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    Hello, dear volunteers!
    I've just (litteraly) drawn a line under July 2020 for you to know where you can stop reading without missing important information :)
    I'll do even more than that, as I know you might not have a lot of time and I'm writing, here, more than you'll ever hear me talk IRL ^^ I'll write a few things you really have to know before coming here :) For more details, you'll have to keep reading :)

    A couple days ago, a volunteer told me "I'm not a p*ssy but I have to leave". I believe his phrasing (even it was intended as an insult) was the best he could ever find. If you are not a p*ssy, maybe you shouldn't come. If you are not as strong, resilient, polyvalent as a vagina, maybe our farm will be too much for you <3 It's not a problem, every place is not for every one but it is surely better if we all know before hand if you are made to spend time in complete wilderness and... Survive ^^

    * We just moved here, you should come with the idea it will be like wild camping. We live in tents, have compost toilets and showers with watering cans. There is no running water.
    * There is no specific project. Nobody will grab you by the hand and tell you "do that". It's everyone's responsibitlity to find something to do (or help other who have found a mission)
    * I can't guarantee there will be a lot of volunteers. You could be just with us one day and with 7 others the next one.
    * All the chores (cooking, watering, dishes, etc) are shared.
    * Please, read the whole part about the accomodation, yes, even the part with the snakes :)
    * After that, read the whole February 14th message <3

    Now that we've chased away anyone who wouldn't have felt good here anyway, you can keep reading to see how am amazing time we'll have all together :)

    September 2022

    It is absolutely amazing to see what has been done this last year! And all this with your help ! Thank you :) To who you already came and to you who are thinking to ! So, where are we, one year later ? We have a warm tiny house where we spend the winter all together, we have two bell tents (one is our kids indoor playing place), we have 2 vans, we almost have a caravan (finishing to fix it could be your project) and we have about 5 big spots to put your tent. The way of living and working is still the same, you are free to work on any project you like, either it is something we were planning on doing or something you thought of. But... I started work from home and that means that I need someone to take care of my little boy (born in 2019). We try to cut that in two shifts as there are no reasons for you to work for 8 hours just because I decided to do it but, anyway, he still spends a lot of time with me and doesn't need someone to entertain him all the time, he knows very well how to play by himself <3 We eventually put a fence around our garden to protect it from the goats and we were slowly slowly starting to take care of our vegetables but the fence didn't stop the goats who ate everything. So... No gardening, this winter! Since we arrived here with a cat and a dog, two other cats arrived (with one male who doesn't let any other cat move in) and even... a goat :)
    Last year, we organised to Erasmus seminars, one about natural building and the other about permaculture. We're getting ready to do it again this year :)
    So, again... Your main "task" will be to socialise with each other, to get to know and share new skills, experiences, talents and... We'll see when you come what tasks you'd like to work on ;)
    Can't wait to have you here !

    September 2021

    Hello dear future friends and visitors <3
    Time is going by extremely fast while the life in the forest follows its own slow flow.
    We now live on the mountain, still in tents, while starting to design the modification of our van and trailer and about to start building a clay house. We also have a container with a couple beds. So, yes, we still live in tents but there are options for when the weather isn't good (as a reminder, we live in the mountain, it can get chilly at night).
    Want to come help build, plant, design, learn from each other and organise activities ? We will be waiting for you :)

    September 2020
    Hello dear future friends and visitors !
    During the next months, we will need a lot of help ! What can you offer ? Hands, motivation, smiles, ideas, experience, etc etc
    We are now in the process of starting a food forest where we'll host a leisure and learning hub for seminars, events, retreats but more than anything, just human encounters... (In order to avoid any misunderstanding here, other than the help in the house, the garden and with the children, if you happen to be here during an event, you will be invited to take part of any activity you want, out of your "volunteering hours". Those events are organised by a non-profit association and we will be glad to see you join us)
    In the next months, we will need help packing the boxes and then, we'll move all that in the mountain where we will need to create together the basic minimum to live in nature :) In the meantime, I will also need help keeping an eye on my children while I work around...
    What do you say ? Interested ?
    (If you need to be convinced... Maybe you can read "5 Reasons Why You Should Give Off-Grid Living A Chance & Why Workaway Is The Perfect Place To Start" here : )

    Please keep reading <3 Not the whole thing, that's not necessary, but at least the 14 February message-disclaimer, as there are some important info you need to know before coming :)

