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Jennifer is such a amazing, lovely person! It was always funny to talk with her and spend time together, she took me with to the tennis games, went with me to the art exhibition from her daughter and she drove me often to the next city and such a lot more, so sweet! She is a funny, creative and open-minded person with a good sense of humor. I loved the time with her, it was my first Workaway experience and I can really recommend Jennifer as host!
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Our stay in Nozawa Onsen was amazing and ressourcing with all of the team. The work was always very interesting, we were very welcomed by everyone and felt at home quickly. Also, it was so great to enjoy onsen everyday. Thank you all and maybe see you later ;) Nicky & Pauline :)
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If you love dogs, this is the place to be! Lauries animals (dogs,sheeps and goats) are all very sweet creatures with their own character. Really fun once you get to know them ;). Laurie is flexibel, interesting, generous, passionated about the ranch and a good cook!! You will learn a lot about sheeps, goats and farmlife in general. I had a really good time at Lauries ranch and met some cool other workers. Thanks again Laurie for everything!! I hope I can come back one day!
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We love Asli. She is a warm and nice person who got along with everyone here well. She is also a very efficient helper who always finished the task we gave her perfectly and cooperate with others well. Thank you and you are always welcome to stay with us again!
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Craig was an amazing volunteer! It was great to see him walk in and first explore and then to see him grow every day. He was very good in socializing with our guests and every night (even if he was not working) started up a party and got everyone involved. The fact that he really liked it, you could see because he was always around. I have nothing bad to say about Craig and I want to thank him for being a great volunteer.
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Jerome and Hanako were incredible hosts! We got along great, they were so kind and so welcoming. I cannot recommend them enough. They are working on really amazing and important things with their farm. We worked well together. They were laid back, but knew what they wanted and communication was easy. They were incredibly respectful of our free time. We went on a super fun trip to a local sento and had so much fun cooking together each working day. There were many other activities Jerome invited us to that we sadly couldn't go to because of being a bit sick. But he will always be the #1 Groove Manager. Always looking to have a good time while really working hard on his passion. Genuinely excited for when our paths cross again!
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We have just had beautiful Jim and Jessica to stay with us for 2 weeks and it was an absolute delight to do so. Jim and Jessica are the most fabulous, relaxed and happy couple. Having them around the guesthouse made us all feel happy. They are positive, upbeat and genuinely interested in people. I enjoyed our chats about travel and their lives back home. Jim and Jessica always worked to such a high standard completing their jobs with efficiency and ease. They always turned up on time and gave their best all the time. It made us so happy to see them get on so well with our other two workawayers...doing day trips together and finding common interests. I would recommend Jim and Jessica to any position. I know you will love them just as we have done. We wish them well on their journey and do hope our paths cross again one day.
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Thank you so much to Mary, Ryan and the fam for hosting me for a wonderful week in their southern Chennai home. We played card games, worked on our arithmetic skills, tried new workout ideas, ate family meals and visited Mahabalipuram. Among those activities, I most appreciated the cultural exchange. Having lived in the UK and with worldly mindsets, Mary, Ryan and Vimla were a pleasure to converse with to compare food, language, education, politics and more in India, the US and the UK. Since I did my helping in the evening when Christine came home from school, I had flexibility to do what I desired in the morning and afternoon, whether that meant taking a walk to the beach, taking autos into the city or resting around home. Thanks again Mary and stay in touch!! You and the family are welcome at my place anytime.
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Thanks to Karen, Murray and Geoff for this great experience! I learned so many things during my stay on the Vineyard and had a good time!! The accommodation is very good and very soon the new kitchen for workawayers will be functional. They all like to share their knowledge and are really passionate about wine. The work is very diverse, from clipping and arrange the wires in the Vineyard to weeding and help at the cellar door. The wine is definitely good and Karen is a good cook (very yummy cakes as well). I can absolutely recommend to spend time there if you want to discover the Vineyard and Kiwi life. Kurow is small but very nice and the surroundings are perfect if you like to run or bike. They are bikes for everyone to use on the Vineyard. We were a good team of workawayers and I was very happy to meet Eliza, Gabby, Marianne, Louise and Hannah. I wish you all the best and hope to see you again at some point. The next harvest looks very promising, I hope I will have the opportunity to taste it!
