the first impression they get of you and influences greatly their decision on whether to invite you or not.

To upgrade to a couple account login to your profile and go to the "Upgrade to a joint account" link. When you upgrade to a couple account, your subscription ends 1 year from the date you originally signed up (not from when you upgraded)

Remember, you should only get a couple profile if you will always be travelling together, it's not possible to apply to hosts for just one person from a couple profile.

Go to the 'My account' tab within your profile and then to 'Pause / deactivate my account'. If you wish to turn your profile back on, simply choose 'Reactivate my account' from the same menu. If you are a host you also have the option to choose a date for your profile to be automatically reactivated.

By logging into your profile and going to the feedback tab on your "My account" page. Here you can search for the host or workawayer using username, name or email address. Once on the correct profile scroll to the bottom and leave your comments. We will verify feedback before it is put online.

Please note we will not publish insulting feedback, try to be constructive in anything you write.

Please check that emails are not going to your junk or spam and that and addresses from and are set to safe addresses via your email client.

All messages sent to you should arrive in your Workaway inbox AND your email. If you still think there is a problem let us know and we can cross check the emails that are already in your inbox for you.

Once feedback has been left it is non editable. Please make sure that the feedback you leave is the feedback you want published! Please note: We do not publish insulting feedback.

This is how you indicate to hosts that you are travelling with another workawayer for a while:

After signing in, click on the "Connect your profile" button, and enter the USERNAME of the workawayer you want to connect your profile with.

An email will be sent to the second workawayer to confirm that they wish to have their profile connected to yours. Once they have responded and given permission your profiles will appear connected.

When you decide that you will not be travelling together, you easily can separate your profiles by clicking on the "disconnect profiles" link on your "My account" page next to the picture of the workawayer that your profile is joined to.

Make sure that localisation services are activated. There are also settings for localisation by GPS and/or using WiFi networks. At least one of these has to be active. On Android: Settings > Localization ... On Apple iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services

If you are a host this is very simple; you just have to log in, go to Photo Album, then click on the button "Make this my profile photo" above the photo you want to choose.

If you are a workawayer, you just have to go to the "Photo + Video" tab and click on the option to upload your profile photo.

If our system detects the same message being sent out repeatedly it will get marked as spam and you may be automatically put offline. Therefore, please make sure that you write personalised messages to anyone that you contact through the site.
You can change your account from a couple to a single, but if you decide that you need a couple account again with another person who is not currently listed on the account you will need to pay to upgrade it. To do this sign in to your profile, then go to your 'My account' tab and choose the 'Change to single account' option.
If parts of the site seem to not be working, it's worth deactivating any browser extensions or add ons that you might be running because these can sometimes interfere. Try with another browser or device to see if you can isolate the problem.
If you have sent multiple copy/pasted or numerous one line messages it's possible that your profile will have been put offline by our spam filter. We ask that users of Workaway do not copy/paste messages, please make sure that you write a personal message to hosts expressing why you are interested in visiting them and how your skills can help them. If your profile has been put offline by the spam filter it will be 3 hours before it is put back online by the system.

Usually this issue is caused by your browser's settings.

We'd suggest trying a different browser to see if the icons are showing correctly.

If the problem persists:

- Make sure your browser's extensions are not blocking webfonts (noscript, ublock or adblockplus, etc.)

- You should also check your operating system's settings to ensure that webfonts are not being blocked.

First of all make sure you are logged in to your profile.

Usernames can then be found by clicking on your profile image to enter your account (at the top right of the screen) then going to the 'My account' tab and choosing 'Subscription details' there.

If you are accessing your profile through a mobile device, click on the 3 lines at the top right of the screen then choose 'My account' from the menu. Once there click the 'Profile menu' green button, choose 'My Account' and then 'Subscription details'

Each week we run a live welcome webinar where members of the Workaway team will walk you through how to use the site, complete your profile, give tips on searching the host list and showcase the extra site features such as meet up and setting geo location. Each webinar is live and interactive. You can ask your questions live via twitter @workaway and we will answer these as part of the webinar. Information about the time and date of the next webinar will be displayed on your profile page. Please note: We use English for the webinar and it is available only for paid members during the first 6 months of a subscription.

Every Workawayer has a personal Workaway advisor who can be asked questions using live chat via your ‘My account’ profile page on the site.

Live chat is basically an instant messenger where we can provide answers quickly. We are humans though so we do have to sleep! If your advisor is not online you can still contact us via the help desk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your advisor is there to offer support and help with setting up your profile. We cannot however advise on visa requirements or insurance as there are too many variables for us to offer accurate information, nor can we plan your trip for you.

The personal Workaway advisor is only available for paid members.

This information is private, it’s not possible for a member to see who has favourited their profile. If you favourite another member’s profile they cannot see who has done this.

Badges are our way of rewarding members for certain achievements.

The 'explorer' badge is given to Workawayers who are the first to leave a feedback for a new host. There are also badges that show when a Workawayer has received a certain amount of 5 star feedback and for members that have verified their profile via Facebook.

The other badges available are for 'photographers' who have won a prize in our photo competition and for members who have featured as 'Workawayer of the month' on the Workaway blog.

You can see any badges that you currently have by viewing your profile as it appears online.