5 Women Empowerment Projects to Support on International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day to all the remarkable, beautiful and strong women around the globe! As we celebrate our wins and continue to overcome the hurdles we face to achieve gender equality, let's join forces and unite together to shine light on projects that empower women.

Whether you're a solo female traveller like me, or just someone who believes in the power of women supporting women - I have curated a list of inspirational projects encompassing the true essence of girl power. From supporting women's education and entrepreneurship, to promoting gender equality, and everything in between! There are a wide range of initiatives bold female adventurers can choose from to make a real difference in communities made up of resilient and influential women worldwide! 

Let’s all come together and ‘do it for the girls’.

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1. Volunteer at this women's' owned weaving co-operative in Guatemala

Step into the vibrant world of Guatemala and be part of this worker-owned association, where local women have been empowered for over three decades. Through fair wages and the ancient art of back-strap loom weaving, this project helps create beautiful textiles while supporting creativity and empowerment of local women. Nestled in Quetzaltenango, the headquarters offers immersive experiences like weaving classes and cultural homestays - connecting you with the founders and their families. If you have skills in fundraising, translating, website development, social media management, or creative endeavours like photography, videography, graphic design, and writing, you can contribute to this mission for a more inclusive future in Guatemala!

local guatemalan lady embroidering

2. Support female refugees at this mobile contact point in Greece

This impactful project in Attica, Greece, provides essential support to women and children fleeing hardships. The mobile unit offers medical consultations, preventive care, and a safe space for female empowerment. Through discussion groups, sports, childcare, and educational workshops, this project supports solidarity in the face of unique challenges faced by refugee women. As a politically engaged NGO with a queer-feminist and anti-racist ethos, the initiative aims to amplify voices and advocate for change within European borders. Help assist with basic household tasks, childcare (professional experience preferred), and Arabic or Farsi translation at this diverse team of passionate individuals for a fulfilling full-time volunteer commitment in Greece. Your help will make a difference in the lives of those seeking refuge, while contributing to a more fair and inclusive society!

woman volunteer group to help refugee women in greece

3. Help at this woman empowerment and sustainable development project in India  

Join this female-friendly sustainable community that supports women in Delhi, India and neighbouring rural areas. Through eco-friendly initiatives and skill-building programs, you can help tackle gender inequality, poverty, and hunger while promoting climate action and quality education. There’s a place for different types of volunteers here! For those passionate about women's empowerment and sustainability, tasks range from enhancing their online presence to product marketing, quality control, handicrafts, photography, videography, and even assisting in establishing a women's centre. Alternatively, volunteers can assist with agricultural activities, teaching, maintenance, childcare, hospitality, office tasks, and computer education. Be a part of something truly transformative and make a difference in the lives of women and the planet in India.

school girls in education learning in india

4. Provide assistance at a women and children shelter for victims of sexual and domestic violence in Kenya  

If you want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of sexual and domestic violence survivors, you can offer your assistance at this women's shelter in Kenya. As the country's first shelter of its kind, this host provides vital support, safe housing, and empowerment programs to women from marginalised backgrounds. Volunteers have the opportunity to contribute their skills in various areas, including project coordination, farming, cooking, counselling, education, marketing, and social work. By engaging in community outreach, advocacy, fundraising, and promoting gender equality, volunteers can make a positive impact on the lives of women seeking refuge in Kenya. Whether your passion lies in counselling, community outreach, or environmental initiatives, there's a meaningful role for everyone at this women's shelter!

group of volunteers and locals in kenya

5. Help at this charity to empower women and children in Thailand  

Create a safer, more equitable society for women and children at this non-profit organisation in Chiang Khong, Northern Thailand, dedicated to ending all forms of abuse, exploitation, and violence through community-driven initiatives and empowerment programs. This NGO collaborates with schools, businesses, law enforcement, and local communities to build strong networks to identify and support those at risk, while advancing the rights of women and girls. For a minimum commitment of 1-2 months, help this host in Thailand to break down barriers and build a world where gender equality is more than just an idea, but a reality, through translating, blog writing, fundraising, report writing, and videography.

group of strong and resilient women in thailand with their art project

There’s nothing more beautiful than women supporting women. When we stand together, we become unstoppable in our journey toward empowerment and equality!

“We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic and reshape the conversation to make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored.” 

Sheryl Sandberg
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