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    Interested in: nature, learning about permaculture, finding purpose, understanding energetic freqencies, sharing my path with others and getting to know more inspiring and wonderful human beings

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    Hey there, my name is Nicolas!

    I have a kind of curvy road behind me since finishing high school in 2015.

    Even before I finished high school I had already signed to become an officer in the German army for 13 years. But after a couple of months I didn’t feel well there, especially not for staying another 12 years.

    This is when I went into business for myself becoming an autonomous insurance broker, advising soldiers throughout Germany. In this period my success was about the money, and it took around a year to find myself quite devastated, empty, lonely, sad and depressed.

    I then took a radical decision to sell everything I had to go backpacking in Australia – I need to admit that watching “Into the Wild” more than once might have had some impact on me.

    Being in Australia I also realised I was running away from something in Germany, from my family, expectations as well as some personal responsibilities.

    I came home after half a year and started physics at university. Probably everyone apart from me realised that this was a really bad idea, since I had never been that enthusiastic about math. Six weeks later I realised it too and went on workaway again.

    I was very happy to find a family in Alta, northern Norway, where I could experience the musher lifestyle first-hand. I got to train 10 of the host’s 23 huskies for 4 weeks, preparing them for the race season and ultimately the Finnmarkslopet, Europe’s longest sled dog race.

    Back in Germany I continued trying to find a course at university that I might be interested in, but while attending some new courses I realised that I couldn’t find real value or truth in many things that got taught, and that eventually I didn’t want to invest my energy in these topics.

    In 2020 I workawayed in Norway again as well as in northern/middle Sweden and returned to Germany in October to earn some money.

    Reflecting about these years, I can see both good and bad things. I think it’s healthy to have a record of cleaning and purging since attachment does not always allow the evolution of our existential project. Clinging on and finishing things for no deeper purpose, or success without purpose, is meaningless. On the other hand, I can see I have a lot of fears. The fear of giving everything and still failing, or maybe the fear of giving everything without being on the right path, and thus no real meaning behind any success or my life. Because in the end, we all want to have meaningful lives. We all want to do something we can believe in - we all want to be a part of the solution.

    The positive side is that a lot of what I didn’t finish was 1) not spiritually awakening 2) stealing time from me to find out something about this path. So in the end I think I can be grateful for not simply following people around me whose vision is to follow society in the best way possible, with safe jobs, even if no deeper meaning or purpose can be found.

    This is what lead me to my current situation :)

    I'm currently planning my visit to Costa Rica to learn first-hand about permaculture, regenerative farming and self-sustainability.

    Over the past months I've been diving into documentaries about these topics, and now I want to be out there and make an actual change.

    In my recent path I've been changing my path quite a bit, changing to a vegan diet, taking part in a 10 day Vipassana retreat as well as having some working experiences in nature and with farming. I've read books about personal development and stoicism, finding strength and inspiration in living a value-based life and developing purpose through serving.

    Yet, despite everything, I can still feel that I'm holding myself back from truly shining, from creating my dream life, from being myself. Sometimes I have the feeling that the whole universe is flowing through me, and I want to help myself to surrender to this flow, this energy and to my own nature. I want to immerse myself in nature and embrace other people and myself.

    At the moment I feel I have everything to give, to myself and Mother Earth. The more I see I can learn, the more energy I get. I want to really transform my life.

    You will find in me an understanding, compassionate, soft and loving being with endless energy and hunger to learn, do and embrace the beauty of life and its people.
    Also because of difficulties with my family, I always dreamt of living in a small, loving community, where you can be yourself without fear. I have a huge heart once I open up, and I would like to share it with people and create bonds, trust and love.

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    Sailing / Boating
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    Charity work
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    DIY and building projects
    Life at a Farmstay
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    Animal Care
    Charity Work
    Language practice
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    Mushing with 10 race huskies, preparing them for the Finnmarkslopet, Europe's longest sled dog race & caring for 23 huskies on a daily basis

    Gardening, landscaping, painting, planting

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    German: Fluent
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    Able to teach German or English, interested in learning Spanish

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    Let's heal the planet, little by little
    Let's heal spiritually, together

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