Workaway Site Update - Navigation Guide for Hosts

Howdy hosts! During the past couple of weeks while we were all stuck in quarantine, we have been giving the Workaway website a bit of a makeover to help hosts and workawayers navigate through the site more easily. Here's a walk through of our latest updates!

What's new with my host account?

This is probably the most important part of the site to get used to, as these are functions you will regularly use to contact workawayers and update your listing!

workaway host account tabs top right corner

And below is the breakdown of each button: 


workaway host favourites tab

Access Workawayers that you'd like to invite to your project


workaway host messages tab

Chat to travellers and plan your Workaway exchange​​​​​​​


workaway host notifications tab

Get up to date news about your account and the community


workaway host account dropdown tabs

Edit your profile, settings and access important information about your account
When you click on to your Account icon, a dropdown menu will now appear, with frequently-used functions:


While you are probably familiar with most of the functions, we have added a new page for  'My settings' .

workaway host settings tabs

This page will include shortcuts to all essential account settings, such as updating your profile and contact information.

Explore more with Workaway...

We've also included a new row of tabs where you can easily look for more information and Workaway resources:

workaway host explore tabs top left bar

Find a host

workaway host list

Browse our full host list of 40,000+ opportunitites in over 175 countries

How it works

workaway how it works information

Information on becoming a  Workawayerhost and  language learner

Find a workawayer

find a workawayer tabs workaway host

Find Workawayers that suit the skills you are looking for, Workawayers who are nearby and/or immediately available

Our community

workaway community resources

Check out photos, videos and stories from workawayers and fellow hosts, as well as Workaway tips and travel inspiration :)

Giving back

workaway giving back missionworkaway foundation webpage

Learn about how we are giving back - find out more about our mission, foundation and donation projects around the world

What do these changes look like on mobile?

For those of you who use the site on mobile, we've got you too! 

Account tabs

workaway host account tabs mobile

You'll find pretty much all the tabs you need to arrange exchanges and update your listing at the bottom of our mobile site.

More shortcuts

workaway mobile host account tabs

There are more shortcuts under the Account button.


workaway host settings mobile

And this is how the new ' My settings' page looks like (scroll down to see all these functions)!

Explore Workaway

workaway host explore resources mobile

A sidebar will appear once you click on the above hamburger menu button

Other General Information for Workawayers & Hosts


​​​​​​​Under the sidebar you will find all the information you'll need, from how Workaway works for travellers and hosts, to community stories and videos, as well as how we (including you!) are giving back through this platform. 

And there we have it! While a couple of things may be looking a bit different, all of the essential functions are still here and hopefully even more accessible. 
While you are busy accomodating workawayers, we'll keep on working and updating to improve different parts of our site - if you have any comments or suggestions please do get in touch via our helpdesk and let us know too :)

If you are WORKAWAYER, you can check out our site updates here.

Thanks for tuning in!

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