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4 dic 2023
Anna & George are a great coupe and working team. They were very helpful during their time here they supported different shelter activities, they can communicate in spanish which is an advantange in South America and keep always an smile in their faces. They did a great job in shelter, even help taking Cookie to the veterinarian as she was very sick, fortunately se recovered positively! Thanks for all the support, we always need giving hands and big hearts like yours to keep this doggy project running. Wish u both the bests!
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4 dic 2023
Paula was awesome! She fit right into our family and really hit it off with our son over video games and their mutual love of cats- he is still asking when Paula is coming back and there were lots of tears when she left. Mama Cat also misses Paula and all the love she got from her! Paula stayed for a week and helped out with Christmas cards, raking, gardening and did some tutoring with our son. We learned so much about your culture and are so grateful for the week we had with you!
Comentario hecho por Paula por Help us around the house ...

4 dic 2023
Stepan and Anna are two really nice couple from Russia, was a pleasure to have them here. My entire family loves them. And they have a brazilian born baby, who trust me.... Daniel its the nicest baby I ever met. So sweet, chill, quiet and have the best smile ever. The Kid will for sure bring the best atmosphere to your place. I guarantee. Looking forward for them to comeback already. Overall the good things, they also cook very good russian food.
Comentario hecho por Stepan por Help with DIY and gardening ...

4 dic 2023
I easily can get emotional writing about this dude, just dropped him at the bus station.. He's definitely the best volunteer I had. Good to work with, good to talk with, good making food, hard work, very gentle with strangers and easy going. Hope comeback one day as a volunteer or just to visit. Always welcome!!
Comentario hecho por Lucian por Help with DIY and gardening ...

4 dic 2023
Hellen is a great person and a box of suprises, she has many talents! She is a kind and calm spirit. During her time in here she was very helpful take caring our dogs and keep their spaces clean and safe. She also was the feeder and doggy chef somedays, they didnt comply so they were happy with the meals :) She helped us taking picture during a dog event. She spent her birthday in our place and we had a great night with all the volunteers, she cooked delicious sweets for everybody. Thanks for all your support!

4 dic 2023
We enjoy having Sabrina as part or the team. She was very responsible and comply with all the task assigned, she also shower our dogs! She has a very good attitude, get along with other volunteers and really love to spend time with dogs and pups even in her free time. We recommend her for other volunteer oportinities specially related to animals. Thank u!

4 dic 2023
Thank you for having me here. I feel fortunate to have experienced such a beautiful and meaningful time. The people at this school are incredibly kind. Spending time with students and teachers sparked new ideas and feeling within me. I also had a wonderful time with the other workawayers, even though it was a short period. We shared many things. wonderful encounter. I helped in the kitchen and with cleaning, it never felt like work due to the nice atmosphere. I had the opportunity to participate in a cooking class that we made sushi together. It was a happy and memorable moment. Grazie mille, Luca, for everything. it will stay with me for long time. I really appreciate it. The surroundings were beautiful, the room was comfortable, the food was excellent, people I met here amazing. If you plan to visit Denmark, I highly recommend staying here. Thank you so much!
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4 dic 2023
This couple would be rated amongst our favorite ever workawayers.. They are both very skilled in their respective areas of expertise and were happy to put their skill to good use helping me build a kitchen, renovate a bathroom, cooking delicious food and cleaning the house till it was shining. They stayed with us for over a month and we would have been quite happy to host them for longer. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering hosting them. Many thanks guys and all the best for your next adventures!! ☺️
Comentario hecho por Jean-Michel por Gardening, Maintainance, ...

4 dic 2023
Tim , Beth & Betty I would like to say a ton of thank you . All of you made me feel like I was at home , Actually it was a great stay. I stayed for 20 days. Everything was perfect. They welcomed me to share in all of their activities that included church visits , going to the clinic where dr TIM works , going to the city on different occasions , visiting Nordic museum , parties ......and more. oh , I also did shores like gardening , kitchen help & cooking meals Actually , I spent three weeks on a wonderful island with a great, nice, lovely family . Sure , i will come back again as it is a home away from my home Thanks again 🥰
Comentario hecho por Help us with our hobby ... por Mohamed

4 dic 2023
One of the most educated people I have worked with. He is super friendly and helpful. He was really interested in teaching our students here in the institution. He also gave me a nice English book to find suitable activities for the kids. They loved him as well. It was a marvellous opportunity to work with a gentleman like that. Definitely looking forward to working with him again.
Comentario hecho por Kaloian por Come and teach English in ...

