Need help in Villa with pool in Aguilas, Provincia de Murcia, Spain

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    update 20/05/2021

    We, my son Kyrian (15) and I asked for a Workawayer in the last update but I fell sick so we couldn't get one. Right now we need preferably 2 workawayers like friends or a couple to help us with spring cleaning, organising and packing up some things (the house we rent is fully furnished so don't worry we won't be in an empty house hahaha) for the moving back to Granada what's going to happen in July. If you feel like staying with us and helping us out while enjoying the nice things in life, like the sun the great views from the infinity pool and having some cultural exchange. Let me know if you are interested we can have a chat and the sooner you can start the better ;) We are at a max of 30 min walk from a beautiful beach and there is a bus at the end of the street to take you to beautiful Aguilas with beaches and promenades etc.

    Hope you all can travel easier again with restrictions slimming down and that we will meet soon big hugs Steffi

    update 05/03/2021

    Hello Workawayers,

    Well, it's been a heavy and bumpy ride this covid year.
    Not a lot of moving possible here in the south of Spain. If there are any workawayers available for coming over we my son the dog and I are open for hosting. We need a lot of help in and around the house. And even though there are still many restrictions the beaches are open and we can be in nature. Next to that our house is very open and with beautiful views and that had been keeping us positive even when being in tight lockdown. Kyrian 15 is homeschooling most of the days and I'm working as a transformational Life Coach from home. You are most welcome to come and join our little family. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy Tidings big hugs Steffi

    Latest Update 26/05/2019

    Hi all you adventurers.

    Just a small update,
    Our accepted workawayers for June had to cancel due to a family crisis.
    So that means that as of now we have June available again (there is the possibility from the 3 of June till the 5th of July, but shorter stays are possible).

    We wish you all the best and a great Workaway Summer. Love the Birdsnest.

    Latest Update

    Please Only Workaway applies for May and June 2019. July and August we are not available for hosting.

    Hi to all the Summer Travelers,

    We are available for hosting new Workawayers. We are preparing our house for the Summer, meaning that in July we are going to leave the house for two months and stay in the mountains. Before leaving we need a lot of things to be done, deep cleaning, reorganizing, moving some things to the garage, etc. The weather is perfect right now and the pool appealing. After some hours of hard work, you can cool off in the pool. At this moment our son goes to school with public transportation so driving is not a necessary skill.

    If you feel like coming to work in a place 5 minutes from the beach in a beautiful tropical environment write to us for Workaway stays in May and June. We then will send you a list with a time table and chores and activities that need to be done. We look forward to hosting you!!

    Al the best the Birdsnest!



    Hello to all adventurers out there using Workaway to enhance their travel experiences,

    We are all done moving to the beautiful small coastal town of Aguilas, in the province of Murcia and we are very happy at our new home.

    We have got the place quite well in order and we have noticed there is actually the option to still keep hosting trough Workaway!!! Yeaahhh!! (something we were not entirely sure of due to the configuration of the new house).

    As we are very serious about sharing with the traveling community and providing a good Workaway place and experience we really needed to think what is it that we can offer in this new situation. Well, we came up with the following:

    *️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ We are open-minded and flexible people with an interest in a lot of areas, we like to have conversations about many topics in different languages, we like sharing our passions - mindfulness - life coaching- creating art - languages - traveling - cooking - hiking - board games - Reiki - tarot - wild camping - and so much more.
    *️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ Our home is snug, it is a three bedroom, two bathroom semi-detached villa with a view of Aguilas and the sea, we live on the outskirt of Aguilas in a urbanization, there are hourly buses that go to the town center and beach. We are technically living in the campo and it has a feel of the quietness and calmness of a house in the campo but we are really close of the buzzing of the cafes, restaurants, beach clubs and marina of Aguilas.
    *️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ Aguilas is an authentic Spanish town, even though its a beach resort it is still very Spanish and that was one of the reasons for us to move here. There are trains going to Lorca, Cartagena, and Murcia what is really convenient. Google it to get a better idea of what Aguilas has to offer more than a great climate, as I'm writing this it is over 20 Celsius with a nice light breeze one of the other reasons to move here, we even occasionally take a refreshing dip in the pool and it is November hahaha it sounds crazy but is great!! Or better still come over to have the full experience of what this Mediterranean corner of Spain has to offer.

    So that is a short resume of what we can offer.
    Now for what we would like in our next Workawayers.

