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Kim es muy agradable, amistosa y muy linda , nos ayudo mucho en todas las diferentes actividades que hay que hacer en nuestro proyecto para que avance y funcione bien , además su cocina es deliciosa .
Comentario hecho por Kim por Help with a small eco-project ...

Adèle et Marceau got deeply involved in the projects we presented. They are creative, independant, responsable and very kind. Their work is determined and active. While they were here they also discovered a passion for gardening and making chocolate from our cacao beans. It was beautiful to see some passions develop and how they were discovering many things they liked and poured their energy into. We really appreciated having them here. We shared many laughs and interesting conversations and we also learned many things from them. We are certain every host will be more than pleased to have them. We wish them the best!
Comentario hecho por Adèle por Learn about permaculture, ...

What a wonderful experience was hosting Angie and Bas!!🥰 They are an amazing couple and we loved to share two weeks with them. They are absolutly educated, intelligent, sympathetic and hard workers. Angie made a great job in the greenhouses, tiding and organising everything. They built raised beds for the aromatic herbs. Bas was also working building a workhouse and the stables. They are also awesome with the animals! Besides all of these skills they made an incredible Dutch lunch. They are part of our inner circle now, good friends and part of our family. I hope they come back soon!
Comentario hecho por Angie por Help me build a sanctuary for ...

I hardly know where to begin with describing Simon. I don't think there is anything he cannot do! First, he built a 24 square meter greenhouse from scratch, including telling and fertilizing the land (organically and permaculture-style) and then creating trenches for irrigation and adding layers of branches, leaves and other matter to create an ongoing, long-term compost system. Then he tackled re-building a chicken coop. Then he removed months of weeds (by hand) from between the hundreds of stones of a 300 square meter terrace. Then he weeded and re-soiled the terrace's garden beds, and then covered them with organic wood chips ground from the chestnut trees in the forest. The place has never looked so good! To top it off, he is a trained professional chef ... and his creative cuisine is exquisite. He made use of everything he could find growing on the forest and gardens (various kinds of mushrooms, cèpes, squashes, herbs, etc.) to create incredible soups, risottos, veggie-burgers, salads,... He generously made meals for all the Workawayers and me ... and when I couldn't be there, he kindly delivered my portions to me for later. I cannot wait until he returns next Spring for a (hopefully) much longer stay. Thank you so much for everything, Simon. You are welcome back any time at all.
Comentario hecho por Simon por Woodworking, stonemasonry, ...

We deeply appreciated Sarah & Alexia. They are two very clever, present and kind persons. They were independent in their projects and both in their own way brought a very personalised side to the projects they worked on. They are caring and attentive. We were very happy to host them, we shared many laughs and very interesting conversations. We wish them the best of luck! They are a pleasure to host.
Comentario hecho por Sarah por Learn about permaculture, ...

My time at VeGa was indeed one of a kind, from the people to the project I could not recommend this place more! The community Gabriel and Veronica are putting together is truly inspirational. I arrived at the end of harvest season but due to weather conditions, it was possible to harvest some cacao and begin the process of fermentation and drying. Due to my short time at VeGa it was not possible to complete the whole process of roasting the cacao but the desire and work put in by everyone to try to give me the opportunity to roast the cacao was greatly appreciated! Getting to live and interact with local people on a daily basis is what travel is all about for me and at VeGa there is no shortage of this, spending time with Gabriel, Isis & Bryan learning about Honduras is something that really made this a unique experience for me. The work put in by the whole team Gabriel, Veronica & Isis is amazing and it shows as this project has only been running for just over one year, the progress these guys have made is immense. I know I will return to VeGa during the harvest season to experience the full process and spend time with these wonderful people once again! Buen viaje hermanos y mucha suerte en Madrid :)
Comentario hecho por Sustainable living community ... por Hannah

I had a lovely time at Ben and Diana’s place. They are very kind and generous People and you can learn soo much from them. The food always was really good and you are very welcome to prepare something from your culture. The work in the garden and with the seeds varied and was always nice and very interesting. I recommend this place to everyone who really wants to reconnect with nature, learn about saving seeds and spend some time with some wonderful people. Thank you guys so much for having me :D
Comentario hecho por Saving seeds and living in ... por Lili

we are very thankful for Daniela's support at our school. The communication was smoothly and she managed our garden so well. Daniela is someone that can take responsibility, has shown so much interest and curiousity in what we do. It was great to get to know her. A positive and joyous person!

Well-read on numerous topics including nature, history, technology, and business, Juan is on an inspiring journey and always open to sharing with & listening to his guests over lemonade, lunch, mate, dinner, and river expeditions. The work is varied & smooth but a minor reason Juan has this listing; more importantly, he strives to be of service to his community—locally and globally—by educating others about the importance of coexisting with nature as opposed to fighting her. From the quaint property nestled in the mountains & teeming with life to the fluctuating river and charming town, this opportunity allows the volunteer to appreciate & connect with nature and celebrate life's simplicity.
Comentario hecho por Help, learn, teach and share ... por Richard

It was a wonderful support for our school to have Dmitry staying with us for those weeks. He is kind and caring towards both the children and others. His positive spirit and kind approach made it easy to connect and communicate. The day flowed well and his skills were such a support for us. it was great he stayed with us. Thank you Dmitry.
Comentario hecho por Dmitry por Come and help at our ecologic ...

