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Hi from the Workaway headquarters!
Who else is getting ready (and maybe looking for a great travel buddy) for an epic trip to end 2018 with a bang?!

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One of our favourite things about being a part of Workaway is witnessing all the meaningful relationships created between members of the community. ❤️ Workaway is more than just a site for you to look for hosts, it also could be a great platform for travellers to connect with each other, and to find a travel buddy while on the road, or before they plan to leave their home country! Whether it is a quick coffee meet-up or a long trip, it’s always inspiring to know that there’s like-minded people around and ready to share an adventure with for when you are!

Travellers unite!

You asked for it, so here it is! We have finally added a Travel Buddy feature for all our workawayers to get connected more easily!
In addition to creating your ‘To Go’ list on ‘My Destinations’ page, you can now search for like-minded travellers by each destination that you plan to visit (likewise, they can search for you too).

When adding your destinations, simply switch on the button to indicate that you are ‘Looking for a travel companion‘ and tell your potential buddies about your plans:

travel buddy map feature

For the more spontaneous souls who haven’t got any fixed plan on which country to visit next, you’ll have the option to start finding a travel companion straight away on the ‘Find a Travel Buddy’ page above your dashboard on your account page:

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Put in a location you have in mind and utilise the filters (dates, age and gender etc.) if you want to narrow down your options. You’ll then see a list of workawayers who are also looking for friends to explore some new places with:

cultural exchange travelling adventure solo Italy

If you see someone who looks like they’d be a fun travel companion, feel free to message them and start chatting away!

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So whether you are craving for some companionship after a solo soul-searching journey, or you prefer to explore a new place alongside somebody else…this is the perfect tool for you. Perhaps you want to find a buddy to visit hosts together with, or just to explore the local area during your days off? Either way, we hope you can find wonderful and long-lasting friendships through Workaway that will go beyond Workaway!

Explore the beautiful travel album by countries

We know it can be a bit overwhelming when there are simply too many places you wanna explore, so we’re here to help make your mind up!
Go take a look at our community’s favourite snapshot spots. These are travel photos of other workawayers’ trips that were submitted to the monthly Workaway Photo competition for different countries.

To access the photo gallery, head over to the Host List, choose a country you are interested in, and you will see the country’s flag and this button on the right hand side column:

new zealand host list

These albums are a great way to have a feel of the country before actually setting foot there. Besides, you might be able to gather some new ideas for all the fun activities you can try once you’re there!
(PS. if you’re submitting photos for next month’s photo competition, then this is your chance to get to know your competitors – literally ;))

new zealand photo impressions workaway

Some more wanderlust fix: Watch this RV family’s first Workaway in a horse ranch in Tuscany

There’s no such thing as too much wanderlust fix! To finish this blog post we’d like to share this great vlog by Workawayers Jessica & Will with you all. The lovely couple is embarking on a 2 year full-time travel adventure with their kids, Avalon and Largo, in their motorhome, and will be documenting it through their weekly vlogs. Follow them on their fun horse farm stay and get inspired to start your own!

Check out many more Workaway adventures around the world from other travellers on and don’t forget to bring us along your next ones!

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