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Vid and Polona are gracious and kind good hearted people. Down to earth, hard working, sincerely interested in connecting with other and exploring new cultures and willing to share their own. I really found it easy to host these two and enjoyed each new day. They accomplished many tasks important to me and the progress I am trying to make here on improving sustainable environmentally low impact and affordable healthy living for small families. I have learned a ton from these two and it was fun to help them achieve some of their exploration goals through adventuring together.
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We (me and my dogs) had delightful time with Vincenzo and his dog Pepe. He's an interesting mix of maturity and youth. I mean he's a mature man with many stories and knowledge but still ready to play with life (and he really looks much younger than his real age). Hosting him was not so different as host an old friend; he manage all the daily tasks precisely and without any effort and, most of all, he was a great company for me, my dogs and my bunch of friends too. He never complain about the, sometimes rough, weather conditions and his cold room. He's a pretty good cook and he brought some food and his own made "Pecorino" cheese (probably one of the best ones that I tried. Trustable, competent, wise, funny and easy going guy accompanied by a friendly unproblematic dog.
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Mascha been a great addition to the family and very quickly adapted to life with us. She took on all tasks equally excited and helped us greatly in the time she was with us.
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Tamas & Jessica or Tomi and Jessi as we call them... where to start... In this world you have nice people, very nice people, beautiful people, very beautiful people and then you have Tomi & Jessy who are both extremely nice and extremely beautiful people. I feel so blessed we all have had the opportunity to learn to know them and share our day to day with them for a month and a half, that it was really difficult to say goodbye, to let them go... they are the kind of people that you want to keep in your life, very close to enjoy the conversations and the beautiful energy they have. We (me, my house, my children, the puppies, the chickens, Blue and the other workawayers) have a lot to thank to Tomi & Jessi. They are proactive, show initiative, eager to learn new skills, eager to share their knowledge, always in for a good time around the fire sharing some wine a nice/interesting conversations. They are full of life, very open, very loving, respectful and thoughtful. In the time they spend with us they did full field a lot of tasks... besides the everyday tasks that need to be done in the house such as cleaning, laundry, cleaning the wood stove, taking care of the puppies, cooking (some very very nice dishes!!) they did help to bring the wood for the fireplace inside and pile it up in the woodshed, Tomi painted the ceilings and walls in the bathrooms in the second floor, learned to place tiles on the wall so that he could do the walls on the toilet in the garage... they did work together in the garden clearing under the trees, painted the garden wall, they fixed the locks on the garderobe, painted the furniture for the new bedrooms, bring the new floors inside, take care of the chickens, help with grocery shopping... what can I say? They were a blessing!! Always positive, always happy, always thoughtful... made a cake (when I was already gone to sleep) for my birthday so that it would be, and it was, a surprise together with the presents they made (the beautiful art of Jessi!!) and then, before they left they showed me one last thing they have done for me... (a GoFundMe they made to help us continuing with our project!!). We have had some amazing time with them and we sure miss them. We hope to see them soon (they "forgot" a lot of stuff here ;) so they have to come and get it!!). If Tama & Jessica contact you... feel lucky because they are a bless!!
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Dear Jacqueline, thank you for this truly unique experience. To all prospective Worawayers: This is an important stop for you on your travel adventure. You will encounter a part of yourself on your journey and discover a little more about life. If you arrive during the colder winter months you will take part in small but meaningful ceremonies; making wood fires at night, eating wholesome food, listening to enlightening music with much time at your leisure to delve into spiritual pursuits. The surrounding nature will answer your needs. The house pets are kind and the atmosphere is very peaceful. If you arrive during the warmer summer months, the lush vegetation and natural ecosystem along the Rhone river will feed your spirit. Take a deep breath and go back inside of yourself at Jacqueline's place.
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From the moment I walked into the house I instantly felt like a member of the family. Marie, Henrik and the kids all welcomed me with open arms. Thanks for making me feel so at home away from home. They took me on several trips and included me in all of their daily tasks. Besides that I learned a lot about the Danish culture and Roskilde history. I hope I will see you guys again some time and I wish you all the best with the food trading project. May all the good that you give to others come back to you. Tak!
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You won't even know Dave is staying with you except when you need some tasks done! All fairness Dave had just finished a 6-month meditation retreat and my action-packed lively house might have been a bit of culture shock to him but we had a good time nonetheless. Dave is very independent and is studying some computer programming languages and eats less than any other workawayer I've met! so don't worry about your food bills definitely the least needy workaway I've had the pleasure of hosting. Ask him to make his squash and beans it was ammmmmazing!
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It started as a joke.... We were expecting an other Ricardo, also from Portugal. Really a surprise when we met at the station! But Ricardo did immediately his best to integrate and to proof us he could fix everything. I got the idea that Ricardo likes some variation in his work. So he did different things to our place: fix the wood burner doors, carry wood inside, replace the shower head and help us with sanding and painting. Ricardo thank you for coming, we had a nice time all together
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Hey there my lekker gang I already miss your crazy dutch slang and at the bonfire to hang. It was my first Workaway stop with enough wood to chop, all day good music, no Hip Hop. Work doesn’t feel like work when it’s fun. Even when Giel chased me with his Gun. But don’t worry guys you will beat him at exploding kittens in an one-on-one. See you next year
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Beautiful experience!! Living in paradise, in front of the beach, with lovely dogs, cats and other volunteers!! We are very thankful to Stasya and Gris for giving us this opportunity and teaching us so much :) Work consists mostly of walking dogs, feeding them and cleaning, sometimes taking them to the vet and feeding stray dogs. Some food is provided, you'll have your room and wifi. Be ready for some noisy nights with the dogs, but it's definitely worth it, they have so much love to give!! We highly reccomend this amazing place. We'll miss you, thank you for everything!
