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    We are from England, Caterina is from Cambridge and Rob is from Cornwall. Caterina is a vet student in her 3rd year at Cambridge and would like to work in Conservation in the future! Rob is an aerospace engineer student also in his 3rd year studying at Southampton.

    We both are hoping to travel and learn from locals how they manage their own conservation programmes, what needs they have and try and achieve their 'sustainable development' goals!

    We both took gap years before University to go travelling and gain some work experience. Caterina has travelled to Peru, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Kenya and visited many European countries. Rob has lived in California, travelled to New Zealand, Australia, Myanmar, Burma, Thailand and helped in the refugee camps in Greece.

    We speak English fluently and Caterina speaks Italian fairly well (her mother is Italian) and we have both learnt some Spanish, little French and very very little Swahili!
    We love learning new languages and are happy to teach people too.

  • Interests

    Sailing / Boating
    Adventure sports
    Water sports
    Van life
    Art & design
    Drawing & painting

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  • Skills and knowledge we'd like to share or learn

    We're interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Eco Projects
    Charity Work

    Some knowledge of:  

    Life at a Farmstay
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Language practice
    Art Projects

    Able to teach about:  

    Creating/ Cooking family meals
  • More details about your skills

    During the first year of Caterina's degree, we had weekly animal handling sessions learning about the basic principles of animal handling of horses, cows, sheep, cats, dogs, poultry, and pigs. In addition to this she has spent 2 weeks lambing on a farm in Wales, working shifts from around 1pm-6am. There she learnt about caring for lambs and sheep, their feeding and more. Caterina has also spent 2 weeks on a dairy farm in Jersey which involved very early mornings. She doesn't mind 'mucking in' with the filthy jobs and love spending time with the animals.

    When in Peru and Kenya, Caterina got involved in building projects. We fashioned animal pens out of bamboo, built ladders, cleared paths through forests. Although she is no carpenter or architect, she certainly would love to learn as we have hopes of building our own off-grid home one day!

    In Kenya, Caterina was collecting data on human-wildlife conflict, which involved setting up camera traps near the borders of a national park. When travelling, I particularly have loved exploring the lands trekking and climbing trees.

    At home, both our parents have an allotment which we help out with during the summer holidays. Caterina's mum is Italian, from a tiny village in Abruzzo. During her gap year she helped harvest the olives, all done by hand, which we then went to the local press to turn it into olive oil. In the summer, she also helps out in harvesting the potatoes and figs (a particularly delicious job).

    Rob's gap year consisted of travelling around very rural places in a campervan and on a motorbike. He stayed in many homestays were he got to learn about the local people, their way of life and their language. For the last 2 summers (2019 and 2020) Rob has volunteered in the refugee camp in Moria. Helping distribute food, tents, clothing to the refugees . He was present when the huge fire took place last summer in Moria.

    As an engineer student he is incredibly good with DIY projects and inventing practical solutions to problems. He has designed and made pseudo-satellites which sit in the stratosphere and can take photos of landscapes at a much lower environmental and economic cost that satellites.

    At home he keeps pigs and chickens which they keep for food. He helps out with all the cleaning, feeding and building of new pens!

    Both of us love to cook! (..and eat!)

  • Languages spoken

    English: Fluent
    Italian: Intermediate
    Spanish: Beginner

  • Age

    22 & 22

  • What else ...

    We love games. We get very competitive with scrabble and hearts is probably Caterina's favourite card game. One of our favourite things about travelling is learning new games from other countries

    Caterina loves dancing. She started with learning ballet at the age of 6 and since she started University has now developed an obsession with Lindy hop, salsa and tango. Rob often gets dragged along too. We both LOVE ceilidhs.

    We are both very artsy. We love painting, oil paints would my favourite medium, but I tend to work in watercolour as it is easier to bring with you travelling! We both are into film photography, taking old clunky cameras of 120mm, 35mm and even super 8 everywhere we go.

    Caterina is a very basic guitar player, something she has picked up over these lockdowns, and am trying to learn some gypsy jazz and spanish music. Rob is excellent at playing the piano and has done so for years. Caterina just mucks around on the keys as he plays!

    Oh, and we love animals! we will happily befriend the scruffiest of stray dogs!

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