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    I am planning to open an eco-accommodation for both guests and digital nomads, featuring unique events (social, ecological, traditional craft)

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    I'm James, from the Central Coast of California (Santa Cruz County) home of the Redwoods!

    Cheerful, Thoughtful, Authentic, Good with others, Inventive, Positive Attitude, Sense of Humor, Independent.

    A willing learner. Not specially skilled. I am able-bodied and can pay attention to detail. Interested in the workings of small business (see below).

    Experience a back-to-earth / sustainable setting in the model of a business (tourism / event / retreat center type). Gain insight into operating a tourism / event business. Acquire hands-on skills along with "perspective". Discover more ways in which people can come together with purpose and benevolence. At the least, experience more self-sufficiency.

    My goal is to start a multi-purpose event and nomad center (www.fairfox.net) I would like to gain more direct experience in this realm. It would incorporate elements such as: personal growth, crafts, health and wellness, self-expression, music, fitness, etc.

    I come from a good and loving family. My father is a dynamic and passionate business owner and CEO of a medical supplies (distributor) company. I have gained perspective from working with the company, but it is not my "calling", ultimately.

    My mother is a beautiful and loving woman with much energy as well: she is an artist and landscape designer. They are no longer married. I have one younger sister (a painter) who lives in Hawaii.

    My grandparents also helped increase my appreciation of the world outside the US.

    Tour guide, Sales, Independent Marketing. Many unfinished university experiences in my 20's (in Europe, mostly). Not too much here!

    I'm a cheerful and thoughtful guy who loves interacting with various people, which is my main interest in travel. I like to make others feel good -- what can I say?! I am sensitive and social, for sure, but also highly independent: I need time on my own. I can work in groups or alone, but I tend to want to be a leader of a group. I try to bring something positive to the group I find myself with.

    Although I can seem quite carefree and lighthearted, I actually care very much about finding a way to work hard and contribute to others and the world. I value truth, honesty, fairness and communication. People tend to get the impression that I am a somewhat mysterious and experienced person, but I'm not as much as I may come off as...


    I don't like dishonest or rude, loud people. I generally don't like modern culture, poor music, unhealthy food, lifestyles, and I don't watch TV. I value nature.

    Above all, I value authenticity even if it's something not exactly admirable... AUTHENTICITY is admirable in itself.

    I used to be an active drummer, but circumstances have prevented me from that. I like to cook, be active, explore and enjoy nature. Swimming (especially cold water) and sauna is another favorite activity.

    I enjoy learning about and experiencing culture, world literature, history, politics, and music, etc. What can I say, I am like a sponge -- absorbing as much as I possibly can from my environment, and at times if I'm squeezed, I can ooze it all out and share with whoever happens to be around!

    Story telling and even slowly writing some short, experimental memoirs of my travels.

    All in all, I am a strongly independent minded person, thoughtful and also quite warm in heart. My friends would say I am a very "original" person who doesn't conform. But at the same time, I am NOT known as a rebel or extremist, in character, but sympathetic.

    I've done a handful of these WorkAways in the US, Canada, and Europe now over the years! I believe something like a half-dozen.

    Physically, I am tall, strong and in great health -- so I can be useful doing anything or learning something new. I will not be lazy and wait to be gotten out of bed, or anything like that!

  • Interests

    Winter sports
    Adventure sports
    Performing arts
    Movies & TV
    Events & social
    Charity work
    Cooking & food
    DIY & crafts
    Yoga / Wellness
    Self development
    Outdoor activities

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    English: Fluent

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    I'm interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Helping around the house

    Some knowledge of:  

    Creating/ Cooking family meals

    Able to teach about:  

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    Good with people, tourism, attention to detail, learning something new or teaching others.

    I'm not a skilled craft person, per se -- But I'm always willing to try something new!

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