    We are looking for people with open-minded, warm and positive energy, I have chronic health problems that act up in fall and winter, another reason to come an life here. For me to be fully functional is still a dream for the future but I am working on it from a positive perspective. To be able to concentrate more on my health it would be great


    We have one dog that is a little cuddly sweety pie and who would love some longish walks ;-) (she isn't the most active dog hahaha) I love to cook and have given many Workawayers mini masterclasses how to make my tasty dishes so cooking is something that isn't required. Kyrian, our son could use some help with homework, being picked up at the school bus, studying and would love to play a game with you. So very homely tasks and that is really what we are looking for! Someone with the experience to take care of a home and affinity for running a household. If you don't mind sharing a Spanish two persons sized bed you could be a couple and you can divide the work, we have some pool cleaning and gardening and taking care of the outside and the big garden work as well, so in case of a couple we will adept the work according to the hours and the preference of the couple.

    We ask a maximum of 5 hours a day, we offer you a private place to sleep with sliding doors to a balcony, a great house to live in, surrounded by the garden, privacy, and the campo, space for creative/artistic expression, 3 meals a day and a limited amount of wifi what is the only downside of not living in the city centre, vicinity to the centre.

    Because of our health, we cannot accept smokers.

    If you are interested and you think you are the Workawayers that we are looking for, send us a message and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

    Have Happy Travels, Hugs from Family Birdsnest!


    At the moment, our ¨clan ;-) LOL¨ consists out of Kyrian (13 years), Romet our friend from Estonia, Rayo our dog, The Cuddly Baby forever and me, Steffi, the Chef and Cook of the Clan.

    Our ¨Clan`s¨ name is BIRDSNEST! Our view is full of pretty campo a sea view and birds................ lots of different types of birds, hence the name :)

    Our main interests are cooking, nature, movies, culture, music, books, art, painting, diy projects, learning languages, playing, laughing, chilling, dancing, singing, meditation, reiki, learning chi gong/tai chi, road trips, camping, gaming, animals, writing, massage, hiking, etc. there are a lot of things we are interested in.

    To give you an idea, chores will mainly consist of a combination of the following :

    - Share breakfast together with Kyrian (and who else is up)
    - playing games, sporting, swimming with Kyrian, and his friends, so some experience and affinity with children
    (teenagers) would be nice.
    - walks with the dog. Loving dogs, and preferably have some experience with dogs would be nice.
    - Household chores; could be vacuuming, mopping, dusting, clearing toys,
    keeping the kitchen clean, laundry etc.

    When coming as a couple there will be more hours obviously, so we will fill them, which, miscellaneous chores, cooking if you like to, playing with Kyrian, he loves to go on expeditions, play board games, computer games, and baseball, going for a drive on the bike.

    We prefer our Workawayers to have a driver’s license and be comfortable with driving in Spain. If you don't have a license it doesn't mean we will not consider you!

    We love making road trips, you could join us on the weekends. We just started exploring Aguilas and the province of Murcia where we moved to ourselves and there are many trips we want to make.

    This is basically what you should expect, we are a family type of ¨clan¨ so we like people who are social and interested in different cultures like us.

    There is enough time for you to visit places, like Lorca, Mazarron, Cartagena, the Mar Menor etc. by yourself, because in the weekends you are free, you can go sightseeing, to the beach, shopping, etc. there are lot of Couchsurf hosts nearby so you could cheaply stay away the whole weekend if you want to do this. We don't mind you going for a weekend from Friday evening coming back Sunday evening, for example, we are pretty flexible as long as things are in balance - the giving and the receiving!

    If you decide to stay at home in the weekend to read, hang around the pool and you want to join us with the meals, we would find it social if you help a bit around the house, for example, walk the dog, clear the table do the dishes, again because of the balance.
    We are not a bed and breakfast or hotel, we function as a family. (I had to put this in because it happened that Workawayers would stay at home in the weekend, stayed in their room, joined lunch and dinner, after eating, got up and walked up to their room and didn't even offer to help with the clearing the table and the dishes, I don't judge, it might be something cultural, but it didn't feel right)

    We live in a three bedroom, two bathrooms, spacious villa, with a spectacular view! We give three meals a day, provide water, milk, and tea. Snacks, other drinks, and in-between food are on your own purse, but of course, when we are having afternoon tea and scones we will offer you some to ;) We provide fair use of electricity and water. We speak multiple languages and many Workawayers have " borrowed " ;) my food recipes after I had given them a master class ;)
    We provide Spanish size double bed, table, chair, sliding doors to balcony, electrical hubs, limited use of wifi, all bedding, towels, some soap for the first days.

    If I forgot some info or you just got a whole lot of questions ;) don't hesitate to ask I always reply, it might take a few days but I always reply.

    So, happy days and I wish you, lucky travellers, many great experiences.
    Love Steffie

    Ps. Many people are new to Workaway and a bit insecure, that's the reason I keep some of my updates available, it shows you we are a real family and in the updates, there is more information about who we are and what we need etc. It's not necessary to read them all but it gives you the info that we are legit as does our feedback ;)
    Ps. We can´t have smokers because of asthma problems.


