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    Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, India, Laos, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand

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    01/01/2019 - 30/06/2022

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    My name is Ed Williams. I have a BS degree in Psychology, a MEd Special Education/Learning Disabilities. In May 2011 Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA, USA honored me with Doctor of Humane Letters.
    With a vocation in education and disability issues- learning, teaching, and advocacy, I joined US Peace Corps: ST Lucia/ PCV 2001-2003, Zambia/PCV 2004-2007, Micronesia/PCV 2007-2009, Uganda/PCRV 2010, Philippines/PCRV 2011, The Gambia/PCRV 2012, Dominica/PCRV 2017-2018. In each country, I cooperated in Education development, English Language teaching and Special Education services with the host country Ministry of Education and/or local NGOs. Each country project included teaching students, teacher training, child/youth capacity, and community development. Presenting educators with learning strategies, techniques and methodologies, and English language skills were components of each project. As a secondary undertaking with orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), including displaced and “squatters” in the community, I promoted self-development capacity with life skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, including attention to HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. I comfortably lived in local communities as a friend and neighbor.
    My experience history, licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and State of Arizona, includes public school classroom teaching primary-age children and various secondary school, vocational, adult education, and life skills learning. In Arizona, USA; Yap State, Micronesia; and Isingiro District, Uganda I collaborated and taught with primary teacher training colleges.
    I accept as vital the mission of U S Peace Corps to promote world peace and friendship. Helping host country nationals gain sustainable skills for self-capacity supports this mission and “makes the world a better place.” I gain great satisfaction affecting outcomes of learners – primary pupils, teachers, school administrators, and primary school teacher trainers. In ST Lucia, Zambia, Micronesia, Uganda, Philippines and The Gambia I facilitated Ministry of Education and Primary Teacher Trainers monitor and evaluate teachers and learners in the government primary school classroom to upgrade learner outcomes. In ST Lucia, Uganda, Philippines, The Gambia, and Dominica I wrote and facilitated host country Ministry of Education staff write learning manuals, syllabus, techniques, methodologies, and guidelines for upgrading teacher pedagogy, primary learner, and special education learner outcomes, as well as helping ESL learners, teachers and secondary students, in Micronesia and African countries. Facilitation of teacher training workshops was standard.
    I taught English speaking and listening skills to University students at Hanoi Pedagogical University No 2 in Vietnam, utilizing self-development concepts from the Peace Corps project countries (July 2014-November 2016). I helped learners of English speaking in Laos (Jan-Feb 2016).
    In Guamal, Magdalena, Colombia, I lived five-months/February -June 2019 teaching English for children and adults with a local organization and with a local government school, grade-3.
    I am very comfortable with projects that focus on education/learner outcomes; teaching children and teacher training activities. An experience background in disability issues and training in special education and life skills, concentrated on learning differences, helps me attend to many elements of individual learning targets. Experience also helps me focus on individual learning needs and success of students. In activities not specifically focused on education/ learner issues, I effect as learning and teaching: one is always a learner.
    I am quite content in remote villages with limited services. In Uganda I was 60 kilometers from the city and tarmac roads, there was no electricity and all water was collected as rain run-off. In Isingiro District, Uganda, I was the only non-African person the children or adults had ever met. I also lived in capital cities: Colonia in Yap State, Micronesia, Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental Province of Philippines, and Banjul in The Gambia. In my volunteer postings, I was a rare non-native/non-local, a different person. I found this a unique opportunity to promote friendship and social justice. Walking, often for more than one-hour, was my general means of transport in ten countries where I lived with the community. I do like living in small out-of-the-way communities. I am interested in short term and long term opportunities; 6-months to one year, and even longer, including permanence is feasible.
    All the best and with sincere thanks,
    Ed Williams

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    General Maintenance
    Helping with Tourists
    Charity work
    Language practice

  • What skills do you have?

    Independent Living Skills, Life Skills
    Children with Disabilities
    English Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
    I am a kind/caring person who helps others, particularly youth, gain life-skills to achieve personal goals

  • Languages spoken

    My experience with language (s) includes: 1. Latin and Spanish in High School; 3. German as an undergraduate at Lynchburg College; 4. Living one year on the Navajo Reservation, USA, where Navajo is preferred lang. 5. Limited experience with American Sign

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    I am easy going, flexible, committed to outcomes achievement.
    I have experience as a teacher of English Language.
    I have experience as a teacher for people with disabilities.
    I have experience as a teacher with Life Skills and Independent Living.
    I have experience training teachers.
    I have experience in program development.
    I am in excellent health and walk hours every day.
    I am available immediately and for long term (past projects have lasted from 6-months to 3-years)
    I search for a local community is pleased to have me and where too, I am content for long-term and purposeful living.

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Learning under a tree, outdoor classroom in Zambia
Basic School in Mpika, Zambia
Sharing a bike ride in Dumaguete, Philippines
Teenage English Speaking learners in Xuan Hoa, Vietnam
Treasure under the rainbow in Dominica
Life in St Lucia
Life in Micronesia
Life in Uganda
Life in Philippines
Life in The Gambia
Life in Zambia
Grade-4 English learners in Xuan Hoa, VietNam