This couple from Brazil truly captures the beauty of “A World Without Walls”

At Workaway, we absolutely love getting to know you all, whether it’s meeting you on the road, at a Workaway trip or hearing about your adventures through e-mails and social media. We couldn’t be prouder to be involved with such an inspiring community of travellers, which is why we just have to share some of the stories you tell us!

Renata and Aline are a couple from Brazil who are traveling and capturing their journey to inspire others. Their project, Mundo Sem Muros means, “world without walls.” This spirit of openness and adventure truly shines through their beautiful images! Renata and Aline are familiar to the Workaway community for their stunning travel photography but we wanted to get to know them on a more personal level, too!

Hi Renata and Aline! Can you share a little bit about where you are now and what you’re doing? When did you start travelling and how long have you been doing Workaway?
Renata & Aline:
Hello! Now we are in Turkey. We moved very quickly from Cyprus! In Cyprus we did Workaway, but we found a cheap flight to Turkey and we moved in two days. Now we are editing photos and videos from Jordan, of our own project: mundo sem muros (world without walls). We started travelling October 2017 and since we started our trip we have been doing Workaway. Until now we did Workaway in Portugal, Germany, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Cyprus.

workawayers admire Jordan scenery from above

That sounds amazing! Can you share a little bit more about the inspiration behind your project, “World Without Walls?” What special meaning does it have for you?
Renata & Aline:
Yes! First, it is because of the nature. Nature is our home, and there is no wall there! We are in love with nature, hiking, trekking, waterfalls… this is one of the biggest reasons why we love travelling within Brazil.

The second reason for our project name is based on the concept of breaking cultural barriers. We believe all the human beings are equal! There is no one more important than another. We are all here on earth to live and learn different things. So we want to see with our own eyes and feel with our heart, to learn about new cultures and to break down all prejudices that we had about the other cultures and countries through our travels!

A great example of this happened to us in Israel. For most Brazilians (and I think for a lot of people from other countries too) going to Israel is like going into war! Everyone thinks it is VERY unsafe and there is just war and bombs. People form certain perceptions according to what the media tell them. THANKS UNIVERSE; we were given the opportunity to visit Israel and now our perception of Israel has changed COMPLETELY! So we always try to show people our new views as opposed to what we used to believe in the past. And we hope to make people think about it differently.

Finally, the last one is about exploring; to not stay always in the same place. We try to be an inspiration for people who are doing something they dislike for a very long time (as we did) but didn’t think they can make a change. So go out, explore, try to find your real passion, learn new things, don’t wast your time inside a stressful office cubicle (the walls) for your whole life!
workawayer floating in dead sea
​​​​​​​I’ve taken a peek at your blog and I just have to say, your travel photography is stunning! You’ve also won 2nd and 3rd place for some of your photos in the Workaway competition, congrats! Any advice for taking the best travel photos?
Renata & Aline:
Thank you very much! We just won the first place very recently and we are so happy!!! Here are our advice for taking great travel photos:

1. Avoid going to touristic places in peak hours! Not just because of the amount of people, but also because of the light. The best hour to take photos is sunriseand sunset! It makes a lot of difference!

2. Before going to a place that you are planning on visiting, it is usually useful to look through Pinterest and Instagram for some picture as examples to keep yourself inspired!

3. BE PATIENT! It is actually very rare that the first photo you take is exactly how you’d like it to be. You need to adjust the angle, the person (if there is a person in the photo), wait so people don’t pass through your photo.. Also really spend time and give your best. The photo that we won our 2nd place with, taken in Portugal, we spent almost all the morning to take it!! 

4. The post production is very important. Adjustments in Lightroom, and if needed Photoshop, is ESSENTIAL! We used our presets to make it easier.

5. Study your camera! Whether it is a phone or a professional camera, you need to familiarise yourself with the functionality of the camera in order to optimise the photos you can take.

