Exploring Love and Wanderlust: Pros and Cons of Travelling as a Couple

Are you ready for the next big step in your relationship? We can help. As always, we’re going to share the good, bad and ugly of life on the road but this time, travelling as a twosome. We’re sorry to say it isn’t always sunsets and smiling selfies. There are definite downsides to travelling as a duo (after a decade of doing so, I certainly agree!) but knowledge is power. If you’re prepared with the facts, it can make navigating life on the road with your BFF so much easier.   

Whether you want to celebrate pride at these LGBTIQ friendly destinations with your significant other, or you’re curious if you and your companion can travel long term without killing each other, consider Workaway, your wingman. We’re with you every step of the journey as you explore love and wanderlust while learning the pros and cons of travelling as a couple along the way.  

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The Benefits of Travelling as a Couple

Built in Partner-in-Crime

Travelling solo can be tough – even when you know all the safety tips and find making friends easy. It can be lonely at times and requires an extra level of confidence, self-motivation and courage that not all of us are equipped with.

Instead, having a ready-made sidekick for all your travel escapades can help. From romantic sunsets to epic hikes, you’ll always have someone on hand to boost your bravery and encourage adventure.

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Shared Memories

“Remember that time when…” you can reminisce for years to come as every experience becomes a shared memory. Your travel buddy can constantly remind you of the epic memories you made along the way like a living, breathing travel journal.

While I love travelling solo as a woman, I remember once being in Tanzania and watching an epic lightning storm. It was like nothing I have ever witnessed before, and I couldn’t explain how surreal it was to family and friends back home. It may sound silly and I was more than grateful to experience it, but I wished at the time there was someone else to share such a special travel memory with.

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Cost-Saving Powers

If you’re travelling on a budget,splitting costs with your significant other is just one of the many benefits of travelling as a couple. Here are just a handful of ways bringing your bestie can save you some serious money!

  • Joining Workaway as a couple: As a solo traveller, a Workaway membership is £ 42 for an entire year which – we agree – is a BARGAIN! However, if you can find a travel buddy to join you, you can then join Workaway as a couple for only £49 or an entire year. That’s only £24.50 each for access to over 50,000 hosts in over 170 countries for a whole year!
  • Shared Accommodation: Double the travellers doesn't necessarily mean double the rooms. Splitting accommodation costs, whether a hotel room or a tent can mean significant savings!
  • Food Sharing: Fancy a starter and dessert but worried about the cost? Sharing meals can help you indulge without maxing out your food budget. It also means you get to try more food for your money.
  • Transportation Savings: From taxi rides to car rentals, splitting the cost of getting around can make the most expensive part of travel feel much cheaper.
  • Shared Travel Gear: You won’t both need to buy travel gear like travel adapters, first aid kits, sunscreen or bug spray. By sharing these essentials you buy fewer things, saving you space in your backpack and money!
  • Group Activities: Whether it's a cooking class or wine tasting, snorkelling trips or walking tours, solo travellers are often charged a premium. Sometimes you can haggle, or search for better deals when there’s a duo involved.
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Some Hosts Prefer It

During my Workaway in Hawaii, our host explained he actually preferred couples staying over solo travellers. He found having two volunteers meant more hands to help and that a couple brought a diverse skill set in comparison to just one person. He also found the more personalities and people in his home enhanced the overall atmosphere.

From a Workawayer’s perspective, we also found this to be true at times. For example, during our time in Greece, we were helping to harvest olives. The work would have taken much longer if we were there alone but as a couple, we found we could divide and conquer. One of us harvesting the olives, the other bagging them up. You can tackle your to-do list based on each other’s strengths and weaknesses – this is beneficial for both you and your host!

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Two Brains are Better Than One

On a similar note, two brains are always better than one. Whether it’s having someone to help problem solve, translate, map read, carry luggage – you name it! An extra pair of hands (or ears and eyes!) are always going to be useful as you traverse around the globe.

It’s also super handy to have someone to talk you out of that crazy idea like your 9th beer or a skydive. Just make sure your travel buddy is that person – 30 countries together and I’ve realised my person is most definitely not.

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Photographer and Friend in One

There is nothing more awkward than waving around a selfie stick or attempting to fit your face and an entire temple into the frame. No need for the selfie stick Olympics or posing for strangers when you have a photographer and friend in one.

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Deepen Your Relationship

It won’t be all rainbows and romantic dinners, trust me. Travelling will truly test your compatibility, communication, and problem-solving skills. Successfully navigating these challenges and celebrating victories together can strengthen your bond and deepen your connection.

There are not many couples who can survive fourteen-hour bus journeys, stomach bugs or that not-showered-in-three-days glow. However, you know you’ve found the ultimate adventuring amigo if you do.

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The Downsides of Travelling as a Duo

Decision Drama

There is no denying that when you’re adventuring alone there is more freedom. Instead as a couple, you have a second opinion for every decision such as where to eat, what to do etc. It’s not always a bad thing. A different insight can sometimes save you some serious time and money, but it’s also fun having the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

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24/7 Company

As much as you adore them, being together 24/7 can cause some serious friendship fatigue. Despite travelling with the same person for over a decade, I still crave alone time. It is exhausting spending every minute with another human, regardless of how much you love their company. 

To avoid your travel buddy being a burden, alone time is healthy and very much essential for your well being. Before you set off, make sure your companion understands this boundary. No one should take offence when you need a little time out. Whether it’s a coffee alone, a walk or a swim solo, spending time apart will make your time together all the more valuable.

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Compromise is Key

Anyone else roll their eyes at the word compromise? Just me? No one wants to compromise on the adventure when your travel time is limited. Whether it’s itinerary plans or even snack choices, night owls versus early risers, you must learn the art of compromising when you’re travelling as a couple. 

It can also be tricky if you fall into the trap of always being the one to “give in” and compromise. It’s important to respect each other’s limits and find an alternative that suits you both. 

My top tip would also be to acknowledge and appreciate each other’s efforts to compromise. It’s not a skill you’ll learn overnight, so stay patient and reflect on what worked well (or didn’t) then use these lessons for future trips.

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Inspiring Workaway Couples

If those downsides have given you doubts, prepare to be persuaded otherwise! If you’re still struggling to get your bestie onboard or you’re not totally convinced, why not read these inspiring stories from Workaway couples all over the world.

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How to Find a Travel Buddy with Workaway

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Well, all this sounds great but I haven’t found my person” We’ve got you! There are so many ways you can find a travel buddy to be that familiar face as you venture into the unknown, and Workaway is just one of them!
Here are three ways we can help you source your sidekick and connect with like-minded travellers.

  • Find a travel buddy:We have a whole section of our site dedicated to helping you find a travel buddy for your next trip. Head to the Plan & Meet Up drop-down on our homepage and from here you can browse thousands of other travellers trying to find a travel companion for their next adventure.
  • Workawayers Nearby:You can also use our “Workawayers nearby” feature. This will show Workaway users on a map. It is ideal if you’re feeling a little lonely and want to find a coffee companion nearby or someone to plan a road trip with.
  • Find a Language buddy: We also help with matchmaking language buddies too. This is because learning a language is so much easier when you have someone to practise with. Our language buddy feature can help connect you to native speakers that have the time and patience to get you fluent in no time!
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If there’s one way I could describe travelling as a couple, it’s like starring in a real-life sitcom – there will be laughs, tears and the occasional drama. On the flip side, if you prefer to be the star of your own show and solo travel, we’ll support you all the way. Both journeys promise unique memories and moments, each with its own set of thrills and hurdles. Whether you're strolling hand in hand or striding solo, you carry the passport to your own happiness.

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