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Risa war eine sehr angenehme freundliche Workawayerin, überaus fleißig und lernbereit. Sie hatte Spaß mit den Tieren und hat die die Freizeit mit uns genutzt - vielen lieben Dank !
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Rohan was a pleasure to host, polite and helpful around the house. He was great company and we always enjoyed our ‘chats’ at mealtimes. We live in a difficult environment and he came with few of the practical skills needed, but rose to every challenge. He was very keen and quick to learn whatever we asked of him. He always completed the tasks we set him to a very good standard and his help in the time he was here has greatly improved our land and home. We would highly recommend him to any potential host.
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Max arrived here before the corona lockdown and kind of got stuck here, for about 4 months...which he didn't mind at all:) And i was very happy about his help and company. He is very skilled in carpentry and concrete. He constructed a beautiful wood cabin, a floor for a yurt, and built forms for concrete, among many other tasks. He is a charismatic and fun person and he made many friends here during his stay. Thanks a lot, Max, and welcome back anytime. Jom
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Danielle is loving, kind and very friendly girl. We loved her being here with us, she was always very helpful and eager to learn new skills. Danielle is also really great with kids, Willy enjoyed her company sooo much. We could only hear laughts from distance:)) Thank you so much for you visit and help. Wishing lots of love, happiness and harmony.

Diana known as Nicki was an absolute delight to host. She is a bundle of energy hard working very keen to undertake work. She is a fun character with a great sense of humour and wise beyond her years. While with us she found my garden by removing the huge density of weeds. She assisted Steve in sorting out his sheds and moving wood around. I think she has many other talents which will surface in due course. Highly recommend.
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Nous avons découvert l’association pendant le confinement et cela nous a fait tellement plaisir de se lever le matin pendant presque 2 mois pour aller voir les chiens du refuge plutôt que de rester à l’hôtel. Le travail n’est pas difficile, on a du temps pour jouer ou câliner les chiens. Quand on travaillait l’après midi on allait manger à la plage avec quelques chiens et c’est les meilleurs moments que nous avons passés! C’est tellement satisfaisant de les voir si heureux à courir sur la plage. On est aussi libre de faire un peu de bricolage pour participer à l’amélioration du refuge. L’ambiance y est bonne, on se retrouve tous chez Marjolein une fois par semaine autour de bonnes pizzas. On a pu rencontrer d’autres volontaires avec qui on a partager pleins de bons moments au refuge et en dehors, avec qui nous sommes toujours en contact. C’est admirable de voir qu’il y a encore des personnes comme Marjolein, qui donne autant pour le bonheur de ces chiens de refuge que beaucoup ignorent ici au Pérou. Merci pour cette superbe expérience que nous n’oublierons pas. Ps: Prenez pleins de photos des chiens car ils vont vous manquer!
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A POWERFUL WORKER We have enjoyed having Elin participate in our project. She was a strong and efficient worker and showed good energy and enthusiasm. She was very kind towards our family and the other guests and was always offering her help around the house, even when she was not on the kitchen team of the day. We are very happy that Elin joined us and hope that she will visit us again sometime in the future.
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VERY KIND AND HIGH IN SPIRIT It was a great pleasure to have Sophie staying with us. She is a very positive and energetic person, and she remains positive throughout a day of hard work. She was very kind towards us, our guests and our kids. She took her time to listen to them, play with them and put an effort into teaching them English. She remained curious about our project, she was very interested during our lectures, and she was eager to learn new skills. We had a great time with Sophie and would recommend her to any host.
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Lincoln's hostel is an amazing place, great location, beautiful historic building and i love you Lincoln and Jennie always in my heart. This was my first time volunteering at a hostel and it was an amazing experience. i learned knowledge at the reception desk checking in and out guest .The cleaning was simple and basic, watering the plants was enjoyable as i love nature.. I ended up staying for (6) six months do to the lock down covet 19 and would not have wanted to be any other place. To all the other volunteers that i me at Lincolns i love you all and the good memories i will hold dearly in my heart. xoxoxo....and "i will be back Happy Smiles :)
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KIND AND INTELLIGENT It was a great pleasure to welcome Nathan to our project. He was very kind towards our family and other guests, and he took his time to talk with our kids and help them when needed! He is an intelligent guy and has a strong creative talent – especially within the music. We cant wait to hear his finished symphony! We have enjoyed Nathan staying with us and wish him the best of luck in his way.

Catherine stayed with me for 10 days in July. She was absolutely wonderful I could not have asked for more. She is super organised and does not need to be asked to do things that need doing - she just gets on does them. She was a pleasure to have in my home and a lot if the time looked her own food to suit her IBS diet which made things easier for me. I thoroughly recommend Catherine as a Workaway.

