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    I have volunteered with over 50 hosts around Europe since I started full-time in 2013. I volunteer because I like to learn new things and help people. I am not a tourist, and I don't treat hosts like hotels.

    For the last two winters I have done paid work as a luxury guesthouse gardener/handyman in Saint Tropez. I will be returning there in September 2018. This Summer I visited a cousin in Geneva that I met through my genealogy research, and then went to Paris to collect my Estonian e-Residency.

    I lived in the centre of England, in a small city named Derby. I worked with finance computer systems for the National Health Service. Aged 32, I quit my office job and sold all my possessions. Now I own only a backpack of clothes and a laptop computer. I'm the opposite of a hoarder. I used other volunteering websites such as WWOOF and HelpX, but now I prefer Workaway. My route has taken me to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Bulgaria, Greece, and now France.

    My university degree is Artificial Intelligence, so I like to eliminate human labour. For example, my favourite job is to organise cluttered sheds or attics so that things are easy to access, and I dig stairs in hills so that people can walk more easily. I also try to be ethical. I have volunteered at an immigrant community in Granada for three months, and self-funded a month at a Syrian refugee camp in Athens. I prefer to travel by land instead of flying, for environmental reasons.

    I am mature, respectful, and tidy. I adapt to your lifestyle. I don't smoke or drink alcohol or use drugs. I have no criminal record. I am fit and healthy with no medical problems (except car sickness). I have private global health insurance. I have a sleeping bag and work boots and gloves, but I do not carry a tent in my backpack. Hosts say they like me because I am "uncomplicated".

    Some hosts worry that their location is too quiet, or that they are too busy to entertain me, but I am happy to entertain myself. My hobbies include:
    *️ Genealogy research. I like being a detective, finding my DNA cousins:
    *️ Updating Google Maps with local places. Google calls me a "Master Trailblazer" because I work in rural locations.
    *️ Moderating a discussion group for 30,000 volunteers and hosts:
    *️ Modern strategic board games such as Catan / 7 Wonders / Magic. I like computer games, but board games are more sociable.
    *️ Donating blood. But Spain and France don't accept English blood.
    *️ Calisthenics. I like to protect my body from injury by practising good form.
    *️ Language practise. I use DuoLingo, and Anki flashcards.
    *️ I do NOT enjoy live music. Please don't take me to see local bands or recitals.

    I eat everything. I have no allergies. I drink just tap water, no tea or coffee. If I'm preparing my own food then example meals are breakfast muesli, lunch sandwich, and dinner pasta. If you are vegetarian then I am content to join in, I used to be vegan before I started volunteering on farms. I know that hosts love volunteers to cook for them, but honestly I am bad at it, though I am willing to try making some things if you feel like taking a risk, but it may be better to let me chop the vegetables and wash the dishes instead.

    Contacting Me:
    I reply to all messages. I always leave objective feedback about my hosts, to help manage the expectations of future volunteers. My Facebook page contains my recent activity:

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    Karitative Arbeit

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Tourismus / Gastgewerbe

    In der Lage, anderen etwas beizubringen:  

    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Please do not overestimate my competence based on the number of hosts that I have helped. Each host has different jobs, so I have tried most things only one or two times. I am not a professional. Many hosts give me a list of jobs and then trust me to organise my own time, but I am also happy to work as an assistant. If given the choice, I prefer to work early in the morning while the temperature is cool, and finish at lunchtime.

    Garden/Farm Experience:
    *️️️️️️️ mowing lawns, strimming
    *️️️️️️️ weeding, pruning bushes, débroussaillage of trees, safe bonfires
    *️️️️️️️ sowing seeds, transplanting, installing irrigation, mulching
    *️️️️️️️ firewood chopping and stacking
    *️️️️️️️ harvesting vegetables, trimming, weighing/packing veg boxes
    *️️️️️️️ collecting eggs, milking goats and cows by hand

    Renovation Experience:
    *️️️️️️️ painting with brush and roller, varnishing wood
    *️️️️️️️ concreting posts, repointing patios, plastering walls
    *️️️️️️️ trench digging, levelling ground
    *️️️️️️️ high work on ladders/scaffolds/roofs
    *️️️️️️️ straw bale building

    Domestic Experience:
    *️️️️️️️ housesitting pets, plants, and pools
    *️️️️️️️ housekeeping: bed making, bathroom & kitchen cleaning
    *️️️️️️️ furniture assembly
    *️️️️️️️ serving hot drinks, pot washing
    *️️️️️️️ fixing computer problems, spreadsheets

    English-Teaching Experience:
    *️️️️️️️ TESOL certified.
    *️️️️️️️ I speak clearly, without slang.
    *️️️️️️️ Taught immigrants for 3 months, conversation classes for 1 month, and tutored three children aged 8-14.

    I have NO experience of:
    *️️️️️️️ chainsawing - I've not used one yet, but I have watched safety videos.
    *️️️️️️️ plumbing, electricity, tiling
    *️️️️️️️ horses
    *️️️️️️️ driving (I'm a devout pedestrian)
    *️️️️️️️ childcare

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      Cars! I become sick very easily on twisting roads.

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