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It was an excellent experience to have Rachel and Félix at our farm side, they are very hands on, nothing too much for them as they are ready to take up everything as it is related to work and experience. Ready for the job every day at 8 o'clock in the morning. We had very interesting thorough discussions after the work was done. We will be happy to see them back in Barnag. Thank you soo much! Caroline & Bert
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Michelle was an extremely hard worker who really dedicated herself to improving my garden beds and eroded hillside. She was very pleasant and respectful to live with and she adored my pets.
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For us meet Karin was ilke to host a family member. Thank you.
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We arrived at Kim's late November and she made us feel really welcome at her home from the moment we met her. She is an amazing woman who has almost single handedly built her house and finca with skill and determination. Her cooking was exceptional and we were always very well fed - plus a glass of wine was always on offer with some lively evening conversation and friendly company from her family of dogs and cats. Unfortunately we didn't stay as long as we would have liked due to the arrival of winter weather, but we had a very fulfilling nine days undertaking various gardening, landscaping and renovation projects around the finca. We highly recommend Kim as a host to WorkAwayers.
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We are so grateful for the time we got to spend with Koda. She is a very enthusiastic, hard worker who helped us a lot, with no doubt. Naturally, we let her jump on jobs that made her hands dirty like shovelling manure in the rain to prepare the beds for the spring, helping in the compost room where we produce our own soil and building projects. Just because she is such a cool, sporty, confident woman. Koda is a beautiful presence to have around in a community, since she loves connecting closely with people. She caries a sensitivity that gives her the ability to feel where the other person is at, this creates a capacity to build deep relationships. It was a pleasure to watch her relax so smoothly into her new environment and, even more important, within herself here. Thank you Koda!
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I was very happy to work at Jutta´s garden with my son Mauricio in August. She was very kind to us. She knows what is hospitality and friendliness and we got on very well from the first minute. We did not sleep over since we had our own accomodation but we were invited often to visit her and she shared friends and good company. Jutta is a special lady who has a natural joy, she is very easy going and fun to be with. She looks to me like a free spirit who realises how important is “ the now”. She loves singing and she loves laughing. I must say she was of great help with my German. She has come around to visit us during her stay in Spain this winter so she is now our workaway friend.
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Kevin wrote me asking me to come for a short week (5 days) with Bella, at the time I already had 3 workawayers at home and we were expecting the fourth one, so I didn't have the room for somebody else, but as he was coming and staying in his van it was fine! He did help with the painting from the ceilings of the bedrooms and the hallway in the second floor to speed the rehabilitation works. He did kook some amazing Chile sin Carne (Vegetarian Chile) and fix some minor things around the house. He is a quiet and pleasant company that everybody did enjoy and we're very grateful for his help. Bella is a quiet and well educated dog, that follows Kevin everywhere :)
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I spent 3 months in this awesome estate more beautiful than what I had hoped for. I’ve got the opportunity to stay in the tree house for quarantine at the beginning and took advantage of its incredible view. The lanscape is amazing. My job consisted first in gardening. I learned a bit about greenhouse cultivation during that quarantine periode. Then I worked in the house, tidying, cleaning and cooking for the two girls. All that in a relaxing atmosphere. I appreciated a lot the big and well maintained quiet space also during my walks in the street near the house surrounded by greenery. I really enjoyed my stay in that rural part of Meath. Eóin pays close attention to workawayers’ needs and is available. I learned a lot from him. Marthena is very kind. The apartment is comfortable. It was my first Workaway experience and a real nice one. I would highly recommend this workaway host for the atmosphere and the complete kindness of the family.
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I had a wonderful time here. I spent one month helping to build Sean's new home. We didn't finish, but we moved it along pretty well. We wake up around 7, eat breakfast together, then work from 8-12. After that, you have kilometers of unpopulated beachfront to explore, in both directions. Sean has two dogs, two cats, and two horses. He's engaged with the sea turtle rehabilitation project, and offers his land as an educational and experiential headquarters for both animals and people. He gave me a lot of great ideas about how to build a self sustaining business with my own goals and skills. I laughed heartily every day here. At the time, I was working alongside another volunteer, Pablo, and the three of us really clicked. Sean offers some of the best accommodations I've seen a workaway host provide. The food is top quality, the sleeping quarters are very comfortable, the shower is hot and we all worked together to keep it clean. I will remember this place for years, I sincerely hope to run into Sean again down the road. This place is somewhat secluded, so it's best for people who have a little experience traveling. Oftentimes, Sean will rent out his palapas on the beach, and the locals will happily share their food and good vibes with any and every volunteer... so there are opportunities to socialize. One last thing, Sean shut down all the work on one Friday and took us to see local ruins and enjoy the history and culture of the region. He really is very generous with his time, and asks only for four honest hours of work. It's a great deal any way you look at it! Good luck with everything, my friend, please send pictures of the finished house, I am excited to see how it looks when it's done.
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Himarë is my favorite place in Albania right now, and part of that is because of my time at this hostel. I went for the olive season and learned a lot with Luis, Angie and Ariani. Part of our tasks was to cover shifts at the hostel and I also felt very comfortable. The hostel is very nice and quiet with a beautiful garden, and you can always be accompanied with batteria and chocolate, I will miss them. Thanks milton for the experience, and thanks to Gina an Luca, see you soon :)
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