Thank you John & Paula for our extended stay! We can't say thank you enough for letting us stay during Corona outbreak, 3 months went by so fast! Thanks to you we are still in beautiful Australia. We loved how you were very involved, interested and patient in showing us the ropes. Having a little place of our own on your property was very nice! Nature amazed us every day! Even if it was a possum fight on top of the caravan. Mount Nebo has a special little place in our hearts.
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I absolutely could not have asked for a better host to begin my Workaway experience. Teena is a respectful, intelligent, understanding, and very aware person. She is also not afraid to tell you how things are without sugarcoating them, a trait I feel is rare and very respectable. I am not always the quickest to warm up to new people but within a couple days I felt as if I had known Teena for many years. She made me feel welcome, encouraged me to provide ideas, and wasn't afraid to work alongside me and get her hands dirty. She was able to keep me plenty busy during the few weeks I was at her home and I hope to return during the cooler months to assist with additional projects. Thank you Teena for making me feel at home and being a great friend.
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John was a great host! He told me to help myself to anything in the fridge or pantry, and taught me how to use a chainsaw. He was always down to take breaks to chat, and was a very caring guy; he went over to check on his neighbor while I was there. He was generous with his time and told me of a lot of cool stuff to do in the area in my afternoons.
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My time at Garganta La Olla was one of the great experiences of the last years. I spent 10 days in the farmand they were all wonderful. Jose and Andrea welcomed me as if I were a longtime friend and I left feeling like part of the family.
The place is beautiful, very peaceful and everything connects us to what is essential in life. I spent most of the time cleaning a path that passes through the farm and helped with watering and other little things. I met special people and, for sure, I am going to keep in touch with them for a long time. This farm will always be on my way. Thank you!
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This was my first workaway experience and it's safe to say that Linda and Phil set the bar extremely high for future experiences. I spent a little over 2 weeks on their farm and enjoyed every minute. Phil and Linda are truly committed to their workaways and the experiences you get with your time in the Bitterroot Mountains. There are numerous small tasks to be completed around the place, and the hosts are both very laid back in how those are to be completed. They make you aware of their expectations and trust that you can complete the task but are happy to help if needed. The work hard play hard mentality is lived on this farm as we had many long days that were often rewarded with fun hikes, thrift shop runs, and loads of delicious food. I will never forget my time with these folks and the friends I made along the way! Thanks again Linda and Phil!
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We spent with Andreas and Peggy and Dimitra and dog called Bobo and cats almost three weeks. When we send them our request for staying there I wrote that we are searching some paradise where we can help and Andreas answered that is not the paradise..but for me this is! It was really hard to leave this place and this family. I felt we have very similar values, mindset and view on the life. I found the place where I can imagine that I could live there of rest of my life. I really want to see these beings again! And see how will look this place few years later. And also to talk with Dimitra, I love her! She is lucky that has wonderfull parents - I believe that if everyone will have parents like Andreas and Peggy this place on the Earth will be much better for living. Andreas and Peggy inspired me lot. I am feeling that we are with Andreas very similar and with Peggy we had deep and very nice conversations. It was really sharing of their living. I think I will start to make my place very similar like they and I hope that I will find people like this family (if not I will contact Andreas ! :) ) because I believe that is important to cooperate with each other and make small communities. And I am feeling like I am part of this family forever! And this farm will be a important part of my heart. Doesn't matter that propably I will live so far from them. Actually they are building some kind of community thanks to workaway and I happy that I am include. About work and task: They are keeping a balance between work and rest so everyday we had big rest and sometimes we were going on the beach together. We ate very tasty food together all the time, sometime we cooked but mostly Peggy prepared tasty meal. Our daily routine was watering and take care about chicken (collect eggs, feeding, cleaning coop, turn compost, etc). We did lot of transplation of plants and trees. We take care about trees nursery - Andreas loves trees:). We prepared a winter garden for planting. We were making bread and marmelade and tomatoes sauce. We collected seeds to store in their seeds bank. We made a solar dryer for fruits and vegetables. We harvested some honey from bees. It was also harvest time of onions and other veggie and fruits. Sometime we did babysitting for Dimitra. And the biggest project was to make a cob floor in the house. Thank you verry much for new experiences and opportunity to stay this nice time with you! I will miss you lot. Also I will miss the view from the farm for mountains which is magicaly. I should stop because I could writte much more but words are not important - just go there to help them and you will realize what about I am trying to write here. The world has hope if we will share and spread a energy of a live which they have.
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I love Natassia! ❤️ She’s a fantastic girl! She was supposed to stay two weeks and she stayed two months instead. I miss her very much. She is an intelligent girl, full of sense of humour, discreet but present and attentive, she was very loving towards my furry babies, and they quickly learned to love her. Always kind and gentle, took great care of me too, cooked wonderfully, always present but reserved at the same time. Clean, tidy, organised and always caring and on time. A very good guest and became a great friend! I miss Natassia very much and my home will always welcome her with open arms! ❤️

I spent exactly one month at Frank and Alex place. Their place is surrounded by nature and they have many kinds of sweet animals which I instantly fell in love with. During my stay, I enjoyed many kinds of tasks and spending time with cute animals and nice people was just priceless! I had a lot of my first-time experiences here like walking with llamas, alpacas, and camels, having typical German food, and Hessen food(All food Alex made were always delicious). Even just working with animals itself was my first time. Seeing many llamas, alpacas, camels and so on.. cute animals every single day was so special for me. Frank and Alex are the ideal bosses everyone wants to have. They have a big and warm heart, always have good communication with every single team member with a smile. All team members are very passionate about what they do and I was really impressed by that. They are cool and lovely people as well. They make a good atmosphere always.I’ve been so grateful for joining this cool team. I wish I’d understood German more. But, this feeling made me learn German more, and even though my German language skill is still really bad, thanks to them, I learned a lot here. If you are animal lovers and want to see cool people in Germany, I’d recommend this amazing place! All and all, I definitely had good experiences here. Vielen Dank!
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