    14 February 2021
    Hello dear future friends and visitors !
    After years and years of hosting (and hundreds and hundreds of visitors) and a couple of very difficult months, I believe it is the right time to think of what works and what doesn't for us as communication between strangers (or even people who know each other) might be difficult. So... let's start :)
    * Our main project, the Agape traveler's hub is more than anything else, a human project. Here, you will meet people from all over the world who have often been traveling for a long time. You will also meet people who have left their home for the first time and want to discover the world. Or you could even meet people who just wanted to come to relax. Your "task", as a volunteer, is first of all to be yourself. We would be more than happy if you want to share stories with my children, the other volunteers, the local team, we would also be more than happy if you prefer to listen to the stories other people tell you. Both are totally fine by us.
    * Other than sharing your culture, our main need concern the children. One was born in 2009, the other in 2019 (and we often have traveling children too). As you can imagine, their needs are not the same :) I try to have long term caregivers for Vassilis (the little one) as I had to go back to work but playing with him and discussing with Joyce (my daughter) might not feel like "work" to you but is a tremendous help for me.
    * We have a dog and a cat, once we'll be in the mountain, other will certainly come. Our dog is literally addicted to love :)
    * At our place, you will meet neurodivergent people as well as people from different cultures and different habits. The only way to be sure communication happens without too many problems is to be very clear. Tell us (and the others) what you want, need or like and even more importantly what you don't want/like. Don't expect anyone to guess anything that wasn't explicitly stated and, in the same way, don't assume other imply things they don't say. We use Agile tools and have regular circles to discuss about any issue that could appear but this "rule" has saved us in the past of a lot of misunderstandings.
    * In the hub, everyone is equal. Age, gender or even seniority don't play a role. Nobody will tell you "you have to" do something (only exception is if there is a need to take care of young children. Once you've said you'll do it on that specific day, if you change your mind we'll try to find a way to find a solution but if we don't, please keep your word). The hub belongs to everyone, all its visitors. You are actively invited to find your personal mission, to find something to do. With the rest of the team or by yourself. Of course I have ideas and suggestions but as we are in the creating phase of our farm, you are more than welcome to add your own personal touch.
    * Speaking of the farm, this is NOT a wwoofing place, nobody in the local team is a permaculture specialist. We all learn together. Some of my local friends can show you how to take care of the land, some can teach you about renewable energy but we are all avid learners and would be more than glad to learn with and from you too.
    * If you feel you need to be guided at all time, this might not be the place for you. As I am very busy and, right now, don't live with the volunteers (that will change again soon, I hope), I always have at least one volunteer (usually a long term one) who is in charge of our new guests, to explain how things work, what has been done, what works are in progress, etc but most of our volunteers have been working in a independent way, organising missions by teams or individuals. You don't have to be active all the time, there will be days when you don't know what to do. Play with the children, cook, clean, ask other volunteers if they need help, I am sure you'll find something. And if you don't, it's ok. Rest under a tree, go for a hike, organise a board game evening and maybe the next amazing idea about our place will appear to you.
    I believe that is about it... I hope I didn't discourage you before you even thought of coming but I felt (and have been told) it would be good to clarify those things. It is very important for me that you have read this part of my profile so, to show me you did, please tell me anything about a pink unicorn when sending me your request :) Oh, something else ! I know you are traveling or preparing your trip and you don't have time but some written communication before your arrival might help us get to know each other better than when you arrive, as oral casual (non-facilitated) group conversations are not my forte...
    I'm still hoping to see you soon ;)

    With love

    July 2020

    We did it !! We found our paradise in the mountain (on the island), we bought it and now it is time to get ready to move ! So... Skiathos is still covid-19 free and we are doing our best to keep it that way :) but the island is as beautiful and welcoming as ever :)
    This summer, we'll need help for various tasks. As always, Rainbow (the dog) would need to be taken care of when we're not there but we'll also make boxes all together AND you can live with us the beginning of this amazing adventure, while we're moving up to our forest :) What do you say ?


    January 2019

    Hello dear friends and happy new year !

    Life is full of joy and surprises, so here we come with new challenges for you :)
    A new (human) baby will join the team in July and we plan on having found a nice plot of land to move before that. Sooo... What do we need ? Help at home, like always, and someone to take care of our dog when I have to go to the mainland. At some point, we'll start the boxes again and you might even be here when we'll find our dream-land so we can imagine/design it together !

    We hope to see you soon :)

    February 2018

    Hello, my dear, dear friends !

    We wish you all a fantastic 2018 full of trips, love, new experiences and amazing discoveries !
    We are in a kind of stand by right now. Between projects and still not completely finished with opening the boxes full of books and toys coming from the play lounge. The teenagers website and garden are still in the theoretical part so, when you'll come, we can't be sure we'll offer you any real interraction with teenagers or children. But you can still help in the garden, in the unpacking, in the webdesign, de painting, cooking, cleaning or come to spend some time relaxing with us and we are sure you'll find things to do :)

    See you soon !