6. Always use the manual mode when possible and make the adjustments, it will give you a much better result. We rarely shoot in automatic.
Those are all really good tips, especially the part about patience! I know I need to work on that when taking photos.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pyramids Egypt authentic travel experience

This is always a question I find the hardest to answer but I have to ask anyway- what’s been your favourite place/experience/Workaway so far?This is always a question I find the hardest to answer but I have to ask anyway- what’s been your favourite place/experience/Workaway so far?
Renata & Aline:
Our best experience so far was in Israel. The place is tourist free and surrounded by nature and the food is just amazing! Even for when we had to cook for ourselves, our host always brought home the best and freshest food ingredients. We went to the supermarket with him to buy whatever we want ..tons of chocolate and ice cream! Ok we are just kidding- we always had a lot of vegetables and fruits and everything we need to eat healthy. Also, we miss the animals (1 cat and 2 dogs) there a lot… they are so cute!! We really felt at home. It was so nice that we almost forget to mention the actual work exchange part! We spent basically most of our time helping out in the garden and sometimes also maintaining the house.
That sounds fantastic! Israel is on my bucket list for sure.

workawayer harvesting

I noticed on your Workaway profile you’ve had some issues with folks understanding you’re a couple. Has this been especially challenging for you in certain countries?
Renata & Aline:
Yes, it’s a bit challenging to be a couple of girls, especially in the Middle East. We are always upfront about this with our Workaway hosts and we don’t demonstrate affection in public places. But sometimes it gets exhausting having to constantly try to explain that we’re in a totally closed relationship and how it works etc. Fortunately we never suffer from homophobia!

​​​​​​​From our past experience we realised it can be difficult for some people to understand our relationship, and to see us as just another normal couple (same as in when a man is in a relationship with a woman). It occurred to us that there are a lot of misconceptions about two girls being in a closed relationship.. So after our trip in Egypt we decided to put this message on our profile.

Egyptian Pyramids working holiday jobs
Well I think you are brave for being open and communicating your boundaries! I think that’s important for all of us.
​​​​​​​Can you tell us a little bit about where you’re from? Has your perspective of “home” changed at all since your journey began?
Renata & Aline:
We are from the world, oops, from Brazil haha. I (Renata) lived and studied in Australia for almost 2 years in 2013 and then my life changed. I was a totally different person back then. I planned my life a lot! Everything! When I left home, family, friends… I started a new life.

From there I started travelling a lot more (Japan, New Zealand, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and United Arab Emirates). When I first arrived back into Brazil, I was excited to be meeting my family and friends again…but not long after I felt into depression. It was a really hard time. Since then I knew that I was born to not have roots… and not to live in one place for the rest of my life.

Then, I met Aline! 

Everything changed, and my life became colourful again. Although she didn’t know any English and has never travelled out of Brazil, she made up her mind to leave her job after 4 years working in the same place to go travelling with me. Aline has a degree in Photography and is passionate about it. Also she loves adventure and discovering new places. Almost every weekend we’d try to make a dedicated trip to go and take photos of the nature, especially waterfalls. Her dream has always been making photography a big part of her life!​​​​​​​

This is how we started our trip and project, to inspire people to travel with our photos and cinematic videos. We left Brazil with around 1.000 euros each and have been travelling for seven months! In Israel we sold bottles and here in Turkey we did some housekeeping too in order to earn some money to keep travelling. 

A lot of our friends and family ask the same question: “When do you go back to Brazil/ your home?”.. Our answer has always been the same: “We have no idea! While we are still happy and are able to earn enough money to keep travelling, we will keep DOING IT!” 

We are so thankful for the opportunity that Workaway has given us. Not just because of the money we didn’t have to spend on food and accommodation, but also because of the people we met along the way and the things we learned! We shared not just their houses with these local people, but their lives as well!! We are very grateful!

The world really is a beautiful place and we love seeing it through your perspective! 😍Thank you so much for sharing with us. We hope to see more of your adventures and beautiful photos!

Workaway couple travel photography blog

To read more about Renata and Aline, check out their Instagram at “Mundo Sem Muros” - these beautiful images need no translation!

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