We have some Appy news for Workawayers! 😊

Hello there nomads!! Have you planned your next workaway adventure yet? Planning for a trip is always one of the most exciting things for us! AND, to help you make the actual planning part easier and even more enjoyable, we have some great news to announce! This is the moment we have all been waiting for…can you guess?

*Drumroll and roll out your suitcases*…

The Workaway Travel App is officially available!

Yes, we have heard you and understand just how much more convenient it would be for workawayers to be able to access our platform through an app. After months of ideas and discussion, we have finally developed our app to a place where we’re happy to share with all our members :). Hopefully this will be your most useful travel tool and will make it even easier and convenient to connect with hosts around the world, meet other travellers on the road and find travel buddies to share the adventure!

Here’s a glimpse of some of the top features of the Workaway app:

1. Browse nearby hosts while on the go

You don’t have to miss any more opportunities that could be right around the corner! When  travelling or volunteering, you can browse through the host list to check out any nearby hosts on a map that you might be interested in. See a potential host near where you are? Arrange a meet up over some coffee! You also have the option to plan your future trips by searching other cities and countries around the world. 

2. Receive instant notifications and messages right in your pocket!

Isn’t technology amazing?? With the Workaway Travel app you can now easily reach out to hosts and workawayers while you’re on the road, as well as receiving instant notifications on your mobile, so you’ll never miss a message again.

3. Save your favourite projects to your personal host list

We love that we can bookmark our favourite hosts, and create labels via the app by saving them onto our personal host list. With just a few simple swipes, you can also sort your personal host list into different customised categories. Wanderlusting over llama farms or cheese making families to add to your  workaway bucket list? Add them to your host list within your profile so you can check back and compare anytime 🙂

Hands up if you’re also guilty of adding too many hosts to your favourites list 🙋🏻! Well no worries, because apart from labelling, you can add notes for each host to remind yourself of your plans, e.g. when you want to visit, any useful details, what to bring and the minimum stay, etc.
Simply click into the host profile or click the chat bubble icon on your host list to access your notes!

4. Meet a travel buddy, wherever you are 🙂

Of course it’s great to travel solo – but sometimes, we just want to share the fun with some other people! And we can’t think of a better way to look for like minded travellers than through a cultural exchange app. Find another globetrotter with similar plans/interests to meet in places of interest or to volunteer together at hosts’. Or simply arrange to meet up with nearby travellers using the Meet Up button!

5. Sort and search your inbox messages 

Sifting through your old messages may be a bit of a chore… Instead of deleting messages, use the search button to locate the message threads you are looking for with important keywords via the app.

6. Keep your profile updated anytime, anywhere

Edit your profile via the Workaway app by uploading your fave photos from your last trip. Adding recent photos of your Workaway experiences helps attract more hosts before your next exchange. A picture is worth a thousand words! And while you’re at it, make sure to add in all the new skills you learned from your previous Workaway hosts! 🙂

7. Share your favourite hosts with friends!

Having fun and staying safe is the most important after all 🙂 So use the Share button to quickly forward host links and let your family and friends know what you are up to. You can also share your next adventure via Facebook or other messenger apps. Who knows maybe you will inspire someone else to start their own journey one day!

8. Switch off and take a break

We know this isn’t likely to happen, but if you are needing a break from travelling, you can pause your profile anytime to stop receiving messages from new hosts. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to reply to hosts that you’ve been in contact with.

And there we have it; the Workaway app is just at your fingertips, as are all the amazing opportunities and meaningful connection thats are going to make your travels all the more special.

We will keep working on improving the app, so stay tuned for more updates. Got any great idea for the app? Send us an email with any feedback you may have for us!
PS. A huge shout out to all the workawayers who have helped us test out the beta version of the app ❤️

Cheers from Yika & the Workaway Team 🙂

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