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Hey there nomads! I'm not sure about you guys, but whenever wanderlust strikes, the first thing we do is explore all the opportunities on the Workaway host list! :)  Here at Workaway we’ve been brewing up a new look for our host list, to make it easier and more fun for us to look for all the amazing projects around the world…


A smarter location search

Based on your useful feedback and the help from our Workaway testing tribe, we've been working on ways to improve your experience when searching for hosts :) 

Our first new feature allows you to easily search by continent, country, city or region without going through hundreds of options - just type somewhere you're thinking of going, and we'll show you a list of suggestions to choose from. For those who need a bit of inspiration, our new search box will give you a head start by suggesting the perfect locations for you!

You can also search through the entire host list with unique keywords that might suit your interest (try: surfing, yoga, cheese making). 

Desktop version:


Mobile version:


More useful filters to find your perfect host

We’ve heard from our testing tribe that our original filters were a bit too hidden! With this new look, the filters are right below the main search boxes and hopefully a lot more noticeable :)

campervan life couple workawayers

Under "Accommodation", you'll now be able to narrow down your search further more with info on who and what kind of lifestyle your host can accommodate. 

One of our new fave additions is host languages: you can now search for languages the host speaks so you can practice a new language, and/or teach YOUR native language to a host who's interested in learning and practising! 

In addition to host languages, we have introduced new filters for:

  • hosts accepting pets
  • hosts accepting families,
  • workawayers travelling in their own camper vans, and
  • digital nomads.

    If you're already living the amazing van life, then this is where you need to be searching for your perfect host that you can visit with your mobile home! 😍 ​​​​​​​Like us here at the Workaway team, as for all the nomads out there who are looking to work remotely and travel at the same time - make sure to check out which hosts welcome digital nomads. 👩🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻🌎

    Desktop version:


    Mobile version:


    *Just one more Pro Tip for ya! 

    Best part of our new design for all travel map lovers; you can view your search results on a map

    When you hover over a host on the host list, its matching pin on the map will be highlighted...

    Desktop version:


    Mobile version:


    We hope these new filters and changes will inspire and improve your search process of your ideal host! 

    We are always happy to hear feedback and Workaway stories from the community, so feel free to get in touch if you'd like to share any new ideas :) 

    Good luck, stay safe and as always, happy travels! 

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