A solo traveller's guide to an alternative Valentine’s Day abroad

Valentine’s day, aka a day made up by greeting card companies or a day to show your love to your partner? Whatever way you look at it there is no avoiding it on the 14th February every year. However, if you are like us and every day is your own individual Valentine’s day with the world, you’ll already be spreading your love as we speak. But what’s a solo, single traveller to do on Valentine’s day? We’ve got some fun things to do that aren’t going out for dinner or crying alone in your pj’s:

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Make a picnic with the most random food you can find in your country

I don’t know about you but one of our favourite things to do in a new country is to try out all its weird and wonderful foods. A game we’ve loved recently is going into the local supermarket and picking up everything you haven’t a clue what it is and buying it. Then you can head over to a park or back to your hostel, lay it all out, try it all, and then try and figure out what it is. Grab your friends, and ask them to invite theirs and spend Valentine’s Day laughing at each other, whatever your relationship status is!

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Go solo

Solo travelling is one of the most rewarding experiences we know, the freedom and adventures you will have as a solo traveller will provide you with stories for years! Don’t be ashamed of going out alone this Valentine’s day – or any day – treat yourself to a massage, a meal, or some drinks. OR better yet, why not level up and treat yourself to a scuba dive, a rock climb or a quad bike ride!? Remember, if you can’t love yourself how are you gonna love somebody else? Happy Valentine’s Day to you – the most important person in your life. <3

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Because who needs an excuse to sing karaoke?

Go all out and sing the cheesiest love songs you know while knocking back some cheap alcohol and bitching about your ex. Recipe for disaster? Maybe. A lot of fun? Ohhh yes.

Organise a ‘traffic light night’ at your hostel

You’ve heard of this game before right? Each guest has to dress in colours to represent their status.

Green: Single, looking to meet someone.
Yellow: Single, just there for a good time, not specifically to hook up.
Red: Taken, not looking to hook up.

It’s a fun way to meet new people based on what you are looking for and is a great way to find yourself a date, or someone else to talk about how much you miss your partner with. Win, win all round, and a great way to make new friends! Suggest it to your hostel or organise it yourself!


Treat your travelling buddy

Some of us need days like Valentine’s Day to express our feelings, so take advantage of all the love spreading across the world and treat your travel buddy to something they’ve been missing. It could be as simple as peanut butter, fresh laundry or branded conditioner (yes, we’ve been backpackers way too long now), but it’s the thought that counts. Show them you love them and that your travels wouldn’t be the same without them by your side.

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Ignore it like the rest of us and keep on living your dreams

Did you see how many new hosts have joined Workway recently? Why not send them some love this Valentine’s day and offer your help?!

We’re pretty sure you’ll go into Valentine’s day like you do any other day and absolutely ROCK IT, but if you are feeling the need to do something a little different then we hope these alternative suggestions can help. Oh, and Workwayers… we love you!

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