Teaching in Morocco: an immersive experience in a bucket-list destination

The moment when we finally get to visit our dream destination has to be one of the most magical feelings in the world!

It’s hard to top the excitement of arriving at a historical site we’ve spent hours researching on, sinking our feet into an Instagram-perfect expanse of sand, taking in all the sights and senses while wandering around a street market… not to mention all the surprises we encounter along the way!

workawayer teacher holding hands with children students while crouched playing game outdoors
workawayer and local teacher entering playground with kids in tow

When we think of Morocco, we think of Marrakech’s bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa and treasure-filled medinas, the impressive cultural heritage and colourful tannery in Fes, Casablanca’s iconic Hassan II mosque towering over the glittering sea, the breathtaking Mediterranean beaches and surfing hotspots along the Atlantic coast… not to mention the magnificent Sahara desert tours where travellers trek and camp under the stars✨ With its rich history and culture, all the vibrant views and glittering trinkets, it’s certainly easy to understand why the country is on so many travellers’ bucket list! But what if we say there’s something even more incredible waiting beyond our itinerary? 

Morocco market stall selling colourful spices
Morocco local man with bike walking through souk

​​Meet Workawayer Judith from Austria, who embarked on an adventure in Morocco hoping to not just tick the country off her travel bucket list, but also challenge herself while doing something meaningful. With a passion for new cultures and new experiences, Judith wanted to see the world beyond just the tourist sights. Deciding to go off-the-beaten-path to discover a much more authentic cultural exchange experience, she stumbled upon Workaway and signed up to become a volunteer at a local village school just outside of Marakeech. Judith took on the role as a teaching assistant, where she had to make use of her language skills and help her students practice their English. Just as equally rewarding for her as it is for her students, teaching abroad as a wokawayer gave Judith an amazing opportunity to learn about local life and gain a lot more cultural insight through chatting and interacting with her students during her stay.

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By venturing beyond tourist spots and dedicating a part of her travels to volunteer as a workawayer, Judith got to find a sense of belonging in a foreign country which speaks a different language, has different cultures and customs, and is often cautioned to be an unsuitable place for women to travel solo. While of course it is necessary to understand and respect local cultural norms, trust your instincts and stay aware, we can never know what a place has to offer unless we see it for ourselves. And if we’re lucky enough to be welcomed and trusted, that’s where we get to truly integrate to become involved in community life, and even find our second home there.

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classroom fun activity with workawayer and local teacher with teacher putting paper crown on student
workaway teaching assistant helping students practise english

As workawayers, we all know that the true beauty of a country lies in its people and the connections we create with them… Through her experience of teaching abroad, Judith not only got to admire the beauty of Morocco’s souks and scenery, but also shared so many memorable moments with her students while giving back to the local community!

Are you ready to embark on your unique Workaway adventure?

Watch our video with workawayer Judith here


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