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  • about 4 min
Solo, single and in your 30s: Travellers, isn’t it time you settle down?

Single? Travelling alone? Hitting your 30s or getting well into it? Isn’t it time you settle down? Don’t you ever get lonely without a partner or kids? Don’t you think the clock is ticking? And since when did life become so defined by relationships and age?!

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  • about 12 min
10 Best Destinations For Solo Female Travellers

Just you and the ‘open road’ and there’s nothing quite like it! Being in a new country all by yourself may seem daunting at first- but it’ll be worthwhile when you get to meet new people and make life-long memories. Here are some of our favourite safe countries for solo-female travel so you can start planning your trip!

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  • about 2 min
A solo travellers guide to an alternative Valentine’s Day abroad

If you are like us and every day is your own individual Valentine’s day with the world, you’ll already be spreading your love as we speak. But what’s a solo, single traveller to do on Valentine’s day? We’ve got some fun things to do that aren’t going out for dinner or crying alone in your pj’s.

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