    September 2017
    Hello, dear friends and family !
    Here I am with our new projects :) This (school) year, we'll start two different projects with the island's teenagers. We'll help them create a website and a youtube channel where they'll present their life on the island during the 4 seasons. You will be able to help them takes pictures and videos, edit them, look for new ideas etc.
    We will also start a community garden.
    So if you have video-editing, pictures-taking, gardening skills or none of those but are willing to help anyway, we'll be waiting for you :)

    August 2017

    Hello to all of you !
    We have some bittersweet news for you.
    The play lounge adventure is coming to an end. We had 3 amazing years, playing, dancing, singing and having fun with all of you and the children of Skiathos but it is now time to do something else. We don't know what exactly or when it will be ready but we know we want to keep having volunteers at home.
    We will keep you posted about the next projects and if, in the meantime, you want to come to Skiathos to help at home, discuss in French or English with Joyce or just spend time with us, send me an email :)
    Our previous profile will stay here... But I just changed the title.

    We live in the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos with my 6yo daughter and decided to open a play lounge where children of all ages could play.
    It was a long adventure full of stress but a beautiful too because we got to meet some amazing people coming to help us.
    So beautiful, we had the honnor to be chosen as the host of the month of February 2016 (you can see that on workaway's blog)


    Hello to all of you !

    Life is beautiful on our little island... The winter is particularly rough this year so our little friends don't really go out very often but we can almost feel the summer wanting to come back...
    This year, we'll try to have as many long-term volunteers as possible, in the summer so if you want to come for 2 or 3 months or more, just let us know ! If you can just come for a few weeks... We'll be waiting for you too, of course :)

    Higher need starts in April/May, when the sun is already there but the temperature aren't too high, just high enough to enjoy the beach for long hours :)
    We'd love to have a vegan cook with us... Will that be you ?

    See you soon !


    Hello world !
    The summer was amazing, thank you :) The toursitic season is over, our beautiful island get quiet again and absolutely perfect for hikes and walks in the mountain. The play lounge is calmer too, but our lovely children keep laughing and running around. We need less help than in the summer but we still do need help... Do you want to come ?

    Help needed in April, May, June and July !

    Hello world :)
    Tourist season is starting ! Our busy season is starting too and we need help :) As I said, i still don't know what will happen after July but, right now, the time is absolutely perfect to come ! There are a lot of kids to play with, the weather is wonderful to hike and even swim and there are not too many trourists yet, the beaches will be all yours :)

    If you love children and playing, and if you want to spend a few weeks on an amazing green island, we are waiting for you !

    25 February

    Hello world !

    Summer is approaching, get ready !
    Actually, to tell the truth, our team will be changing a lot in the coming months, so I can't really answer yet to anyone willing to come during the touristic season. The weather is already getting warmer, though, and we are looking for people in March and April to play with the kids. Do you want to come ?

    Lots of love !

    3 December

    Hello beautiful travellers !
    Our adventure continues in a very exciting way. As always, we have a lot of projects, a lot of new activities ready to appear and a lot of room for you to be part of it.
    Unfortunately, right now, finances are difficult. Until March/April, we won't really need a lot of volunteers and, more importantly (because if this wasn't the case, I would have no problem to host all of you), I can't afford to feed a lot of people. So... If you have something particular to suggest, some kind of workshop for kids (or grown ups) or talent, send me a message and I'll do my best to make it work. I really hope money won't be a problem anymore in the future but right now it is. So... Don't hesitate to send me a message :) and if it is possible, I'll be more than happy to have you here

  • Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Tipos de ayuda y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Proyectos artísticos
    Práctica de idiomas
    Ayuda en proyectos ecológicos
    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Cuidado de animales
    Ayuda en una granja
    Cuidado de niños y juegos creativos
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Ayuda doméstica
    Mantenimiento general
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet
  • Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    Intercambio cultural y oportunidades de aprendizaje

    We usually have a lot of volunteers at home, you can be sure, when you come, that you'll meet (usually) interesting people from all over the world.
    Other than sharing your own skills with the others, you'll be able to learn from them too, to discover new tools and techniques, games etc...

  • Proyectos con niños

    Proyectos con niños

    En este proyecto podría haber niños. Para obtener más información, consulta nuestras directrices y consejos aquí.

  • Ayuda


    If you have ideas and skills about what needs to be done in the mountain, we cannot wait to hear them :) Gardening, building, creating, imagining, playing with the children, cooking, cleaning, playing music, laughing, sharing, etc You are your own manager. We decide together about missions to be done every week but you are expected to be autonomous enough to do whatever you prefer to do.

