Top 5 Excuses not to travel and how to overcome them

It’s the twenty first century, travel is the new movement, everyone is doing it, we are all doing it, even your parents are doing it. Oh, but wait, we know that some of you are still out there constantly daydreaming about travelling the world one day, yet seem to find every excuse going. So we’re here to squash 5 of those excuses for you. Because we are nice, and because we urge you to travel the world! Let’s do this:

1. It’s too expensive

This has to be the number one excuse not to travel. And why? Because we are programmed to perceive travel is expensive. But guess what? It really isn’t. The biggest expenditure is the flight, but once you are in your desired country you can eat sleep and play on a tiny budget if you know how. Here are some tips:

  • Use Workaway; your accommodation and meals are free and you can volunteer long term and pretty much never open your wallet, all while making lifelong memories and friends. No brainer really.
  • Cook for yourself instead of going out for meals 3 times a day. Go to the local market and pick up fresh veggies and cook them back at your hostel/hotel. It’ll save you heaps in the long run. And a visit to the local markets is always a great way to get an authentic taste of people’s real life in the area.
  • Go on free walking tours instead of travel agent tours.
  • Look for free events going on around you. Try Meetup and Couchsurfing.


2. I have commitments at home

So, you obviously really want to travel the world. You’ve got as far as thinking about seriously upping and going, but you’ve realised you have commitments that you can’t just leave. Let’s look at some of the most common commitments we all have, and see how we can find a way to still travel and maintain them:

  • Mortgage/rent:
    Yes, this is obviously a big financial commitment, but it’s definitely something you can get around. Since the launch of AirBnB things have got a lot easier. You can now rent out your home when you are away and set how much to charge and how long for. While it is not a guarantee it is a great option.
  • Relationship:
    Does he or she want to come with you? Yes? then great, get planning. No? Then again, great, get planning. Just because you are in a relationship it doesn’t have to stop you from travelling and living out your dreams, talk to your partner and discuss this. Communication IS important.
  • Bills:
    Providing you have enough money set aside, you can handle all of this via direct debit and standard payment so they will automatically go out of your account when you are away. Don’t forget to tell your bank you will be going abroad so they don’t block any cards.


3. What if something goes wrong?

Okay, so something could go wrong when you travel, but it also could go wrong if you stay at home. The biggest risk of all is not taking that risk. But if something does go wrong all you have to do is to be prepared. NEVER travel without travel insurance. A small premium can go a long way if you end up needing medical assistance or losing your important documents. Travel with locks on your cases and never leave you belongings unaccompanied. If you are on a long public transport ride keep all your valuables with you and store your un-valuable belonging in the hold.


4. I’ve got no one to go with

Can we let you into a little secret? Solo travel is our favourite kind of travel. When you travel alone you are more inclined to step out of your comfort zone, talk to people you may not have, and even tend to be more cautious and safe. If you are waiting around for someone to go with you, you’ll be waiting longer than you need. Don’t be afraid to go at it alone, after all, you have Workaway that you can be using to make tons of friends and experiences. We will be your plus one!

5. I don’t know the language/culture/currency/food/religion etc.

Well, of course, you don’t because you haven’t been there yet. And that is all part of the fun; arriving at a destination you know nothing about, only to leave feeling like it’s your new home! There’s just no way you’ll ever know everything about a country (or even a person) so relax, enjoy the unknown, learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes. Really, this isn’t an excuse. You’ll never meet anyone in this world that knows everything.

We got them right, eh? And how do we know? Because we’ve been there and now we’ve finally made it on the road, and we’ve met people from all walks of life that say they wish they could travel more. We’ve had many conversations over great food, on an amazing beach, in a cool funcky hostel and everywhere in between putting these excuses to rest and making some pretty awesome friends in return. So what are you waiting for? Buy that ticket and take that ride!

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