I couldn't have asked for a better first Workaway experience. The first night I arrived, Kenan picked me up from the bus station and brought me directly for dinner to meet his friends and family to get a feel for Mersin culture. He made me feel comfortable and listened to my needs from the get-go. You are always well fed, the coworkers on the farm are so loving and hard-working, the sleeping conditions are great. I was sick for two days and Kenan was very patient with my recovery and made sure I had everything I needed to feel better. Every day the fellow workers on the farm will ask you for help, you end up working at the times you want for the most part. When you are done work for the day, Kenan takes the time to show you the surroundings, the locals or you can just relax on the farm with Frank (the dog). Would recommend the experience in a heartbeat. keep in mind this is a cattle farm so get used to shoveling poop hahah
Comentario hecho por Experience farmlife with ... por Annie

I stayed three weeks at Priscille her lovely house/farm. She is a really open, enthousiast and energetic person and she makes sure you feel at home right away. The work existed mostly about taking care of the animals in the morning, a little garden work and making the apartments ready to rent out. I had some lovely walks with Boosty in the surroundings and Priscille took me for a beautiful walk with her friends. It was a great first workaway experience and I really would recommend Priscille as a host if you like to be near the mountains, love to work with horses/animals and fancy a real Swiss fondue ;).
Comentario hecho por Discover life in an ... por Noor

Jeanne was a joy to host on our farm. During her time with us she actively participated in whatever tasks needed to be done, and it was wonderful to watch her grow and gain skill and confidence. Her kind and caring nature made her a great fit for helping out with the daily animal care, and her dedication to doing a job well made her a valuable asset. She asked questions when she needed clarification, worked well independently and with our other volunteer, and was a pleasure to welcome into our home and our lives. She has a creative imagination and a playful spirit that made our evening crib games even more fun. We wish her all the best in her future adventures and hope to see her again one day.
Comentario hecho por Jeanne por Small homestead looking to ...

Es war sehr schön hier. Chris war immer sehr hilfsbereit, bspw wenn man krank war oder sich berletzt hat. Außerdem gab es viele freiwillige und tolle Angebote neben der Arbeit mit den Kindern. Ich habe mich hier sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Vielen Dank lieber Chris und Familie.
Comentario hecho por Help our community in the ... por Antonia

This efterskole was such an amazing and unique experience! You feel fully immersed in the school and danish culture! The students and teachers are really excited to meet you, and there is always something to do, whether it is playing pool, board games, or joining an activity class. The work is very minimal, and you get access to unlimited delicious food. The house the workawayers get is so nice, spacious and facilitates a great community between workawayers! Lucas is a legend! Couldn’t recommend this place enough! This is an opportunity for a lifetime
Comentario hecho por Come and volunteer at a ... por Angus

The phone ring and a person ask me to stay one night, because he was find the farm via the website. I say Yes because I like to meet new people. Roel was a really nice boy with so much knowledge and skills about gardening, maintenance and living in community. Finally he stay 2.5weeks and help so much in the farm. He is organize and working hard with all the tools. Warm recommendations.
Comentario hecho por Roel por Organic farm, permaculture ...

Sean was my first workaway guest and I have really enjoyed the time spent together. Not only did he do what we agreed (a beautiful paining of a deer on plywood), he himself suggested to do some additional artwork (an owl and an eagle). He is a very kind and respectful human being and I am happy to have met him and honoured to have his artwork in my yard.
Comentario hecho por Sean por Come help with gardening and ...

They stayed for 2 weeks and help me level the backyard, plant the grass, cut branches, build stairs, decks, etc. We shared meals and had overall a good time. I appreciate their suggestions and judgment in doing the work!
Comentario hecho por Laura por Use my place to explore ...

We stayed for 2 1/2 weeks with Einav and Ariel and loved our first workaway experience with them. The work we did consisted mostly of woodwork and painting to make the outdoorkitchen winter- and weather proof. The two were attentive to find worktasks which suited our skills and preferences. During the week, after work, we had super delicious and healthy lunch together. Other than that our highlights have also been visiting the amazing waterfall nearby and petting Shoyo (a dog) and the two cats. For us it was a good mix between working together and getting to know each other better from day to day and having the free time in the afternoon and evening to ourselfs, enjoying the place and our cosy tent. Thanks for having us and all the best! :)
Comentario hecho por Help build organic health ... por Anne

Great guy, chill, and hardworking. He built a small palisade as a retaining wall for the garden. I'd definitely have him over again, even just to hang out.
Comentario hecho por Jurica por Use my place to explore ...