    I'd want to start working more on our website and get more busy on social media. Could you help with that ?

    During school-time (in the summer too but... less) :
    If I have to work, I need you to take care of Vassilis, my 3 years old little boy. Other than that, we'll organize a lot of activities in the afternoon for the older local children. If you have ideas, you're welcome to share them with us !

    During summer :
    We continue as much as possible the school projects but the idea would also be to organize group activities and games at the beach with local kids and tourists.

    As there will always be at least 2 or three more volunteers, we'd love you to share your knowledge and skills with everyone, so we can all learn together.
    Lunch and dinner are prepared by the whole team for all of us and everyone is responsible for keeping the place nice and clean.

    Of course, all those tasks are separated between the volunteers, you see together who wants to do what and when :)

  • Idiomas

    Idiomas hablados
    Greek: Fluido
    Inglés: Fluido
    Francés: Fluido
    Holandés: Intermedio

    Este anfitrión ofrece intercambio de idiomas
    Este anfitrión ha indicado que está interesado en compartir su idioma o aprender otro.
    Ponte en contacto con él para obtener más información.

  • Alojamiento


    Winter 2022 update :
    We moved to the mountain a few months ago, so everything is still under construction but we managed to build a straw tiny house to spend the winter months :)
    When it is too cold to be anywhere else (and, believe me, in the mountain, on an island, it gets very very cold and humid), we can all be together in the tiny house, warmed up by an amazing wood stove. The volunteers sleep all together in the mezzanine.
    The rest of the year, your main accommodation will be tents (ours or yours) but when the weather doesn't allow it, we have a van with 2 double beds and another with one single bed. The container will soon have beds again. More accommodation choices will come later (trailers, bell tents, tiny houses..) but for the moment, that's it.
    We are 5 km away from the town and the nearest beaches. That's 1 hour hike when you go down, 1,5 hour up (at least it is for me, with a baby on my back. I'm sure you'll do it in less). Some times I can drive you down (or go and pick you up) but you shouldn't take it as granted, as it will depend on the baby sleeping, the state of the car, if I have money for gas, etc Most of our visitors go and come back from town hitch hiking, that's going quite well as the island is very very small. Coming up with a taxi costs about 13€
    We all share an outside kitchen (inside when necessary), solar heated showers and compost toilets (if you don't know what a compost toilet is, please google it before coming), trying to keep nature around us as wild as possible.
    We now have a huge cistern full of water. There is no running water around the farm but a couple of taps close to the kitchen and the outdoor shower. We also have 10 and 20l recipients to bring water around :) Drinking water is brought in glass bottles from the nearby source :)
    We have 3 cats at home who spend most of the time outside, in the summer but inside the rest of the time. And a dog who would looove to go explore the mountains and the beaches with you. She (the dog) is a love addict and can become quite exciting while seeing you, barking and jumping on you. Pet her head (or I will) and she'll calm down/ She is very nice, lovely, and has never hurt anyone but can seems quite overwhelming if you're afraid of dogs.
    We live in the mountain, next to a forest, you will meet bugs, goats, mice, snakes and any other living creature loving that kind of surroundings. Our cohabitation is a peaceful one but you have to keep in mind that an animal feeling it is attacked will attack back. Look where you put your hands and feet :)
    Look at the pictures for more details.

  • Algo más...

    Algo más...

    More information and pictures will arrive later. If you're a family with young children, the kids are welcome to come just to have fun too !

  • Un poco más de información

    Un poco más de información

    • Acceso a Internet

    • Acceso a Internet limitado

      Acceso a Internet limitado

    • Tenemos animales

    • Somos fumadores

    • Puede alojar familias

  • Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    Puede acoger a nómadas digitales

    Yes we can, we have an office (with an amazing view on the sea) with a couple desks, with room for more workers :) Our internet connection is an unlimited 4g

  • Espacio para aparcar autocaravanas

    Espacio para aparcar autocaravanas

    I will post pictures of the trailers camping as soon as it it ready :)

  • Podría aceptar mascotas

    Podría aceptar mascotas

    Rainbow the dog and Benny the goat love hosting their furry friends :) The cats are not so enthusiastic but when they don't like our new companions, they just hide away. You have to know though that, right now, there is no fence around the land, so you'll have to know if your pet tend to go away...

  • ¿Cuántos voluntarios puedes hospedar?

    ¿Cuántos voluntarios puedes hospedar?

    Más de dos

  • ...

    Horas esperadas

    5hours/day (with 2 days off) will be expected but you can stay and play as long as you want ;)

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