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The best! My time in Querétaro and at Jaime's guesthouse was amazing and I honestly enjoyed everything about it. The work is pretty straightforward housework and some interaction with guests, not too difficult, not so easy that its boring. I always felt like I knew what was expected of me and Jaime was very supportive. The atmosphere at the house is very chill and I immediately felt at home. Jaime is very welcoming and committed to making sure that his guests including his workawayers feel comfortable. I had plenty of free time over my 2 months there to explore the city and take day trips to neighboring towns. Querétaro is truly in a perfect, central location, close to a lot of beautiful towns that are easily accessible by bus. The only México that I had experienced before my trip was coastal México, and while beaches are great, the tourism can prevent you from really experiencing México. I'm glad I chose a city inland, and I'm so glad I chose Querétaro. The central, historical district is beautiful, lively, safe, and best of all Jaime's guesthouse is right in the middle of it. My favorite part of it all was probably the people I met (and Frita, Jaime's dog, she's is the MOST precious). Jaime and all his friends are so lovely and the people of Querétaro are welcoming, kind people so it was easy to make new friends. I'll cherish my time with all of them and I can't wait to visit again!
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Marvin, worked diligently on all gardening tasks required. Friendly, engaged, easy to talk to, a delight. Highly recommended.
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Klara is a passionate fun caring young woman who was very helpful in my home in Ireland for 2 cold winter months. She did a fabulous job minding my home and 6 horses while I was on holidays not once but twice! I never worried a minute about my horses or home knowing she was there. She is so kind I never doubted she would do whatever was needed for them. She is very responsible and tidy and my home looked good upon my return. Klara is a great worker, she. cleaned stables fed horses, cleaned house and even made a few great dinners. She helps out with anything you ask her to and more. Klara’s laugh is infectious, she never stops laughing which makes everyone else smile more. I will hear her laughing in my head long after she is gone. You would be lucky to host her if she chooses you.
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This was my first workaday experience and while at first I was pretty nervous, I can't express how great of an experience this ended up being. Kay is a great host. He's very kind and friendly to all of the staff. He always kept the accommodations stocked with everything we needed and was sure to ask regularly just in case we were missing anything. The accommodation itself is very close to the studio, bus stops and to the metro station so it was easy to get around too. The studio itself has a great environment with friendly and fun students who could even become your friends outside of lessons. I can't recommend this place enough! Thanks Kay for the wonderful experience!
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The hostel: I stayed at the hostel for just over two weeks, and wish it could have been much longer! The hostel is perfectly positioned in Tamsui, with an overwhelming amount of great food and drink options nearby. It is less than an hour away from the centre of Taipei, so pretty convenient for day trips, while having a bit more of a laid back atmosphere. The work; For me, the work consisted of changing beds and cleaning. You only have to work for a few hours every day, including a lunch break with the rest of the team. This is often paid for by the hostel, and on top of this you will receive $70 every working day, and two days off per week which seems very generous. The hostel has a very high standard of cleanliness! So be prepared to put some effort in, especially on weekends when the hostel will be full. It will help a lot if you speak some basic mandarin, and if you are fluent you can also work on the front desk answering calls and checking in guests. The people: Working with the full-time housekeeper, Peggy, was a great chance to practice my Chinese, and we had a lot of laughs along the way. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and we usually chatted for much of the day (despite not really sharing a common language). Carrie made me feel very welcome when I arrived, and we also had some great chats, especially about her travels in Europe and Israel. She was very generous in adjusting my work schedule to fit around my plans, and was always there to offer advice and support. The boss of the hostel is also very nice!! 谢谢你给我的T恤,我将永远珍惜它. The rest of the staff were also great, and so were the other volunteers I met, and so we all had a lot of fun working together. Overall, I could see myself spending months here, but unfortunately my responsibilities prevented that! I am so grateful for my time here and would love to come back again.
