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It’s been a while since we first launched the Workaway App for travellers, and we are happy to see our users enjoy the app! A little-known fact, this app is 100% produced and tested by just a few of us over here at Workaway team, and we have definitely poured our heart and sweat into it :’) Whilst covid has posed many new challenges on the way we travel, we hope our constant hard work would mean that YOU can spend more time offline and explore the real world!

Here’s a glimpse of some of the new exciting features on the latest version of the Workaway app:

1. Connect with a travel buddy on the go

Did you know, you can use Workaway to connect with other travellers? If you too, are a solo traveller, you’ll know just how easy it is to strike up a conversation with another solo globetrotter and find out all the similar travel goals you have with each other! When you come across a fellow workawayer with the same destinations or interests, you can get chatting, make plans to meet up, and even connect your accounts and travel to hosts together! (Pro-tip: Don’t forget you can search for hosts that accept two or more workawayers through the filters!)

2. Leave feedback for hosts

Leave feedback for your latest host with just a few quick taps, while you’re on a long bus ride to your next destination, waiting for your flight, or just reminiscing about an amazing Workaway trip you just had whilst sipping your chai latte in a cafe! With this new app feature, you can pour out all those emotions for your host family that you were too shy to say in person. Show your appreciation for your most recent Workaway experience, give a five star to your host’s excellent fresh bread, adorable puppy, or that handy tip on growing strawberries -- while your memory is still fresh!

workaway app host feedback
workaway app leave feedback star rating categories

3. Search for opportunities without a location in mind 

As a world explorer, we know that it’s all about the journey, and not just the destination! Rather than aiming at a particular country or city, you can now switch the search to “Anywhere”, and search for Workaway experiences that would match your interests, from yoga or surfing retreats to permaculture experiences! Just type the keywords directly onto our ‘Filters’ tab, and let the opportunities inspire you with somewhere you never considered before!

workaway app host search interest projects yoga
workaway app filter host list preview

4. Looks for host projects in your dream destinations

Update your Workaway destinations through the App, and easily connect with hosts and workawayers in those areas! If you’re looking for a travel buddy, you can also discover a whole community of workawayers with similar plans by keeping your travel destinations updated. Don’t forget you can browse all the hosts in your destinations (don’t miss out on the new ones!) by selecting this on the top left of the hosts search.

workaway app my profile update destinations
workaway app my destinations host filter list

For Android users, you can update your app here.


And if you’re an Apple user, check out your app here.


From all the helpful feedback from you guys, we know that this app update has long been overdue. Hopefully, these fixes and new features will give our workawayers an even better app experience, and make it a helpful travel tool when you guys are busy exploring. 

As always, the app team is continuously looking for ways to improve the app, so stay tuned for more exciting news to come :) Stay safe, good luck and happy travels! 

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