What is it like to fall in love through Workaway?

You know what they say… it’s not about where you go, but who you travel with! While the world is full of eye-opening experiences for us to fall in love with, what makes travelling truly that amazing is all the people we get to connect with along the way. And sometimes, you might just bump into that special someone who will make your adventures take on a completely different meaning!
Over to Workawayer Lisa, who has found love while – you guessed it – on one of her many Workaway adventures…!

Workaway might not be designed as a “matchmaker” business, but it certainly worked wonders for me! ” — Lisa

I met my boyfriend, Jeremy, in March 2017 when we were both Workawaying on a permaculture farm in New Zealand. Two and a half years of travel adventures and several more Workaway projects later, we are still happily together, and thankful for the platform that connected us to so many wonderful experiences (and each other).

Travel far enough to discover true love

Before we met, I was traveling and participating in Workaway projects on my own. Being the most long-term volunteer on the permaculture farm, I was in charge of managing the other Workawayers who came and went each week. It was an amazing experience having met so many wonderful people, some of whom became close friends, weekend excursion partners, and some others remain pen pals to this day.

Soon after Jeremy arrived, I had an instant feeling that he would be one of those people.. His easy-going demeanor meant that he got along well with everyone in the group, and he readily took on tasks with an attention to detail. AND! He was the first one to operate the weed-whacker without needing instruction and without accidentally massacring non-weed plants in the garden. Oh I was so charmed by the way he spent a whole afternoon carefully constructing beautiful little bird baths!

I volunteered to cook for the whole team in the farm, where I used to prepare 3-course healthy, whole-food meals I made from the veggies we grew. After months on the road, living off basic one-pot dishes cooked in his tent, Jeremy clearly LOVED my cooking!

I remember how sometimes he would come sniffing around the kitchen before mealtime, checking out what was on the menu and watching with interest as I prepped my signature chickpea-flour pizza crust with vegan cheese sauce made from scratch.

The first weekend after we met, we both volunteered to sell the farm’s homemade products at the local multicultural festival. Needing to represent a country, we borrowed traditional wear from our host; the farm’s German owner. I coudn’t tell whether I was more impressed that this guy was willing to spend his Saturday helping me to sell bliss balls, or the fact that he did it while wearing lederhosen.. But either way, this has sealed the deal: I was so smitten!

Adventures are made better with the one you love… 

What was supposed to be a one-week stay for Jeremy on the farm stretched into a month, and in the end I left with him.

We road-tripped around New Zealand. We went camping in a car, trekking, and exploring the sea and lakes on my paddle board. We are both keen to develop our skills whilst experiencing real, local life abroad. And we are always seeking out for new Workaway opportunities along the way.

After New Zealand we moved on to Asia, where we took part in several different projects in Cambodia. From guiding stand-up paddleboarding tours, teaching English, to helping to harvest bananas and developing sustainable eco-tourism projects in remote communities..

In Malaysia, we spent a month up to our knees in mud as we learned the ins and outs of organic rice farming. Then we spent a couple of lucky weeks with a friendly family, participating in Ramadan and Hari Raya celebrations. From there we moved to a gorgeous beach in Borneo to Workaway at a hostel where we helped to develop a plastic reuse program.

I feel so blessed to have such a special soul to share the amazing journey with- we’ve grown and learned so much together.

Our travel experiences and lives were enriched through our participation in Workaway, and the incredibly varied projects we got to take part in!

Whether it leads to romance or not, we truly believe that Workaway is a great way to connect with like-minded people. And we are forever grateful for the extraordinary opportunities and unforgettable adventures it’s given us!

What a cute couple! Huge thanks to Workawayer Lisa for her sharing her inspiring story with us! Wishing them all the best, love and adventures around the world 🧡.
You can catch up with Lisa via her Facebook for her most updated adventures!

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