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Naomi spent her first workaway experience with us and you wouldn’t know it. She took on every task with grace and steady determination. We are a fast, high energy family and Naomi is very peaceful. If there were tasks she wanted to move slower at she worked longer hours to complete it at her own pace. It was almost like work was a meditation for her. Naomi easily integrated into our family, sharing meals, playing with the kids, and chatting philosophy and spirituality. She only stayed with us 11 days and felt very much a member of the household by the end. I especially appreciated her knowledge of plants, holistic health, and quality cooking. Safe travels Naomi!
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Raquel and Cain stayed with us for 14 days in May 2019. They are a delightful and fun couple and were a pleasure to host. We had many a laugh ! It was also great to discuss our respective cultures, past experiences and future dreams and plans and to introduce them to some classic movies and practice some Bollywood dancing ! Their willingness to attempt all tasks was greatly appreciated and Scarlet was very thankful for all the attention and extra cuddles. Their work ethics and commitment to complete tasks is to be commended and any host would be lucky to have them. It was particularly exciting being able to learn new recipes from both Raquel and Cain and to share some of ours including an exciting pizza night ! We were so pleased that they chose to visit beautiful Kangaroo Island as part of their around Australia travels and to help facilitate their first ever camping experience. All in all Raquel and Cain are a lovely couple who we would gladly welcome back at any time.
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Bo and Tom stayed with us for a little over 2 weeks. It had been over 5 years since we last hosted helpers and Bo and Tom made the experience so easy and enjoyable. They are an easy going, warm and friendly couple that are always polite, considerate and trustworthy. They worked hard and were very thorough, completing all work to a very high standard. They cleaned all our windows (we have a lot), washed cars, helped us with a drainage project and cooked us many delectable vegetarian meals. They also helped me clean the house. We really enjoyed their company, chatting over meals at the dinner table. We would not hesitate in recommending Bo and Tom. They are welcome back here anytime! P.S. Thank you for everything Bo and Tom. We wish you all the best. Xx
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Where should I start? What a nice place. The garden is actually more of a small forest. Accordingly, the work was really fun. There were often different tasks. So I was able to learn a lot about gardening. Kim and Owen are just super dear hosts. And then there is the lovely and very comfortable cat Charlie. They showed me some of the area and we had a lot of nice evenings together. Nevertheless I had enough time for myself and was able to do a very nice hike on Mount Taranaki. I have stayed here for over two weeks and will definitely be back. Decorating the Christmas tree with suitable music and the very tasty Kombucha from Kim will remain in my memory. Thank you so much for this great kiwi experience.
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Freedom, Fire, Fun. Judi, in my eyes, offers a great place to stay. I trusted her and she trusted me after a few days, which isn’t necessarily always the case. That I could basically do things, when and how I wanted, is quite special, compared to my following experiences. This freedom showed me Judis trust again, but also her will to teach things, when the result of my work wasn’t for our satisfaction. I wasn’t expecting a cottage without running water nor digging with a shovel, instead of an excavator. But as an adaptable person, that was gently challenging. And if I would have read her profile even more closely and between the lines a little (general ADVICE), I would have been prepared. We had several camps and bonfires with laughter and me, playing guitar, due to Judis skill to organize me one. Being surrounded by the beautiful nature, was pure joy and enabled me to have fun in the river swimming, hanging out with cows or going on a hike with judi and her friends. I enjoyed every single interesting day!;) Thank you!
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It was a really good workaway experience. Thank you Bharath, Sagar, Parikshit, and all the wonderful people at the farm and resort for a truly warm welcoming stay and accommodating the change in plans which shortened my stay. I learnt a lot about aquaponics. This is my first encounter with aquaponics; I wanted to have an understanding and experience of its processes and daily work and left feeling good about it. Food and accommodation was excellent. I had a nice comfy room most of the time and also got to sleep in a comfy tent during the weekend when the place was full. Meals were Indian vegetarian and really very tasty and in abundance. Enjoyed the daily fresh soft chapatis. I worked 6 hrs a day, 4 in the morning and 2 in afternoon with the other volunteers. The work was not hard at all and was interesting with so many things to experience. I got a chance to teach a few sessions of yoga in the early morning to our small group of volunteers and a few staff. It is always energizing to start the day with yoga. I highly recommend this workaway. Thank you Regards Annie
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