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  • Country: Germany
  • Feedback: 9
We are looking for our next Workaway from March.. It is important you have good childcare skills and can manage young children as well as be able to use your initiative. We are a family of 5 and a dog! We are based in Bremen which is a lovely city ......

  • Country: Germany
We are Anja and Isi. We live in a 100-year-old Swiss house in the center of Bremen. There is always something to do here ;-) The garden has almost 2,000m²; half is a small forest, the other part is kind of "normal" garden. This is an open and ......

  • Country: Germany
  • Feedback: 7
Left over from an original cummunity project its just a small 1.5 people household at the moment with lots to do. Especially to make part of the flat ready for renting out and keeping the system running... I am quite busy working but I still ......

  • Country: Germany
Hi, we are a Beto and Leoni, a Mexican-German family with our 2-year old daughter Paula. Paula is in daycare, but since we both work full time, we need some help looking after our daughter and also in the house. We have a little house with a garden ......

  • Country: Germany
My family and I together with a board of trustees run a foundation focusing on arts and theatre of the early 20th century in northern Germany. My wife and I have two girls of ten and seven years and a Boy of five years. We live in the main house and ......

  • Country: Germany
Me? I live in StadtWeltRaum. A community in it's baby phase ;-). We are living and (partly) working together in a greater house in the southerly outskirts of Bremen. We are trying to be a special place in our neighborhood and create ......

  • Country: Germany
Hello, we are Andreas and Katrin with our dog Joey. We are guiding and giving seminars in frequency science with music, mathematic, consciessness and more We have a beautiful huge terrace house with garden in the suburb of Bremen - we like help in ......

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