4 dic 2023
Staying with Sonia and Oswald was a pleasure. We had a really great time, the working hours were perfect and they always got everything we needed :) We would stay there again! Really recommended :)
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4 dic 2023
Rita hosted me for 2 weeks and I had a really good time with her. We had the habit of eating every meal together and we used to have pleasing conversations. She has a good sense of humor and can be hilarious when she come up with her sarcastic comments. The house is really comfortable and the landscape is gorgeous. The tasks vary a lot according to the house needs, but the workload is not heavy. I'll miss Rita and her dogs and cats. I had a great stay in Olmué.

4 dic 2023
This has been a rewarding experience, and I'm very grateful to take part in caring the huskies with Heli and Teemu. The tasks can sometimes be challenging, but it can be worth it seeing how well the dogs are looked after! Our main tasks includes feeding and cleaning the dogs, however there are some other tasks to do depending on the day and schedule. I also got to participate in dog sled training, and I think it's a big highlight for me to see how amazing the huskies are, and of course to see how they are trained by Heli and Teemu. I also had a good cultural exchange experience, like having coffee and sauna everyday and having freshly baked Aunt Hanna cookies! Overall, I enjoyed my time with everyone and every dog. Kiitos for an unforgettable experience.
Comentario hecho por Help us look after our ... por Chin Ann

4 dic 2023
Thank you very much for supporting our school and for kids, Dylan! You were very supportive and hardworking. You have a great communication skill. It helped a lot. We all loved you and enjoyed staying with you We are glad you had a great time and would welcome you back anytime. Keep in touch!! Best of luck to you.
Comentario hecho por Dylan por Experience as a local and ...

4 dic 2023
Neither Niki, nor Sam and I, can remember why we had been in touch with Niki, but it was the best thing we had ever done. After a bit of delay due to Niki’s other work, he finally came to us and filled our lives with laughter, great work ethic and Jobs very well done. If you choose Niki to be your workawayer then you won’t regret it. He is diligent, hard-working, intelligent, extremely respectful, very helpful, agreeable, and a lot of fun to be with. Any work we gave him was completed quickly and thoroughly. He worked very well with Sam, helping him place the boulders or stones and learning how to make concrete in a concrete mixer, (not just a bucket!), how quickly it sets, haha, and then getting the water flow right. He also completed several other tasks in the garden, some of them tedious, and never had a negative comment about any of it, the weeding, the hoeing, and, of course, speeding around on the mower which we use to cart things around the lifestyle block. And, of course, he helped heaps with my computer and putting on our security package that the shop had done incorrectly and charged me $300 to do. And not to mention our phones. You are a Gem , Niki. We would welcome him back any time he wanted to come. Thank you, Niki. We really DO miss you!!
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4 dic 2023
Staying with Allison and her family was such a gift! I stayed with them just under a week, when Allison needed help with some weed management and planting of native plants. She was very courteous about the work, making sure that I had enough rest. I felt it was relatively easy, and a great trade for the food and accommodation! I had a private room to myself, and a bathroom that I shared with the family. I usually made myself breakfast, but would have lunch and dinner with the family. Allison always cooked a tasty, nutritious meal. I also got to go into the National Park on my day off, which was certainly one of the highlights of my entire trip to New Zealand. Allison lent me a mountain bike that I rode from their farm to the trailhead, and then I walked in from there. The weather was gorgeous, and it was truly one of the most magnificent valleys I’d ever been in. The walk was gentle, and I took it slowly and made it last the whole day. Thank you Allison (and your family) for hosting me for such an enjoyable and fulfilling experience!
Comentario hecho por Come to help our family and ... por Rafi