    Update 13/08/2018

    Hello adventurers and travelers, We are looking for last minute Workawayers ASAP you could come immediately and move with us to the beautiful beaches and blue waters of the typical Spanish coastal area of Aguilas at the Costa Calida of the Province of Murcia. We are about to move From our apartment in Caparacena, Granada to a new place for our clan with better and more temperate climate.

    If you are up to an moving adventure with us we would be happy campers, because moving is always easier in company than alone.

    I will of course make lovely food to keep up the energy and mood and with some music and some drinks its going to be a good workout but with fun and yummy breaks.

    We need help with:
    • Cleaning- Cleaning the house while packing. Cleaning the furniture before packing it in. Cleaning the house we leave from and cleaning the house where we are moving to.
    • Packing n unpacking- Assisting in packing n unpacking process.
    • Lifting and moving the boxes and some Kallax lightweight furniture. The heavy duty stuff we leave behind, smart he ;-)

    A perfect opportunity for couples or a set of friends to come and earn some good Workawaying experience, tasty food, and good company. And a swimming pool to cool off in after the hard ;-) work.

    It´s a different kind of Workaway experience but we will make it worth your while!
    And you will get to stay in two completely different locations.

    Update 14/04/2017

    Hello Workawayers, Travelers and Adventurers,

    We need a workawayer a.s.a.p. for about ten days to three weeks. The sooner you could start the better.
    The latest date to come is around 26 of April and it would be untill at the latest half of May. At the moment having a drivers licence isn't a priority.

    The Wheather here in Granada is great, it's full on Spring and it is great for long hikes.
    We are open for all kind of offers, just write to us and we will get back at you.
    Our general information is down here and older updates to.

    Happy Easter everybody and hope to see you at our place.

    Update 26- 01-2017

    Our circumstances have changed last year, as you can read in our profile and we are very happy to receive you in our new and improved lives!

    We are looking for Workawayers that share some of our interests, are happy and into healthy living like us and can enjoy the little things in life.

    For the summer vacations of 2017 we are looking for house/dog sitters with preferably their own transportation, we are not sure yet for how long and from when but as soon as we will know, you will know ;-)
    So welcome to our ¨Birdsnest¨ and we are happy to meet you and exchange some experiences, recipes, cultural interests and share our home with you.

    Update 24 - 01 - 2016

    Hi guys,

    Winter is a joke until now, afternoon degrees in the sun about 28Celcius, night temperatures about 12 to 14 degrees, we are preparing on winter because we still think it might come, we maybe had four rain days in the past three months, so the Sierra Nevada is lightly dusted in snow and looks majestic as always!! ;)

    The update about the schedule is that May and June are taken. So we need people from the second ( or first week of February, for a month or two or three , depending if your alone or a couple so preferably until May! But we are open to other suggestions ;)

    At the moment. I am still not planning the summer holidays which start 24 of June till 16 of September until I have made a steady schedule until the end of June.

    If you have any questions let me know!? Feel free to ask anything and I really like a telephone talk to make solid plans!

    Welcome to an extraordinary warm winter, wich is still not promising any cold or snow , but it obviously can change ;)

    Let me know if your interested, I will reply the persons interested in staying with us in February first and than will react to the rest of you ;)

    Happy travels, lots of adventures and cool people to meet.
    All the best Steffie

  • Types of help and learning opportunities

    Types of help and learning opportunities

    Art Projects
    Language practice
    Animal Care
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Help around the house
    General Maintenance
  • Cultural exchange and learning opportunities

    Cultural exchange and learning opportunities


  • Help


    We look for help in the day to day household chores. General maintenance of the home and the house.

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    English: Fluent
    Spanish: Fluent
    Dutch: Fluent
    German: Intermediate
    Italian: Intermediate
    French: Beginner

    This host offers a language exchange
    we are fluent English speaking and Dutch

  • Accommodation


    Spacious and light three bedrooms, two bathroom villa in small urbanization close to the city in a natural environment with a private swimming pool. Big tropical garden and beautiful sunsets. Next to lots of hiking and mountain biking area. Close to the beach 5 minutes.

  • What else ...

    What else ...

    Last minute possibility of staying in the country and the city, for non smoking people and animal loving person.

  • A little more information

    A little more information

    • Internet access

    • Limited internet access

      Limited internet access

    • We have pets

    • We are smokers

    • Can host families

  • Can host digital nomads

    Can host digital nomads

    we have internet over satellite and can share the usage fairly there is homeschooling going on and online zoom meetings but if you have some online work or meetings we can make a schedule

  • Space for parking camper vans

    Space for parking camper vans

    we have a camping ground next to our home and for a week its probably no problem to park in an open space next to our house my mum and her van have been doing that on visits

  • How many Workawayers can stay?

    How many Workawayers can stay?


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    Hours expected

    5 hours 5 days a week

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