Top tips on how to spread your idea as a travel content creator

Do you have an idea for a podcast series, zine, or art exhibition based on your experiences traveling the world? Is there a niggling feeling that the next best invention or novel is waiting to be discovered and written by you? What if your next adventure sparked a movement? 

Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

Howard Thurman

Nothing spreads faster than inspiration. Enthusiasm is contagious. In a world that’s more connected than ever before, people are hungry for stories that remind them of the beauty, joy, and purpose of life. Why not share yours?
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How to begin?

Elizabeth Gilbert encourages us to follow our curiosity (which is much more reliable than our passions, she says). When she took her now-famous Eat, Pray, Love journey, she had no idea it would become the phenomenon that would go on to inspire thousands to follow in her footsteps. As life-changing as that experience was, it began with a vision and an open heart. 

Maybe your version of wanderlust is what the world needs next!

I do not understand how on earth you can become a writer without seeing the world.

Henning Mankell
artistic shot of solo traveller with a camera taking photos at the beach

Mind the Gap

With so many stories, podcasts, and content creators out there, what makes you special? What will make you stand out from the crowd? Well…YOU! 

No one else has your unique perspective, life experiences, or same mix of skills and talents. Are there stories you’re longing to hear but haven’t been told yet? Is there an app you’d love to use but it doesn’t exist? Are there pain points or problems you’ve encountered with solutions you could create? Put your detective hat on for a minute or two and notice the gaps you might fill. 
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Start Small

The beautiful thing about being an artist or creator is that it doesn’t take much overhead! The main cost of investing in your idea is time and commitment. With a variety of tools, platforms, and resources available, your next Workaway adventure could spark a project with lasting impact!

Here are some basic necessities you might need:

  • a portable microphone
  • a website or social media account
  • a smartphone for taking photos/videos
  • a portable tripod
  • a journal/notepad
  • an IDEA (or two or three!)

Once you’ve gathered the basic supplies, there are tons of platforms to choose from when recording, writing, or sharing your stories. Here are just a few!

  • Substack is a free social media/newsletter platform. You can upload audio and video in addition to blog-style letters and begin building your own email list. 
  • Riverside has a free service that allows you to record several hours of audio/video per month. 
  • Reedsy is a great resource for writers with lots of free workshops, blogs, and professionals to help with every aspect of publishing your book.
  • Workaway is always looking for fresh travel stories and experiences shared by you! Reach out to us directly to contribute or collaborate on a project. 
three travellers and a dog under a straw shelter with fairy lights, holding popcorn and smiling while a white dog stares at them

Gather inspiration and collaborate

The best way to learn something new is to study the experts. Are you interested in starting a travel podcast? Pick a few of your favorites and start listening while taking notes. What do you like? What works well? Where could it be improved (by someone like you!)?

Do you want to turn your travels with Workaway into a memoir? Make a list of travel memoirs and read them thoroughly. What structure was used? How was it put together? 

The same goes for starting a TikTok or Instagram account. Follow a few of the bigger influencers with similar passions and ideas as yours. You might even send them a message and see if they’d be willing to connect for a chat or share some hard-earned wisdom. 

two travellers at the beach gazing up at a journal together and smiling contemplatively

Let us help!

Did you know Workaway also has a Meet other Workawayers nearby feature? This is a great tool to connect and collaborate with others on your project! You can also search for hosts who have the skills or experience you’re hoping to gain and ask to do a more formal apprenticeship or internship. Having the opportunity to “taste-test” a new career path and add valuable, real-life examples to your resume is just one more reason to start your Workaway adventure!

We can’t wait to see what you’ll create next!

ground up shot of four workawayers looking down on camera in a jungle, smiling and doing peace signs

Have an idea for a project based on your Workaway experience or one you’ve already started? We’d love to hear from you! Share your inspiration with others and watch it grow!

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