4 dic 2023
Dear Damien and Johanne! It's been a long time since you were here, but you absolutely deserve to get feedback from us here in Laukvik! We are incredibly happy that you took the chance to come to us! You are young people who put your soul into the work you do, and you don't give up until the work is done. I didn't get to spend much time with you myself, when I was temporary at the shop, but to come home and see that things still happened around the house in my absence, the grass was cut, the flower beds were weeded, the hedge trimmed... what a luxury! I often think of you and wonder what you are doing. and I wonder if Damien had better luck fishing with the hooks he got from us :) I wish you all the best in life, and I hope we can meet you again one day! There is always coffee and tea in the house, if you come back to Lofoten, I hope you will stop by. Big hug from Linda, Bjørn-Arvid, Julianne and Sunniva!
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4 dic 2023
What a place to stay. We would like to thanks again (and again) Sanna and Ellis for the experience. To be honest, one of the best to us in NZ. It was short (10 days), but we could stay so much more (seriously) It was beautiful, fun and we did works very interesting. If you want a workaway, you can not ask more than they offered to us. 2 amazing peoples we will always remember. Thanks to the others travellers who were here with us for that time. Very good mood between everybody. It was like a small village. Don't hesitate to go a this place!
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4 dic 2023
What a great experience! Everything was exactly as described, the work was simple and carried out quickly. The team is really incredible, we were made to feel very welcome and very quickly at home... Thank you to all of them and especially to Fatima who really makes this place a perfect safe place! Beware: time passes differently in Glendalough! Everything goes so quickly and slowly at the same time ahahah!! But we never get bored. You'll leave with your heart full of sweetness and your head full of memories. Thank you 1000 times and see you next time, xxx Jo

4 dic 2023
Our beautiful familyyyyy!! The title of this review is gonna be: JUST COME HERE! YOU WILL LOVE IT! NO REGRETS, I CAN MAKE SURE THAT IT WILL BE ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE! I can't believe it's been four months since we spent that month in Laukvik... it's been a blink of an eye!! We miss every single one of you, Sunniva and the way she made us laugh, specially to Alexis and how loving she was to him... (was she? hehe), my gorgeous Julianna and our song (It's me, hi, i'm the problem it's meeee), the make up contests, movie evenings with the midnight sun shining through the window... what a timeeee!! YAAAS GIRLS! And what about you Linda??? Our late chats in your sofa with a mango and passionfruit radler, you dancing while we were dealing with the fabric for the carrots, your stories about norwegian traditions, the way you made us feel part of the family and not workers AT ALL! you got involved in the job the same way as we did or more, even though sometimes you didn't feel well... Linda brought us to beautiful places and she took us to the coffee shop to have sometime together in a cozy atmosphere <3 Bjord, I wish we could have spent more time with you but we already know for sure that you are as amazing as your family! The job was so varied, from filling bags with sand to help cleaning the house or weeding! We even went for a checkout to the cottage at 10.30 pm on their boat across one of the fjords in the area! Just mind-blowing <3 Most of the time it wasn't hard, just when we had to lift the bags to put them in the field but we were 5 people and we had great music on Linda's phone so it was great! Linda gave us all the food in the world and more! We could cook whatever we wanted and the family would be always grateful for every meal! She will always look for our comfort, always asking if we needed something, if we were tired, etc... Also, she let us go for trips and she took us to every place we needed because the bus connection are not really good! Everything was easy, both communication and understanding :) It's true that the schedule is not always the same, but you'd be helping with farming and in Lofoten the weather is changing constantly so will your schedule! Communication is key and Linda would arrange any proposal you might have! About the accomodation, the house was beautiful and the kitchen was huge so we could cook different things at the same time! We had a nice little room for us, we had our privacy at night but most of the time we spent it in the living room all together :) Good wifi connetion by the way! To add something else: our next host was living in Skrova and after the month we spent there, we had to go to Svolvaer and there take the ferry to Tromso for our next host. But from the ferry from Skrova to the ferry to Tromso we would have had to walk 20 minutes with a lot of luggage... What did Linda? She came all the way from Laukvik to Svolvaer just to take us to the ferry to Tromso so we didn't walk that distance... We will always be so grateful for that and for all the rest!!! And on top of that, she kept some our luggage during that month in Skrova. Readers, I can tell you not every host would do all of this! Keep it in mind! Moreover, we got to meet a life-lasting friend, Martina, who with we spent the funniest moments ever! We did a two-day trip with her and we discovered Lofoten... it was astonishing! We were a really good team! Thanks for this as well family :) Please, Linda, Bjord, Sunniva and Julianna just keep being like this, you give all your workawayers the best experiences, laughs, amazing moments that they will always remember! See you very sooon! You will always be in our hearts <3 Love you forever, Nuria and Alexis
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